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Friday, December 28, 2012

Let Us Die In Arms

I so fare thee well
Most humbly on my knee I ask the thy lord for forgiveness
All our ranks are broke
Let us die in arms
Shame will be to long
Certainly not a boy left alive
What this field be called
I say thee name redemption
I say thee name forgiveness
See me enter into the cloud kingdom
For I know my soul deserves the light

Gregory Wilson

A new government experiment to create super soldiers is in action and the innocent CIA operative Gregory Wilson has become their first test subject. 

Int. Doctor's Office 

A man wakes up strapped down on a table. 

Nurse Barbara:
Greg are you okay?

Gregory Wilson: 

Nurse Barbara:
Yes Greg its me, how are you feeling?

Gregory Wilson:
Why, why are you calling me Greg, my name is Gregory.
Nurse Barbara: You told me to call you Greg. Don’t you remember?

Gregory Wilson:
No, I can’t really remember much.

Nurse Barbara:
Well, everything you are and were will return to you shortly. The drugs should be wearing off soon.

Gregory Wilson:
The drugs, what drugs, did you drug me?

Nurse Barbara:
I’m sorry, but we had to, you weren’t responding to the therapy we were giving you.

Gregory Wilson:
Who are you people? What am I doing here? What’s going on?

Nurse Barbara:
You work for the United States Government. You’re going to rid the government of its enemies and relieve the American government of their worries. You’re a good man Greg. And you do good work. You have nothing to worry about.

Gregory Wilson:
So I’m an assassin? I kill people?

Nurse Barbara:
You kill bad people.

Gregory Wilson:
Bad people? I’ve been told to kill bad people before.

Nurse Barbara:
Don’t humor me Greg.

Gregory Wilson:
I came to the conclusion that were never gonna kill all of them. We can try. We can try so hard. But it’ll never be good enough.

Nurse Barbara:
Well Greg, that doesn’t sound very patriotic of you.

Gregory Wilson:
Give me a break. Barbara by pinky finger is more patriotic then you’ll ever be. Do you know how many times I wanted to die during a mission? Hundreds of times Barbara. But you know what? It was never me. So don’t talk to me about patriotism. I’ve served my country and now my time is done. So if you would please, let me go home to my family I would very much appreciate that.

Nurse Barbara:
Your family is dead Greg. They died two weeks ago.

Gregory Wilson:
What. What happened?

Nurse Barbara:
A suicide bomber. He took half of Los Angeles with him.

Gregory Wilson: your joking right. My family’s fine.

Nurse Barbara:
Greg I just told you that your family was killed. They’re gone. I’m so sorry.

Gregory Wilson:
Stop lying! I’m sorry Barbara. But it’s just not that funny to joke about someone’s family like that.

Nurse Barbara:
Greg, you have t believe me, they’re gone.

Gregory Wilson:
I don’t understand. My family’s from Seattle, what were they doing in los angels?

Nurse Barbara:
(Worried look on your face) I’m sorry, what did you say?

Gregory Wilson:
My families from Seattle. What were they doing in Los Angeles?

Nurse walks out of room to talk to the scientist though Gregory can still hear them outside the room. 

Nurse Barbara:
 He still remembers his family.

Unknown Military Scientist:
Then clean him out.
Nurse Barbara: what, but why? If he remembered them this time he’ll remember them again.

Unknown Military Scientist:
Then take everything. Leave nothing. And we’ll give him a new life. A life where he never had a family.

Nurse Barbara:
But what if his real family comes looking for him.
Unknown Military Scientist: it won’t be a problem. From this day forth, David Marshall died fighting.

