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Saturday, January 15, 2011


Presidential Diaries:
Memoirs of President Richard Cho

The year is 3056. The date is March 5th. The russians have taken Dhaka and they will soon control the entire Asian continent. Bangladesh was our last strategic defense position against the russians in that region. With our bases in Bangladesh gone I can't help but feel that the war is all but lost. Our forces in New Delhi suffered from food shortages do to the russian blockade of the Pacific and we all but defeated as of March 1st. The 101st Airborne lost a major battle in the South China Sea 2 days ago. General William Shabaka has assured me that if we can get 2 Marine Special Operations Battalions into Phnom Penh then we may have a chance of saving Cambodia. If Phnom Penh is secured we may be able to reinforce are bases in Laos and Thailand. If the Vietnamese decide to come into the war on our side I think we may be able to open up a new front on the chinese border. With China still in the hands of the russians I don't think Japan will come in on our side. After the dissolve of the Global Alliance last year France doesn't seem to be willing to give up their neutral position. I think Canada and Britain are secretly discussing a peace treaty with russia. If we lose Canada the russians might decide to attack Alaska and then the war will go into a new phase. A phase in which american civilians may be targeted. If that does happen I may have to send our special forces into Murmansk, a very large russian city on the border near Finland. The russians don't know that we have forces in Finland and if we can invade Russia and demoralize the russian people by targeting heavily populated cities then we may be able to win the war. But if we invade Murmansk now we may risk setting off the russian terrorist cells within the country. As of March 23rd I plan on having the Central Intelligence Agency take direct control over both the FBI and the city police departments. The Republicans and the Democrats currently have a majority in the House of Congress though the Bull Moose Party still controls both the Senate and the Military Council. My advisers Jonathan Stonewall and Francis McGurn warned me that if the war was not won by Janurary 
25th the Bull Moose Party would suffer severely in the mid-term elections. But my approval ratings actually seem to be increasing at a rapid succession.

Space Pirates

I once knew a mercenary named Brandon Moore. At first I thought him stupid for his humble demeanor and his weak appearance. A mercenary does not act this way. A mercenary always walks with power and stride. But one day he was in my palace watching a gladiator fight between 2 of the arenas reigning champions, Dash and Pa'Untar. After Dash's glorious victory he had a number of drinks at the open bar and made a comment about Brandon's ugly appearance. As I expected Brandon ignored the comment and began walking towards his daughter, a young 17 year old girl who i believe was actually a child he adopted and not of his own bloodline, weird I know, but it is common in human culture to raise children who do not carry your dynasty. The 2 began to leave together and then Dash realized he connection between the two of them and said, "hey mister is that your daughter, damn what a fine little b***h, I would ride you any day sweet t**s." Then Brandon was upon him and nothing could stop him. He beat Dash into a comma. After that I always knew that Brandon wasn't weak like he appeared. He was a force to be reckoned with. He wouldn't lift a finger to defend his own honor but when it came it came to the honor of his daughter, he did not think twice, and forever after that i respected the man full heatedly.