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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Brilliant Men

Brilliant Men.
We do not always use our gifts for good.
For who needs good.
When bad is so giving.
Always spilling the spoils of war.
And I say thank you.
And bad says your welcome.
Because temptation is a gracious friend.
A friend who always serves you a big plate.
And my stomach gets full every time.
Brilliant men respect brilliant men.
Whether they turn the selfish path.
And serve their own interests of greed.
They have still done so in a brilliant fashion.
No man wants to be Joseph Stalin.
While every man wants to be a George Washington.
The slayer of men.
A Stalin.
Or a builder of nations.
A Washington.
Brilliant men have an important place in this world.
But sometimes we get confused.
Sometimes we loose our path. 
And its very hard to find it. 

The Imperialist

A fire is easy to start. 
But hard to put out. 
If the masses begin to think. 
The thinking will not stop.
It is a disease that has no cure.
A pandemic that humanity is going to die from.
The single minded fools are safer.
They are safe from revolution.
Safe from rising up.
Safe from democracy.
For democracy makes the human race weak.
Unable to act in times when action is demanded.
When kings are required.
Great conquerors who stand alone.
For only one is needed to lead a nation.
A fascist society keeps the peace.
Keeps the order.
The order of government.
The order of power.
Not everyone can be so drunk with power.
For power is meant for dictators.
Dictators willing to be more brutal then the rest.
Dictators who will not shy away from the blood.
For blood is not something that all eyes can witness.
Some dictators are groomed into leadership.
Others are born with gifts.

I am Spider-Man

I was just your average kid. 
But something incredible happened. 
I was bit by an arachnid like no other.
And in the blink of an eye.
I was reborn.
A greater man had emerged.
A hero was born.
And for a while I relished in the fame.
But soon enough my greatness became a responsibility.
A responsibility to a dangerous world.
For a while I thought I could have it all.
But being a protector of men is a duty like no other.
My Uncle once told me that great power came with great responsibility.
Could he really have foreseen this life for me.
Or is this all just ironic.
Why couldn't I have saved Uncle Ben.
I'm supposed to be a hero.
And yet I can't save the ones I love.
Sometimes I want to turn my back on this life.
But being a hero is about being the better you.
The version of myself that I can be proud of.
Being a man.
And not a boy.
Embracing life.
Not shying away from it.
We all have a duty in this world.
I am Spider-Man.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Game of Thrones

Now I ain't no Mother Teresa.
But I be liking the Mona Lisa.
Cause I'm a man of the world.
I know the game.
Its the game of thrones.
The worlds like chess.
And were just pawns.
Are you the man with the power.
Are you the man with the money.
So let me tell you what I think.
Its not very sunny.
And I taste no honey.
Life is bitter sweet.
And all we can do is except it.
And we can never reject it.
We listen to you leaders. 
Who shout the orders. 
And make the borders. 
But and i can do is compare. 
Are you Roosevelt 
Are you Lincoln.
I don't see no Gandhi
Are you Martin Luther king.
Or Satan in the ring.

When I'm 40

        By day I am a 16 year old boy. By night I transform into a 40 year old man. I lead two separate lives. I have two girlfriends. One is a 16 year old girl named Danni Bays. The other is a 32 woman named Allison Larter.
       But don't look down on me. I never asked for this life. So don't judge me for the decisions that I've made. Sometimes life felt like a cruel joke because I didn't understand the power I had been given.
       The power to lead two lives with two completely different outcomes. I was a two faced man in a world where it's easier to have one face. My fire burned for two women but in the end I knew that I could only have one of them. Because the toll of leading two lives is such a heavy burden. And I no longer wanted to be a two faced man.