I'm a Sinner, I'm a Saint

I got an Obama mama
And you got Osama
Lasting victory
There's none to see
I'm a stone cold killer and the pressures on me
Ten stones on my back
But I'm still intact
You try to be tame
But patience ain't your game
Nobody's gonna give you candles and cake
For the choices you make
Life's a give and take
For God's sake
Pity is a frozen lake
Compliments are fake
Can't live for others opinions
Unless were all just minions
Doing others sinnins  


The world knows nothing but the stain of war
Shackles chained to the belly of the beast
Love everlastingly consumes man's soul
Struggling to be human in a world without humanity
Never enough, never satisfying, never quenching the thirst
Crazed in the illusion of a final day for marching
The drummer boy plays no final beat
The hunger to ride upon legions for conquest never dies
The warrior spirit never perishes in the flames
no matter how many young boys
no matter how many children
conflicts rage across the millenniums
An inability to find brotherhood
Mankind's heart filled with intolerance

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Soldier's Hollow Rocks

The world is plagued by war
Power, mankind is always wanting more
 love, replaced by intolerance and the inability to find brotherhood
We see conflict across millenniums
Though the warrior's spirit never perishes in the flames
The hunger to ride upon legions for conquest never dies with the millions
When lasting victory meets the conqueror he finds himself on hollow rocks
But look closely
The man who claimed glory looks closer to see
Spoils turn to ashes when the conqueror bites into the golden apple and is met with fool's gold
The soldier lays on hollow rocks
His spoils fool's gold
The golden apple of victory
Lasting glory absent the battlefield   

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Oh How Thy Heart Flutters

Thou art not fair
Thou art not honest
Say my claims unjust
Say my claims unfounded
Stand thy before thee here
Stand thy to refute thee here
But if thee does not dares she this
But if thee have forsaken me
I give thy throat to thee
To do as thee wish it
I give thy throat to thee
To do thy great harm
And if thee refuse thy throat
And if thy cannot persuade thee
And if thy cannot sway thee
For thou now shall fall upon thy sword
For thou now cannot live to thy sorrow
Stand thy before thee here in ancient arms
But thee cares not for thy weeping
Now only thy name remains

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Love is Fleeting

Love passing by like a gust in the wind
So many apologies I wish to rescind
Because truth be told it is a fleeting force
It takes us in and runs it's course
A myth to say everlasting
Spells of wicked casting
How do we differentiate lust from love?
I look into the heavens to seek answers up above
Why do we confuse pleasure with passion?
 How does marvelous turn to madness?
How does stars turn to sadness?
 How does heaven turn to hell?
Then demons shout and yell
Like your own melancholy hotel
Then the universe fell
 How do hearts turn to hatred?
Wasn't this love once sacred?
 How does allignment turn to acid?
 When did nice turn to nasty?
 When did fun become frustration?
 It's the Devil's strange invitation  

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Cost of Crime

What the hell have I done?
I've lost my only son
This gang and me had a good run
For a while it was fun
Had some rounds on my gun
But this pain feels more like a ton
I've lost all that I had
No it doesn't make me mad
Rather it gives me a heart so sad
Just a youthful lad
Using words like rad
Buying into every fashion fad
Apparently love doesn't last forever
Not if your not together
I gave my life to the crew
But maybe I bit off more than I could chew

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gangster's Tool

Nine years a mafia enforcer
But I thought I had a choice here
Turns out I'm a gangster's tool
I thought I had it right, I thought I had it cool
Walking around like a stupid ass mule
Living under some kingpin's rule
So I'm just some common fool?
From this world I've taken seven
Nah wait make that eleven
Yah eleven, 
Eleven was Keven
Haha, Hey keven
Number seven 
See you in heaven 

