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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Here To Spite The Haters

Now I'm back with american lyrics. 
For the chicks. 
The dicks. 
And the pricks. 
I need a new image.
You call that a scrimmage.
You surprise me.
Size me.
Want to fight me.
And spite me.
I come from the greatest country on earth. 
Making me untouchable. 
Completely invincible. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The War Rages On

now the war on terror rages on
every single day
im sorry to say
were not putting our guns down
the battle aint done
and this war aint won
nobody said it was easy
to be an american
we have a duty to our brothers
overseas and helping each others
break out of these cold stone walls
your society trapped you in here
and were gonna help you out
all you have to do is shout
and we will hear you
dont give up hope
nothing to fear
but fear itself
the sacrifices you make
the bullets we take
fighting for your sake
no need to appreciate
though we still hold your fate
but we promise
to never take it lightly

The Rule of Love

now love has always defied me
but not this time
cause i feel real this time around
when i met you
my heart stopped
and it made no sound
i thought i had died
gone to another dimension
lost all reception
and you became my exception
to the rule of love
cause i had no luck
until i had you
put life in perspective
gave me an incentive
to fight
for whats right
now i know
thats love
cause you are a dove
from up above
to save me
from my myself
and the self pity
that consumed me
and you prooved to me
my worth
that i am something
i had no pulse
before i met you

A Salute to Mr.Obama

now I may be a republican
but im still a patriot
and i salute my president
and thats more then i can say for most people
now let me give it up to obama
now obama is a man
who said yes we can
and were gonna retake this land
cause were the united states
and we dont take no for an answer
and we lead the world
and obama says we gonna regain the world
and there aint no problem
and there aint no war
and there aint no nation
and there aint no enemy
who can take obama
cause i salute this man
and he leads the troops
and victory
is in sight for me
and we took bin laden
and we took saddam
and we took the world
and we tell what to do
cause were america
and we dont lose
and we dont back out
and we fight the good fight
and we act as the worlds light
so fly that kite
red white and blue


Now its me and Penelope. 
We gonna cruise with the millions.
Love is ours to conquer. 
We on top of the world.
And nobody can knock us down.
Every moment is a moment to remember.
When its the cold of December.
She makes it feel like a summer in July. 
Without her I would die.
With her I will prosper.
And if I ever lost her.
It would be my condescension.
Did I mention.
Its me and Penelope forever.

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Angel

But the wind knocks me over
I get back up
And i will stand taller
There is no absence of passion
For my mission is still true
Depend on me
And you will not be disappointed
Trust in me
And you will be illuminated with gods light
Fight next to me my brother
Because this your war to 
Mortal men deserved to be saved
For they don't know the dark path they walk 
I want to give them a yellow brick road
But the true journey is a dark and scary forest
I want to walk next to them
And hold their hand through it all 
But my lord says no
Man must choose his own ways
He must bite into the fruit that he picked
He must walk his own tight rope
He must climb his own mountains
For they are his mountains
Nature is man
And man is nature
They are an inseparable bond
Beautiful in their own ways
But more beautiful together
I maybe an angel
Who resides in the cloud kingdom
But i love mankind
I love their simple ways
I love their wooden houses
But what i most love is their innovation
The creative imagination of man's mind
It can be used to do so much harm or so much good
I love that so much
They can be good or bad
So when they are good
When the heroes rise
Ashes out of the fire
A napoleon from revolution
A Gandhi from imperialism
A Spartacus from bondage
Why does man ask for so much
But at the same time they will give it all back
Do not cry mankind
You are beautiful
You can be selfless
A heart and mind
Can be the same
But man you are not always so 
But I love you either way
Call it not forgiveness man
It is called by a different name
It is called unconditional love

Monday, March 5, 2012

Country and Pride

now there is nothing
and all i have left
is country and pride
cause here came the tide
that washed you away
and i say
why now
\please dont leave me
is all i have left
and if theres one thing
that i cannot stand
its  the spitting
on country land
now there is no pride
in this unwaged war
but what am i talking about
im talking about country
country and pride
its now what your country can do for you
but what you can do for your country
cause there are hungry
there are poor
and they are asking for more
but what do they get
country and pride
country and pride
but what does it do
your still hungry
your still poor
and you still need more
and all the feds can say
is country and pride
country and pride
but its not really mine
cause im not worth a dime
of anyones time
but guess what
i still got
country and pride
country and pride
cause im still living
and thats more than others got
and i survive
cause there be a better day
and how do i know
cause i got
country and pride
country and pride

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lets Have A Good Time

now you say you can rap and rhyme
and you say we can have a good time
so here we go
so its a one two
all eyes are on you
and its a three four
she be askin for more
and its a five six
can you pull a few more tricks
and its a seven eight
no need to mast**bate
you gotta walk up to the plate
and mate

The 6 Wives of Henry VIII

now i was once king
took on the multiple fling
so off came the ring
doorbell always ding
but heres thhe thing
my heart wanted to sing
was a broken wing
had to cast off her presence
so that i could show my true essence
new women and new lessons
in the art of love sessions
for their compliance pensions
but i still faced tensions
no love in my heart for catherine
cause she make me mad
sad an (and)
my ann berlin was waiting
fully rotating
and simply irriatating
cause my patience was waining
two women to look after
come on share your laughter
my whole religion was banter
henry the eighth take a ganter

Sincerely Thomas Cromwell

Dear Henry VIII,

life is unforgiving
though those who do the killing
seem to roam free
while the good die young
its a travesty
now your majesty
i bow down to your whim
even though you broke all of my limbs
i still salute ya
but whats it to ya
you have the power to take it all away
and eventually you did
and heres what you said
now listen thomas
i made a promise
to nostradamus
that the history
would serve fiscally
and britain would remain on top
an empire never to stop
one swift chop
and my head came off
and cromwell was no more
legacy went to the shore
now who remembers me
britains protestant see
still sipping our tea
a nation our left
with a foot print
power stayed mint
little changed
everything rearranged


Thomas Cromwell