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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lucifer's Legacy

I was once an angel. I used to live in the heavens. I was born by the name of Lucifer. And one day I would take up arms against my master. I brought war to the heavens and disgraced the sovereignty of the holy father's golden palace. After the war I founded my own kingdom. A kingdom of blood and sand. I built this kingdom and named it hell. The people of the mortal world feared my kingdom for I took pleasure in the damnation of others. Those who served the holy father faithfully would not come into grasp but the sinners were mine to do as I wish. That was my victory in the war for my kingdom. I am eternally the ruler of sinners and the punisher of all things unholy. For god is the true kingdom and I am the false prophet. The glory of conquerors always tip the scales in my favor. For those who follow such conquerors in their quests are such as bad as the conquerors themselves, yes. But who is the sinner, the teacher or the student.  But who is the sinner, the sword or the hand that thrust it. But who is the sinner, the provoker or the provoked. Forever the dragon sleeps, though I shall awake him. For the dragon is the demon that lurks with in us all. Our hearts and minds are toys to be tampered with. Are you the villain if the ideas are not your own. Do your actions define you if the actions are mimicry. The power of the father is only to cleanse, not to understand. For ask not to be understood, for your crimes are unforgivable. Define them you will not, or defend the guilty man. Do not ask of me power for I have none to give. Destiny is what you make of it, so do not look to others for guidance. Wisdom is not set and stone, for the ignorant man may surpass you. I live to see no final moon for I am the ruler of sinners. Call me the founder of the fires, for hell is my kingdom and let it be known. True words be spoken, I share great wisdom for I am Lucifer.