A Lion's Perspective

Terror lurks around every corner. Everyday by brethren are assassinated for the half walker. He take my skin and wears it like a trophy. The half walkers are the most vile scum to inhabit this Earth. While the tummies of the half walker are filled with my brethren I will be waiting, watching, plotting my war, my revolution that will deliver my people to prosperity. If you see me you will first notice my beautiful mane that shows off my unique stature. They have all called my sight to see. The true representation of a warrior is the cloak that I dawn. I will wear such a legacy proudly for as long as my species continues to walk of this Earth. We may not be as organized as the humans. Nobody can deny what I am. Those who have questioned it have found their head detached from their shoulders. I fear not the spill of blood. I have lived my entire life watching it fall from the innocent and the guilty. For so long I was the king. Survival of the fittest was on my side. Every insignificant creature was beneath me. They feared my might and my powerful roar. Or at least the smart ones did. But my throne is gone from me now. For the creature who walks on two legs has won his war. He outnumbers my legions 10 to 1. I surrender my kingdom for the cost to hold it any longer is to great. I was once king of the jungle. I once stood at the top of the food chain. But those days are gone now and I'm afraid they will never return to me.  

Legacy of the Mammoth

Beast of the of an Age when the freeze enveloped the Earth. When continent after continent resembled that of Antarctica. Tusks strike fear in the hearts of the most carnivorous of predators. Covered in long hair to withstand the cold. Tons upon tons of blubbering fat. Growth at a rate unseen in the rivals of that of which stood firmly against such a creature. None matched the sheer herculean strength of such a creature. Resting upon pillars to stand as statues mummified along with the rest of the collection of artifacts in the institution of historical importance. Walls that preserve the Pre-History of past generations. Power and supremacy is known to all. A vast kingdom. Songs of history play tunes of virtue. Fighting not for glory but for survival. Magnificent and Majestic. Brethren amassed a powerful force. Legions walked among ancient battlefields. Footprints leaving gargantuan imprints across a world so vast. Climate change stole the beast from this world. Mass extinction engulfed the population like a silent genocide. As if a gladiator absent from the arena, the crowd goes silent. Now the lab coats have tried to resurrect the animal from the dead. Though failure has overcame them because the beast belongs to the Ice Age. Never will mankind witness an individual quite as glorious ever again. Nobody can clone the king, it is implausible. It is a dynasty no longer. Descendants absent the mighty tusks the beast once wore like trophies. The last of the legacy rests in the unfrozen ice caps. Today remembered for their titanic appearance and lethal horns, they are the never forgotten kings of a different era.

I am Darkness

Fear me. Fear me. Fear me not because you have to but because you want to. Standing behind you when the light shines upon your body. Walking at the same pace as you. Following you. Scary? Yes. Unnecessary fear? Yes. Yet you still do. Why? Why do I make your heart beat faster? The Devil has brought me to the cloud kingdom. That Mad Hatter helped me get there. Acquaintances? No. Were great friends.He appreciates me, loves me, needs me. Talking a stroll in the park. Its 11 at night. The presence of me. Consuming all there is to see. A man and wife in silhouette. Romance? Get that a lot. Thanks. Set the mood. Emotions and actions hidden under me. Nobody will ever know. Your bodies move as one. You can't even see each  other. Spiritual  Souls connected. Beautiful. The greatest of God's creations. Let nature take its course Presence of me. Giving romance to the question and sunset to the day.     

