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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Lost Generation of World War 1

Lost are the tales of a younger man
Once tall and full of life
Sad is the night that digs his grave
What is the cost of freedom?
What do we have to leave them?
They say we made the world safe for democracy
So were dead for idiocracy?
 God damn mediocrity
Clouds cry for the trenches that smell of the dead
Shattered dreams leave nothing but forgotten souls
A Return to Normalcy
They don't tell me things are normal
Is fighting Europe's wars for them normal?
Is burying your children normal?
Is half a million dead normal?
Then don't tell me things are normal
I laugh in the face of such accusations
Am I getting some strange translations?
I speak of the boys who answered the cried of the Lusitania
I speak of the boys who stuck their bayonets in the Kasier
I speak of the Lost Generation  

Who was King Henry VIII?

A killer is a killer
Not a man in sight
Lost in translation, never to know the light
Redemption lost in the sands of time
Death to the throat cries the crowd
Cry not a rainy cloud
Heavens be still to lend arm to the sinner
Burn baby burn
Slumber in eternity
A lost heart absent the emotion of love
A lost heart absent the emotion of fear
A lost soul without humanity in grasp
For the man without colors knows no humanity
Black is the heart of a Godless man
Black is the soul of a Godless man
Though gone form the land many worldly sinners
Roam free through the masses to many devils
Shackle the non believers
Inquisition their inposition
Fire burning is the heart of a priest
Six wives all to show
Let him swing the sword of punishment down below
 And let him take the father's foe
Blood in the eyes
Flames of a titan
Fires of a tyrant
Kindred spirits flock to feast
Look to see as the Lutheran gallops
Look to see the Lutheran girls
Null and void and away with the wind
One who never knows not the meaning of a cold winter's night
One who knows not the legs of a common girl
High born to the high day
Shadow be shadow
Know not the darkness
Love beseech thee
Happy to greet me
Tongues be silent of sins in the sand
Like dust in the dawn of a younger man
Scorn not to mourn
Dead in the water is the devil's horn
It's a ferocious insanity
Lack of humanity
Never to the emotionless brute
Never to know the inhumane root
Where oh where came this dictator's reign?
Who summoned this raging bull?
Red in the river lie good intentions
A slave to the taste of a throne for a God
Given to a man
With a sword in hand
An olive branch
On the knees to beg and please
Courted by jewels
To play by divine rules
One simple request
If you could remove helmet and lance
Just give peace a chance 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Ark Angel

In the far future humans and aliens live in a Galactic Community under the rule of The Federation, an Empire that holds the galaxy under its rule. Here we meet two lovers, Kita and Chron, on opposite sides of a raging war between a rebellion and a Empire. Kita is fighting for the rebellion that seeks to bring a end to the reign of Imperial Tyranny. While Chron fights for honor and justice, a thing he believes his Empire till holds dear. 

Int.Archangel Deck
Chron is tied up to a pillar and Chron's Imperial troops are blindfolded and tied to one another. Kita and her crew have just won an epic battle upon the Archangel between her crew and Chron's Battallion of men. Chron is looking at Kita. Kita is talking, addressing Chron.

Looks like you lost this round, hun.

Your to clever for your own good.

You haven't seen the half of it.

Kita leans in and kisses Chron upon his lips. This is their first kiss. They both close their eyes and share mutual passion during their embrace. Eventually Kita breaks it off. Chron leans his head forward in an attempt to continue the embrace. But she has already turned her focus back to her crew and he opens his eyes when he leans as far as his neck will reach and yet Kita's lips are gone. He opens his eyes and looks at Kita as she addresses her crew.

Get these imperial scum off my ship. Leave em at Beetlejuice spaceport. I heard soldiers drink for free there. 

