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Monday, May 28, 2012

I Am Thor

Call me a warrior.
Call me a viking.
Call me a god.
For Asgard is my empire.
And Loki is my brother.
And Odin is my father.
My strength matches that of millions.
Embattled is my spirit.
For I am immune to the fatigue.
Of mortal men.
I am not a survivor.
I am a conqueror.
Is when I feel most jubilant.
The battlefield.
Is where I feel most alive.
Some call me impatient.
But I find no fault in bravery.
Nothing holds me back.
I laugh in the face of my enemies.
For they bring e no fear.
Because i spit in their faces.
And they wither away.
To dust.
And smoke.
And I am all that is left standing.
I am Thor. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I am 50% Man

My situation unique to all. 
I live as a man. 
But also as a woman. 
Morning rises. 
And a man rises to. 
Night falls. 
New morning rises. 
And a woman rises to. 
One day a man.
One day a woman.
Years have passed.
And my unique situation has remained.
I forget what I was before.
Did I live as a man.
Or did I live as a woman.
My wardrobe accustoms all.
My bathroom is set for a happy couple.
But my house is only taking care of one.
50% man.
50% woman. 

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Hapiness

Filled with confusing emotions. 
For many. 
Purpose is made so unclear. 
It is a prize. 
And it must be fought for. 
Because often times. 
It is not given freely. 
The pursuit of happiness. 
It is not in everyone's reach. 
It is the taste of freedom. 
It is the drive in all of us. 
Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. 
Many have died to grasp it. 
And many others have died to bestow it upon there children. 

Those Who Are Remembered

Great men. 
They are so rare. 
Good heart-ed fellows. 
They are so few. 
Some ruled empires. 
Others had nothing. 
But their destiny was clear. 
Their purpose was true. 
Noble in deeds. 
Heroes till the end.
Great men fight the hard battles. 
Yes this is true. 
They do what others won't. 
They sacrifice what others can't.
For that. 
They are immortal.
For that.
Their names must be carved in stone.
If only.
If only.
More could be found.
A world of honorable knights.
Warriors with their own set of rules.
Justice that lasts the generations.
What if all could live.
By the justice established by great men.
Wouldn't that be grand.
Wouldn't that be swell.
But alas.
Great men.
They are so few.

Back to the Beginning

In time and space
An infinity of stars
Dark holes hide
And worlds are born
Asteroids of thousands
Giants of gas
Galaxies shift
Suns burn hot
In time and space
There is a world I know
Home I call it
Trees of green
Mountains of stature
Beaches of sand
Caves of darkness
Skies of clouds
In time and space
A silence was present
Then came a bang
And planets took shape
Solar systems were born
Life began
In time and space
Nothing was nothing
And history was absent
No movement
No action
In time and space


Passions of a high school heart
Beating for a girl
Does her heart beat
Singing the same tune
Fingers touch
Eyes meet
A clasp of lips
Years pass
Memories now
Settled with a new girl
And a white picket fence
High school reunion
Shes there
Across the room
A heart beat quickens
Passions remain
But a man lays on her arm
Across the room
We talk
A white picket fence
Life is good
Years pass
Kids grown
Wife in a different man's arms now
Life is lonely
High school reunion
Shes there
Like myself
Like myself
Across the room
We talk
Passions reignited
Fingers touch
Eyes meet
A clasp of lips
Passions of a high school heart
They never seem to die

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rising Sun

In the land of the rising sun.
History is upon us.
For we have gone to war.
To battle the west.
For our natural born rights.
To claim the asian continent.
Swords in hand.
Now we are ready.
For we have made the first strike.
Now they shall make the second.
A war of the sea.
That is all it shall ever be.
Dominance of the pacific.
Fleets of honor.
For bravery wins wars.
Men willing to lay down life.
For greater cause.
The west.
They are paper tigers.
Never ready to pounce.
They will not win.
Because they are weak.
Cowards in the field of battle.
But we are samurai.
We are born to die.
My emperor.
Here my words.
For I walk into the fire.
In your name. 