Monday, December 17, 2012

From Pushed Around to Prick

I told so many lies and I regret all of them. But I know it was it was all for the best. If she was hung up on a lost love how can I compete with that? She doesn't see the plausibility in a relationship with him but she still wants him. I can see into your soul. She hopes that someday they can date again. When things are more convenient for both of them. He doesn't have his future planned out so maybe he would be willing to move out to Los Angeles. But she probably doesn't even completely know that but that is what she wants. She is just letting the wind take her wherever it goes. She talks about being an actress. But in recent times she has lost what made her what truly defines her. Her ambition. Her passion. She used to be more sure of herself that she would be a famous actress someday. I miss the passionate girl that I used to know. She pursues dreams yet she still looks at them like there clouds in the sky. She has doubts, and her spirit is starting to break. How can I help her? I can tell her that in whatever she does she will find happiness because she should never let career consume her. She knows that family is her strength. So that when all else falls away she will always have her family to support her. She tells me that she thinks I’m like her. Not directly but her facial expressions betray her lips. She recently said, “I don’t see you in the military. Your too emotional.” I reply, “Thank you for stomping all over my dreams.” Then I kiss her like her words didn't hurt whatsoever. She doesn't mean to hurt me. She just doesn't want me to go into the military. Not because she wants me but because she just cares about her friends. Its funny because even when we were in a relationship. I was friend zoning her. I did it before we started dating and while we were dating. I would be extra playful. Make fun of her. Point out her faults. Sometimes in cruel ways. But its cause I want people to grow. To become stronger. I did it for Emmanuel. I did it for haze. I did it for Kai. I did it for my little brother. I've always wanted to give something back in the world. My cruel words are a facade  I wasn't always like this. This is the soldier in me. Time to toughen you up. Why the fuck would I be doing that to my own girlfriend? Because she has long term goals. Like me. Because she has ambition. Like me. She cant fade into the dusk. Struggling to make ends meet while she half ass pursues her dreams. She will go to college. Get part time work. Make ends meet. Or maybe go to a acting school where she can perfect her talents. Which will it be? Maybe financially it will have to be both. I really both want fucking want my ex working at Max Post. But that’s immature of me, right? It just hurts knowing that I’m helping her make ends meet and she won’t appreciate what I’m trying to do for her. She will thank Darla. She will thank my Mom. She will thank God. But not me. Even though I’m pushing for her to go into Post Production. She will be in the entertainment industry. Making good money. She can continue to pursue acting. With or without her Mom here in LA with her. But then she will be alone out here in this big metropolis. So she would need a boyfriend. There’s this football player. A friend of a friend, in her case. She likes him a lot. He’s wealthy. College will come easy for him. Already a difference between me and this guy. Imagine they get married. His wealth becomes her wealth. Yes! She has prosperity and happiness. Then my work here is done. I don’t micro manage the lives of my friends. I simply do what I can to lend my helping hand. But I wonder one thing. Does she despise the soldier I have become? The guy who is not afraid to make a fool of himself to prove to them he has confidence. To prove that he can stand up for himself. The guy who tries so hard not to be normal. So that he doesn't go back to the way he was. When he was bullied by the kids at his elementary school. Then the awkward nerd continued to be pushed around when Middle School rolled around. Then Freshman year rolled around. Then freshmen year rolled. Your still a fucking pussy. You look in the mirror and your mother fucking Michael Cera. That’s not a good sign. So Sophomore year was different. The little boy came out of the corner and became a prick. A selfish asshole to hide his scared nature. Haha then this girl, years later says that she likes nerds. I thought about the awkward nerd that I left behind not that long ago. He was a writer. He was also afraid to die. He’s so different from the soldier that stands before you now. But he also has a better chance of living a full life. He didn't plan on dying on some battlefield somewhere. But now the man in the mirror doesn't expect anything more. I have told so many lies and I regret all of them. But the one I regret the most is the fact that I told the biggest lie to myself. And that lie is that I’m not a soldier. And I want this girl to love me. But everything about who I have become disgusts her. Haha maturity. I thought I would have more of that. But the quiet boy in the corner was intelligent  He was mature. He wasn't cruel. And the truth is I kinda miss him. 


"You look home sick." Zoza Said.

Lucifer was far from home. After losing a power struggle with his son, Theoculuis, he had been banished from Hell and Earth.Without his kingdom he could not regenerate his body if death were to stab him in the back but the eternal youth bestowed upon him by the Holy Father during his youthful years remained. Though he feared not death for he had witnessed so much of it in his life time. Now he traveled the stars and lived among the worst the galaxy had to offer, the criminal under world where thief's,  assassins and pirates thrived. Lucifer became witness to thousands of advanced alien civilizations that prospered and lived under a Confederacy of Unified Worlds known as The Federation.

