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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life Ways A Ton

love if for the angels
pride is for the kings
life is a labyrinth
and im just trying to make it out alive
to spite the politicians
and spit on the flags
thats not what im about
im simply a free thinker
thinking about the world
and how things could be better
i think from the left
and i think from the right
but i always take center stage
because this part of the book is my page
my life
my greatness
my story
i want all the glory
i want all the money
and i want all the power
but it comes with hard work
and im not ready to take it on
its a struggle
a puzzle
to solve but not complete
to swim but not finish the race
to run but not stop running
a battlefield  with no final victory
a war that can never be won
life ways a ton
and i dont have strength to pick it up
a horse to grab by the reins
but im always falling off
and m going to try to get back on
but i can make no promises
cause im not sure of myself
call it low self esteem
call it a dark angel
call it a lost cause
give up on this plant
and let it rot
water it no longer
give it sunshine no more
cause its never going to grow
i stand at head to toe
all of me is here
ready to do anyones bidding
give me a chance
give me an opportunity
to proove myself
cause im hungry
for power
for money
for glory
and this is my story
and ill keep taking breaths
one at a time
never looking forward
and never looking back
i live in the moment
and thats all you need to know
get close
but not to close
im a warrior without a shield
and for now i am unarmed

Monday, February 27, 2012

Dont Mess With Robert Gold

now my first names robert
last name gold
now you know my name so ya already sold
lets do this shit
so im going to the park
where it be getting dark
but first, i gotta leave my mark
hey fellas
what ya doing here
you best be gettin it into high gear
cuz this turf over here
it be ours and we dont share
what do ya man we dont share
oh no
oh no
this boys a little hoe
cuz he dont know
when it be time to go
we should mess you up
you wont be so high and mighty when your face is in a lump
but you already look like a dump
fadump budump

To The Powers That Be

now the powers that be
are telling me
that we can never be
but i reject that
cause im gonna get that
and you cant stop me
im a soldier
and i will fight
for the right
to hold you
cause nobody told you
that im a fighter
and im a soldier
and this
be my battlefield
that i take my stand
and im going to fight for this land
that kick up the sand
but my eyes will recovery
and so will my heart
im gonna win you
cause this is no fairy tale
but im still your prince
and you my princess

Oh I Miss Him So

Now its hard to believe in God.
When there is a war going on.
Brothers dying.
And americas crying
Mothers are sighing
Saying whens jim coming home
Oh i miss him so
Oh I hope they catch that bin laden soon
And then jim can come home
Oh jim
Oh how I miss him so
Now who is the true foe
Cause the line be gettin thinner
A government despised
A government disliked
Obamas takin the reins
But few think hes takin us anywhere
Oh Obama
Take the troops home
So that jim can come home
Oh i miss him so
An embassy
That will leave our mark
But half a mill
Now thats an occupation
Is Jim
Among the occupiers
Oh i miss him so
I love him from head to toe
When legs are going missing
And arms are falling off
All i can do is pray
That my boy is all right
Cause what can a mother do
But cry till the night
Rest in my tears
This house is your home
And dont you forget it
It wasnt my choice
To send you to the desert
You did it yourself
3000 shot down
And you answered the call
A noble man
My son
Oh jim
You have a righteous heart
But whats a mother to do
When her son is away
Oh i miss him so

Meat Lovers Delight

Its a bacon Monday. 
Its a taco Tuesday. 
Its a beef brisket Wednesday.
Its a chicken wing Thursday.
Its a t-bone Friday. 
Its a sausage Saturday.
Its a meatball Sunday.
I love all these foods. 
And you do to.
Hunger sticks like glue.
Cow goes moo.
And I go yum.
This is the way I like to live.
Its a meat lovers delight.

A Man of God

I am a fighter.
From today till tomorrow.
I'm gone rule.
My empire.
Live-in higher.
Then dreams.
A glory with a story.
I regret telling know one.
Its a book with importance.
Its a bible to live by.
To die by.
To cry by.
To fly by.
And look into the skies.
The heavens are there.
Given you their glare.
Angels take a great long stare.
It all seems unfair.
The way it all turned out.
Its a drought.
Live-in with the gout.
I can't breath.
I can't live.
I'm an animal.
And you've caged me.
Raged me.
Given me an emotion.
Like no other.
Red faced.
The taste.
Its bitter.
But sparkle the glitter.
And make it all better.
But don't upset her.
Nothing I regret sir.
Just another night sir.
Leave me alone.
Its a faith.
Nothing you can shake.

Judgement Day

Now Today is the Day. 
When we all Shout Hurray. 
And all I can Say. 
I Want to sit Down and Lay. 
Next to Jesus Today. 
When I Jump into the Fray. 
I will be so Gay. 
Flowers of May.
Life is a Fairy Tale.
A Message Through Mail.
Words will Sail.
On a Global Scale.
We will not Fail.
This Mission isn't for the Frail.
Strength to move on. 
Cause now I'm Gone. 
Ready to be the Pawn.
Of God's Will. 
No More Working at the Mill. 
heavens like a pill.
High and Mighty. 
Perfect Man not Likely.
But I'm Here.