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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lost in Desperation

Journal Log

Captain Marcus Griffin

Settlement Fleet Ship 'The Vanquisher'

Crew: 3,491

Cargo: Lincoln Colony

Course: The Horaka System

As I look across the very fabric of time and space I know that the Earth I see in the E-Con scanners is not the Earth I know and love. That Earth fell to a virus not of human comprehension. It turned people into mindless savages. Earth’s population became cannibalistic in a matter of days after Patient Zero was recorded to have contracted the new and incurable disease which many were calling the second bubonic plague. I watched as my home world fell into utter chaos. Nations collapsed like dominoes and anarchy became the norm. But I try not to remember that version of my home planet. So I imagine her as she was, before the virus devastated all I knew and loved. Oh Earth, oh you’re so perfect honey. She's my one true love you know. I will never find a woman more beautiful than Earth. There are so many wonderful things about her, things that cold space and remote worlds can't live up to. I calculate that all of my friends and family are 40 years older at this point in time. Some of them are probably dead, a lot of them, living out the last years of their retirement before they pass on. Oh my darling planet Earth. Oh how beautiful her memory is out here in the darkness of cold and isolated space travel. My crew has been working tirelessly for the past 4 and a half years, stopping at every galaxy we come across to see if there is some small possibility that we might come across a planet that has some small resemblance to Earth. Oh it's funny how it all worked out, the fact that we were given this mission. A mission, a mission which I was told would take us one year. One year's worth of food. Eating your dead friends is a funny concept when you think about it. There are probably a million jokes about it on the virtual graphic entertainment system. But lately I haven't been watching a lot of television. You see as captain of this ship i stress a lot and it's hard for me to relax and watch try when I'm stressed. And lately I've been stressing out about this new planet that we just scanned. It’s been a while since we found a planet with green on it. The others didn't end up having enough green to produce oxygen for their planets but this one is filled with forests. Even more so then earth, and to the looks of it there are no signs of oceans. Instead all of the large water supplies are located inside the planet's surface, making them fresh water sources, which might mean that all of the planet's water may be fresh water. Even our best scientists on this ship can't calculate the differences this might make on the planet's surface and the possibility of what kind of life might already be living there on the planet's surface. We can't seem to find any indications that there are intelligent life forms with humanoid structures. But if we do find humanoid life the ship did come with a number of firearms for these kinds of situations. After almost 5 years of wondering throughout this vast galaxy we've already lost a third of out crew to starvation. We can’t hold on much longer. If this fresh water world isn't our new Earth then I don’t know if we’ll be able to hang on long enough to find our salvation. I was never one to give up hope. But what if hope never existed? What if every colonization ship that was sent out is in our same situation? What if this is how mankind shuffles off? Extinction is staring Lincoln Colony in the face. What if there’s nothing left I can do to stop it? What if I’m powerless to help the people on board this ship? The people have put their trust in me. Now it’s time for me to deliver.   Only a few governments were able to build ships in which they had the chance to send a few of their healthiest citizens’ off-world. Though many called these ships humanity’s last hope and some even nicknamed them get-away trucks. But there is one nickname that I have taken to my ship. Most of the crew abroad the ship knows her as ‘The Vanquisher.’ Though I've taken a new nickname to her, I call her ‘Desperation.’

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Presidential Diaries:
Memoirs of President Richard Cho

The year is 3056. The date is March 5th. The russians have taken Dhaka and they will soon control the entire Asian continent. Bangladesh was our last strategic defense position against the russians in that region. With our bases in Bangladesh gone I can't help but feel that the war is all but lost. Our forces in New Delhi suffered from food shortages do to the russian blockade of the Pacific and we all but defeated as of March 1st. The 101st Airborne lost a major battle in the South China Sea 2 days ago. General William Shabaka has assured me that if we can get 2 Marine Special Operations Battalions into Phnom Penh then we may have a chance of saving Cambodia. If Phnom Penh is secured we may be able to reinforce are bases in Laos and Thailand. If the Vietnamese decide to come into the war on our side I think we may be able to open up a new front on the chinese border. With China still in the hands of the russians I don't think Japan will come in on our side. After the dissolve of the Global Alliance last year France doesn't seem to be willing to give up their neutral position. I think Canada and Britain are secretly discussing a peace treaty with russia. If we lose Canada the russians might decide to attack Alaska and then the war will go into a new phase. A phase in which american civilians may be targeted. If that does happen I may have to send our special forces into Murmansk, a very large russian city on the border near Finland. The russians don't know that we have forces in Finland and if we can invade Russia and demoralize the russian people by targeting heavily populated cities then we may be able to win the war. But if we invade Murmansk now we may risk setting off the russian terrorist cells within the country. As of March 23rd I plan on having the Central Intelligence Agency take direct control over both the FBI and the city police departments. The Republicans and the Democrats currently have a majority in the House of Congress though the Bull Moose Party still controls both the Senate and the Military Council. My advisers Jonathan Stonewall and Francis McGurn warned me that if the war was not won by Janurary 
25th the Bull Moose Party would suffer severely in the mid-term elections. But my approval ratings actually seem to be increasing at a rapid succession.

Space Pirates

I once knew a mercenary named Brandon Moore. At first I thought him stupid for his humble demeanor and his weak appearance. A mercenary does not act this way. A mercenary always walks with power and stride. But one day he was in my palace watching a gladiator fight between 2 of the arenas reigning champions, Dash and Pa'Untar. After Dash's glorious victory he had a number of drinks at the open bar and made a comment about Brandon's ugly appearance. As I expected Brandon ignored the comment and began walking towards his daughter, a young 17 year old girl who i believe was actually a child he adopted and not of his own bloodline, weird I know, but it is common in human culture to raise children who do not carry your dynasty. The 2 began to leave together and then Dash realized he connection between the two of them and said, "hey mister is that your daughter, damn what a fine little b***h, I would ride you any day sweet t**s." Then Brandon was upon him and nothing could stop him. He beat Dash into a comma. After that I always knew that Brandon wasn't weak like he appeared. He was a force to be reckoned with. He wouldn't lift a finger to defend his own honor but when it came it came to the honor of his daughter, he did not think twice, and forever after that i respected the man full heatedly.