Lucifer looked up from his bowl of Halana Worms to reply to Zoza. "I'm not home sick. I'm just tired of working my ass off for a hard earned pay check when some people have it easy." Lucifer said.

The former King of the Underworld once had it all. But he had long ago when he still had his the red skin pigment, the sharp horns atop his head and of course his signature pitch fork. Though he missed his old body that had embodied his infernal being. But Theoculuis forced him to wear the skin of a mortal man as part of his torment to embarrass the former King to an excruciating degree. Theoculuis permitted him to choose his own mortal but he reminded his father that this would be the skin that he would wear for the rest of the eternity. This in itself was a punishment that Theoculuis believed was worth keeping his father alive so that he may bear such a burden.

Zoza could see the frustration in his friend's facial expression. "When you say, having it easy, you talking about the Captain?" Zoza asked.

Zoza looked into the eyes of what was once the Devil. But Lucifer had now bestowed himself with the skin of a 23 year old Nigerian man who stood at 6'5 ft. An imposing figure to say the least, it took little effort to enact fear in those around him. The intimidation that he had over others in his new skin reminded him of the fear and chaos that he once held in his iron fist.

"Yah I'm talking about the Captain. What the hell does that lazy bastard do besides bark orders at us? I haven't seen him partake in any heist during 3 years that I've been here." Lucifer exclaimed. Zoza's eyes widened in utter shock at the blunt nature of Lucifer's words. This was no way to speak about your Captain.

Though in some respects Lucifer did have a valid argument  He was on the front lines during every scheme Captain Cromwell put in place. While the Captain was safely tucked away in 'The Fortress.' But at the end of the day the Captain always got the biggest cut from every job they ever pulled.

When Lucifer was first hired 3 years ago he brought along three experienced  individuals who had mercenary backgrounds. For years these men were soldiers for hire. Risking life and limb for a few Ronya. Most in the galaxy had it rough. The lower classes made up the majority of the Galactic population. Though The Federation actively fought to counter the devastating effects of poverty, there was only so much they could do when they were responsible for thousands of planets.  

Lucifer's three experienced mercenaries Zoza, Udaura and

had been with him for seven years now.
was the ring leader of a his own small group of bandits which included Zoza, a man of the Talloomian race, a species that reminded Lucifer of the velociraptors

He had for some time now been offering extra muscle for the pirate, Captain Alexander Cromwell on board the ship, 'The Fortress.'

Many a time Captain Cromwell had been asked why he named his ship 'The Fortress.' He explained how a fortress represents something that you know is a force to be reckoned with, something indestructible,   something that can stand the test of time. Captain Cromwell would say, "If those qualities don't describe her, I don't know what does."

It was a nice little metaphor about he felt about 'The Fortress' but Lucifer didn't buy into it. He had seen to many powerful conquerors throughout history fall when smaller groups alliance themselves to defeat the powerful elite. Captain Cromwell believed that 'The Fortress was elite.

Lucifer had seen an opportunity in recent times to elevate his social status. He addressed his crew on the matter. "Now listen up boys. This next job is gonna have a lot of doe involved. We're hitting one of the biggest banks in the galaxy. Now the Captain don't need all that for himself. I propose we take it off his hands for him." Lucifer said.

A mercenary of a velociraptor looking alien race known as Talloomians decided to speak up and address Lucifer head on. Though his English was limited. "Speak...mutiny...Lucifer?" Zoza Said. "No Zoza, I speak of opportunity."

The heist was a success and Captain Cromwell and his crew made a quick get away. Avoiding any attention from the Federation Police Force.

Two months after the successful bank robbery Captain Cromwell, who was better known as the infamous gambling drunkard on board 'The Fortress,' now had a not so surprising method to spending the all of the Ronya that he had acquired. Ronya being the Galactic Currency that was known as the official monetary system of The Federation.