A Song of Fire and Ice

This is a song of Fire and Ice.
Where a bastard becomes a King.
And a young girl becomes the Mother of Dragons.
A war of five clashing Kings.
One falls.
Each at a time.
Until one is left.
One to seize the Iron Throne.
One to rule the Seven Kingdoms.
For Westeros is a world of power struggles.
And power is a game for the High Lords.
Kingdoms of peace no more.
Few truly serve the realm.
So none will stand in the way of this war.
For loyalty belongs to Native Lords.
Not to their Kings.
So conflict ensues.
Family dynasties.
This is the Legacy Lords leave behind.
Some Lords have brilliant and strategic minds.
While other Lords have swords and arrows. 
But all Kings must see that a mind is more powerful then a sword. 
For swords do not sway hearts. 
Words do. 
Did Robert Baratheon inspire men to die for him?
Did Aegon the Conqueror have the loyalty of his soldiers?
Words are needed before swords can began to thrust. 
Because in the end strategy is the game. 
And only those who have strategic minds can truly win the Game of Thrones. 

The Chess Player

I am a brilliant strategist.
I am a genius.
I am a leader of men.
And the people are my pawns.
The religious people are my humble servants.
For my clergy have always been willing to go far and wide to do my bidding.
I am a good King.
For I provide for my people.
I have built them strong castles.
And in return an elite force of knights protect me.
Knights that will die on my command.
Like all others in my kingdom.
I am always the first to begin a battle.
But I am still on the side of light.
For I fight for my righteous God.
While my enemies are on the side of darkness.
Every King falls.
And every kingdom comes to an end.
But my brave soldiers will never let the same happen to their King.
For they are my pawns.
My agents.
Willing to serve their King in any possible fashion.
For I am a chess player.

Stars and Spacecrafts

Life is amazing.
Life is great.
Life is an adventure.
An adventure across time and space.
Where the stars are only the beginning.
The beginning of a beautiful journey.
A journey like no other.
A journey into the dark holes.
The dark holes of mystery.
Into new dimensions.
Undiscovered by the human eye.
But change is upon us.
History is in the making.
By my own two hands.
New species.
New worlds.
Every galaxy unique.
Every galaxy incredible.
The millenniums will tell my story.
And i will be immortal.
Historians will shout my name.
No world is young.
And no galaxy is youthful.
Every star has a story to tell.
And my ears are open.
And my spacecraft is ready to make history.
I am a traveler.

The Devil's Temptation

i walk through the valley of the shadow of death
but i fear no evil
for god's light is inside of me
strengthening me
i walk a righteous path
but sometimes i can be lead astray
for the devil tempts me
and his fruit tastes ever so good
but jesus's food tastes ever so better
fear is a powerful thing
for the devil comes in many forms
he comes with money
he comes with fame
he comes with women
the devil has no needs
while jesus does
the devil gives
jesus takes
the devil has made me drunk with temptation
sometimes it feels nice to open your palm
rather then close it into a fist
i want to take the gold in my fingers
rather then push away desires
for they are just humanly desires
cry not for the eternally damned
cry not for the darkness
but cry for those on earth who have not yet seen the light

A War of Freedom

I fight this civil war. 
Because it must be fought.
For freedom is a birth right.
Not a discussion amongst men.
Not a law by the politicians.
Never again.
Three-fifths of a man.
Is not a man.
But now we can all be men.
And a nation can be whole once more.
For a strong union will prevail.
And a confederacy of traitors will fall.
Brothers were never meant to fight against brothers.
So why are they.
To preserve a false society.
A society where men own other men.
Is this not an abomination.
For if it is not.
Then I am lost.
And I know not the meaning.
What is a crueler sentence then bondage.
The only question is how.
How could this have come to be.
And how. 
How do we see to it that it never happens again.

The Assassin

Its not hard to take a mans life.
It doesn't take any special skill.
All you need is the will.
And the stomach.
Regret is not a word I know of.
And I know no regret.
My kills are not intimate.
I don't remember every single kill.
Maybe I want to.
But I cannot.
For those moments are fleeting.
Its not a personal thing.
Its just business.
Its not murder.
Its just money.
When I do it.
I'm not killing a person.
Because its not a person.
Its a target.
Its not a human being.
It cant be a human being.
Or else I wouldn't do what they do to people.
Divine retribution.
My own personal form of retribution.
A death sentence.
Given by my employer.
And I am meant to serve the sentence.
Because I am an assassin. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

I am Dexter Morgan

I have a dark passenger.
I don't hear voices.
I don't see ghosts.
I am a sane man.
But i love to kill.
I love to look into their eyes.
Life is fleeting.
I have witnessed that to be true.
There is a fire burning in my heart.
But it burns for no woman.
And it burns not for money or for power.
It burns for blood.
It demands it.
And i must give in.
I cannot fight it.
I once prayed for god to safe me.
But one day.
I excepted what I was.
And then something inside me awoke.