Lucifer had heard about how the Captain was proposing to spend his Ronya. He decided to relay the information back to his gang. "So now...after men and women of The Fortress spilled blood for our Captain...he wants us to go to the Makaria System so that we can watch him flush away his cut from the heist on boo's and dancing girls." Lucifer shouted with persuasive passion. "This ends tonight. Cromwell got at least 15 Million pounds of Ronya locked away in his chamber. Who's with me!?!" Lucifer hollered. He was met with a rezounding and synchronized "Davoon" in response from his gang. Davoon was slang word used among the space pirates which basically just meant "Hurray" in basic English. The Ronya was a emerald based mineral that acted as a Galactic Currency.

Lucifer and two of his mostly loyal bandits, known as the Korlithian brothers, Udaura and Yadulo quickly paced down a hallway that resembled that of a Star Trek Movie set. The Korlithian race resembled that of what the leopard on the Ancient world of Earth

When they finally made it all the way down the corridor and finally reached the door to the Captain's chamber they were met with two guards of the homosapien race. Lucifer recognized them as Salvatore Willow and Verne Paterno. The Korlithian Brothers reached for their weapons on their belt holsters. The three bandits all carried the same weapon brand , Semi-Automatic Laser Pulse Ray Guns that shot out a small thin beam of green light that could insinerate through almost every known material in the galaxy.

Once Captain Cromwell's guards had been taken out Lucifer entered the Captain's office which looked like something out of a Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Lucifer gribbed his giantic hand around around the Captain's throat, who was sitting at his desk looking over some Star Maps.

"Where is the Ronya, Cromwell?" Lucifer asked.

Captain Cromwell stood silent and simply grinned at his perpetrator.

"I will not ask you again Captain. Where is...." Lucifer's words were cut off as the Captain struck the nail in his own coffin as he coughed up a loogie for Lucifer's face. A disgusting wad of mucus and snot hit Lucifer square in the face.

With that Captain Cromwell found his neck at an awkward 180 degrees as Lucifer's made a swift snap. It all happened so fast when the Captain's body hit the floor with the release of Lucifer's grip. The Korlithian Brothers flinched and then looked at one another, trying to share their shock at what they had just witnessed, through facial expressions.

Lucifer noticed the looks of penance that had overcame his two men. He turned to them with an unwavering look of no remorse, the face of a cold blooded killer. He spoke with satisfaction to address their obvious guilt over what had just transpired. "Do not grief for this man. For his coin would have been spent away at the casinos. Now you send your families out the money they'll ever need. No regrets my brothers. Say it with me." Lucifer said.

"No regrets" the three of them said on unison.

"Find his safe vault. This isn't over yet." Lucifer began barking orders once again.

When they finally found the vault they used powerful electromagnetic energy grenades to blow out the safe vault. The explosion awoke many of the sleeping crew members who were safely tucked away in the barracks of the ship.

A number of crew mates began rushing down to the Captain's chambers. Though none of them realized they were heading into a trap that Lucifer had set. He predicted that none of the crew mates would react to the explosion believing it was a hostile threat rather something mechanically that had gone terribly wrong. So as they ran down to see what had caused the explosion they were quickly gunned down by Zoza, who was waiting for them at the elevator that dropped them off on the Captain's floor. Zoza quickly dragged the bodies out of the elevator so that a new pile of unsuspecting crew mates could fall into his trap.

"What happened?" said the engineer aboard 'The Fortress,' Victor Wilkes to a nearby Medical Droid otherwise known as a MedBot. This MedBot's cereal number was VA4. It was about to enter the elevator when Victor Wilkes stopped VA4 to ask the millionaire dollar question that everyone was looking for. "There was an explosion on the Captain's deck. Were sending men down to inspect the situation." VA4 said. "I'm coming with you." Victor Said. "This elevator load is full, take the next one," VA4 said. Victor had always been an impatient man and today was no different, he decided to take the stairs.

Zoza dragged the MedBot out of the elevator along with three other Talloomians. Zoza thought about what his family would think of him if they knew he was slaying fellow Talloomians in the name of greed. No, it wasn't greed he told himself, it was prosperity. He brought his mind back into the conscious world, trying to escape his self-condemnation. It had taken a few extra shots to pierce the metallic shell casing that rested on the MedBot's breast plate. He lugged the droid off to the side with the other bodies.

But then a shadowy figure crept behind Zoza and stabbed him in the neck with a screw driver. Zoza struggled for a short second as he dropped his gun and began coughing up blood. Then he collapsed onto the ground with the rest of the lifeless bodies. The shadowy figure unveiled his hood to get a better look at Zoza's dead body, revealing himself to be none other than the engineer, Victor Wilkes.

Victor came to a realization and spoke it in whisper, "Lucifer's boy."


 Lucifer and his men talk of mutiny
Alexander Cromwell makes a speech to his crew
They rob a bank and a number of men get killed
Then Lucifer kills Alexander and his crew and steals the money
Sam Johnson kills Lucifer and kills himself in the process
Alexander’s wife son gets a package from one of sam johnson’s men, victor wilkes.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Presidential Journals of the Third World War

Januray 1, Year 3056
I am writing to you on the first of the New Year. I have recently been elected the 296th president of the United States. I am the first Vietnamese American to ever hold the position of commander in chief. though i consider my roots to be the American, the media has still sought to brand me the first Vietnamese president. i myself am a 14th generation American and because many in my family have not married outside their own race, that makes me 100% Vietnamese. Relationships have always taken second priority over my political career and so as of now i am an unmarried man, with no children, no girlfriend and i have no living companions at my residential estate. To date I am the 9th president to enter the white house unmarried. Though the media does not seem to harp on that the same way that they harp on my Vietnamese background. Since the founding of this country ethnic backgrounds and racial appearances have taken precedence over all other issues. over the past two decades racial tensions have increased with the assassination of president David Kremin back in 3021 by the Russian ultra-nationalist group, Red Moscow. Though while this could be a perfect opportunity to get people supportive of a active fight against the Russian insurgents embedded in this country, the U.S. government has instead let the public demonize Russian Americans, causing hate crimes throughout the nation. With tensions raising it is time for new leadership to do something about this violence that has been running rampant for over twenty years now

March 21, Year 3056
We could be looking to crack down hard on terrorism in this country. The Russians have taken Dhaka and they will soon control the entire Asian continent. Bangladesh was our last strategic defense position against the Russians in that region. With our bases in Bangladesh gone I can't help but feel that the war is all but lost. Our forces in New Delhi suffered from food shortages do to the Russian blockade of the Pacific and we all but defeated as of March 1st. The 101st Airborne lost a major battle in the South China Sea 2 days ago. General William Shabaka has assured me that if we can get 2 Marine Special Operations Battalions into Phnom Penh then we may have a chance of saving Cambodia. If Phnom Penh is secured we may be able to reinforce are bases in Laos and Thailand. If the Vietnamese decide to come into the war on our side I think we may be able to open up a new front on the Chinese border. With China still in the hands of the Russians I don't think Japan will come in on our side. After the dissolve of the Global Alliance last year France doesn't seem to be willing to give up their neutral position. I think Canada and Britain are secretly discussing a peace treaty with Russia. If we lose Canada the Russians might decide to attack Alaska and then the war will go into a new phase. A phase in which american civilians may be targeted. If that does happen I may have to send our special forces into Murmansk, a very large Russian city on the border near Finland. The Russians don't know that we have forces in Finland and if we can invade Russia and demoralize the Russian people by targeting heavily populated cities then we may be able to win the war. But if we invade Murmansk now we may risk setting off the Russian terrorist cells within the country. As of March 23rd I plan on having the Central Intelligence Agency take direct control over both the FBI and the city police departments. The Republicans and the Democrats currently have a majority in the House of Congress though the Bull Moose Party still controls both the Senate and the Military Council. My advisers Jonathan Stonewall and Francis McGurn warned me that if the war was not won by January 25th the Bull Moose Party would suffer severely in the mid-term elections. But my approval ratings actually seem to be increasing at a rapid succession.

Why Do Fools Fall In Love?

This is to the woman who stole my heart
And then burned it
And then spit on the ashes
When pain consumes the soul
And you wonder why God torments his children
The Holy Father put you in front of me
And then he took you away
Not to his cloud kingdom
Just into another’s arms
For the longest time I thought I was the Tin Man
I thought this chest was absent a heart
Now Another holds your attendance
In your eyes I saw my words were true
Feet of mine stood in the shadow of another’s man’s place
Your soul I can witness
Like clear daylight
Secrets that you hold close
I take with ease
Think your mind a book
I turn the pages with simplicity 
Absent from present events
Daydreams take you to your heart’s true desires
Though I stand
In your straight vision
It is as though invisibility has overcome me
Where these true desires lye
I do not know
Though when passion ignites
And lust turns to love
Feelings of reciprocation cannot be faked
Prefer ability would have you tell your false truths to a different man
Because these ears bleed as they are forced to hear your orchestra of clever stories
When the hand on the clock strikes the two
And a wife strolls through
The stories begin
The story of papers to do
 And calls to make
Though a peculiar occurrence takes place
At half past 9
I call your cell phone
No answer
I call your work place
They tell me you’ve already made leave
So when clock strikes two
And wife strolls through
Lies envelope my ears
I do not wish to hear it
No knowing what to do
I confront you not
I keep my new knowledge to myself
When truth stares me in the face
Closure is all there is to seek
Friendship cannot be sought out
Because you deserve not my friendship
But my vengeance
I clench a fist hoping it reaches your face
Though I remind myself your treachery is no just cause for violence
Violence will not be
And I’m ready to let you go
I don’t want to be your friend
I don’t want to see you
And I don’t want to know you
We said we would be friends forever
Even if this didn’t work out
Well I lied
I fell for you
And I think I fell way too hard
Love was in the air for me
And you couldn’t smell the aroma
For a short while I was basking in it
But now your eyes tell me that another consumes your dreams
Your fantasy no longer includes me
I’m not your knight in shining armor
So what am I
You have fled at the first sign of danger
I never knew I had feelings like this inside me
I thought I had swallowed the key to my heart
And somehow you found it
And you won’t give me the key back
In the moment it feels like I will never get over you
But I hope that’s not true
Because your face is repulsive
The thought of you makes me want to throw up
I can’t look at you anymore
I’m done trying to be the romantic type
Forget our past
Forget the present
And forget our nonexistent future
Cause it’s all hell now
At least for me
You will survive
You fucking bitch
You always knew this would happen
Why did you make me feel this way?
And it’s your fault
Where is god now
I’m looking
And I can’t find him
Faith is what I need
When in trouble turn to Christ
When all seems lost
I turn to Christ in my desperate hour
For in his name it is preached
That God does everything for a reason
Would he lay upon me such pain?
That all turns out for the best
He has the answers
He will save me from the depression that you have put me in
He will save me from you
I thought break ups were easy
I've had so many meaningless ones I just thought that they might all go smoothly
Fuck I thought I was immune to this kind of pain
Why can’t I have a heart of steel?
I thought I was better than the rest
Well it turns out I’m not
I will continue to play the heartless villain in this story
I will try to play the passive aggressive game with you
I hope you see the darkness in my eyes
It’s coming for you
We work at the same office
So how can I avoid you?
I wish I could just ship you off to Siberia
But apparently they don’t allow farm animals to be transported over seas
Like I told you when we first met
I’m a prick
I’m a heartless prick
I’m a heartless prick who doesn't believe in love
And god damn it I think you turned me into a believer
And will I never forgive you for that