Alexanders, Mussolinis and Khans

Its Robert Gold now take a bow
He stands before you now
Witness the legend
And tell me you were not amazed
Love is in the air
Why don't you care?
A belly becomes a baby
But the reaper's toll is shady
And the devil's business is crazy because life becomes death
And we lose to many to bullets and meth
A young boy becomes a man
And the truth becomes the lie
We have the power to fly
But me
I'm straight out G
I'm more like a cholo
I punch low
Fo sho
It's not an ego
Call it my philosophy
My own personal economy
How can you compare?
I know you stare
The world's all mine
I dress fine
The greatest of realities
I follow no legalities
Men of history
They look to me
A great conqueror's all they see
I'm more persuasive then JFK
Wouldn't you say?
I'm more feared then Stalin
My diss raps leave you bawlin
I'm stronger then Goliath
How can you deny-eth?
I'm faster than Achilles
These shoes, can you fill these?
I'm more inspiring than Spartacus
While all my victims scream martyr us
I'm luckier then Caesar
I got no Brutus, don't that please yah?
I'm taller then Napolean
My pimpin ride be rollin
Military genius's study who I was
Sometimes I stand in the spotlight just because
I've made my legacy on blood and sand
I'm making grand after grand
They call me Robert the undefeated
The insulted always stay seated
Victory is always by my side
Giving me my pride
Every battle I have been in
I watch falling kin
And I watch sinners sin
The heavens sing my stories
I was there with the yankees and the torries
The God's praise my reign
My enemies go insane
Zues is my brother
And Aphrodite is my mother
Earth is my queen
Once you get to know her she ain't so mean
I am a force of nature
Nothing can stop me
We are all seeking fame
This is the rap game
The entire world knows my name
And I know not defeat
Cause I am elite
My enemies bow to my feet
Cause there will be no revive
I leave no man alive
When I go into war there is no after
On the battlefield I am a crafter
A mastermind
My strategy skills refined
I give half my time to the ladies
But sadly, I leave women at the alter
Because my goal never faultier
I've been put in this position
Because I have ambition
I am a war monger claiming great lands
Haha I'm marching through deserts gettin tans
Pillaging, loosing many a mans
You see, all my women are a ten out of ten
I am a God among men
My mind is nothing but zen
I am a ruler of nations
Power gives me tingling sensations
It's a dangerous adventure that can only fulfill
My life is like a pill
I am the king of the hill
I live in a dream world
My jewels are impearled
I am always on top
And I cannot be controlled
My legend had been foretold
Hey! My name is Robert Gold!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Amelia Fray

She was elegant in her actions and soft in her words. She was the envy of men and a conservative dresser. Her ordinary brown eyes were nothing special but one glare and you could lose all the air in your chest. Her dark side was absent and her demons were non-existent. What you saw was what you got. She did not look any different behind closed doors. In the small Colorado town of Evergreen there was never a unknown face. But this young woman stood out in a crowded room. When the church bells rang she was already there with a seat in the front row. Her name alone carried weight and when people heard that Amelia Fray was coming around everyone knew that is was going to be a good time.     

Saturday, January 19, 2013

It's Raining

INT. Coffee Shop

Two friends, Emmanuel and Robert, are sitting down together at a coffee shop in New York City.

Hey Manny look over there.


That blonde sitting in the corner over there.

She looks lonely Robert. You should go talk to her.

No it’s not that man. I met that girl once in a bar. Her name is Sandra.

So what’s the deal bro? Did you ever hit that?

No she was engaged at the time.

I don’t see a ring on her finger. But damn dude. So what’s so special about this girl?

I don’t know. There was just something about her.

Oh don’t give me that love at first sight bullshit.

Okay so here’s what happened. 

INT. Bar

Robert walks up to Sandra, who is sitting down at a table.

Hey there. A pretty lady like you shouldn't be out alone on a Friday night.

Actually my finance should be here soon.

Well mind if I keep you company in the mean time. 

Sure, why not.

Robert (VO)
We talked for hours and her fiance never showed up.

I should probably go.

Looks like your man stood you up. A pretty girl like you doesn't deserve that. You know I’d never do that to you Sandra.  

Listen Robert, I like you. But I’m engaged.

What if I give you my number and if things don’t work out with this guy.

Look outside Robert. It’s raining. I love New York City in the rain. It’s so beautiful. If we ever meet on a beautiful night like this again and were both single. I’ll give you my number.

Int. Coffee Shop

We are taken back to Emmanuel and Robert, sitting at the coffee shop together.

Okay man. I get it. Now go talk to her.

Okay, okay.

Robert walks over to Sandra’s table.

Robert, how long has it been?

Hey Robert.

It’s raining.


My Interpretation of Movie Titles

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
At least he’s got one now!

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Is he finally coming out of the closet?

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
The Dementors don’t wait for you to drop the soap.  

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
And diarrhea engulfs Hogwarts.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Does anyone speak Phoenix?

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
The other half is Crip.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows
My Doctor told me dying was bad for my health.

Ghost Rider
If I’m a necrophiliac does that make me a Ghost Rider?

Ghost Rider
Will I still be considered a widower? Because I need her life insurance policy.

When Dreams May Come
Can I use protection?

Willie Wanka and the Chocolate Factory
Mr.Wanka slavery was outlawed in 1865! Set these Oompa Loompas free!

Willie Wanka and the Chocolate Factory
Finally fat kids have an amusement park dedicated to them.

The movie that finally answers humanity’s question, Who’s Your Daddy?

Meet the Fockers
Can someone please change their name to mother? Then at least there’ll be one funny thing in a Ben Stiller movie.

I don't think your wife appreciates that nickname.

Silence of the Lambs
Finally they shut the fuck up.

American History X
So were just gonna leave the black principal with the Nazi kid?

And this is the country we get democracy from?

So Al-Qaeda just gets there own show now? Does that mean the terrorists won?

The Grudge
What did I ever do to you?

Big Fish
Oh, is that what you call it?

Pelham 123
Denziel's got to save me!

Black Swan
It prefers to be called African American swan.

Being John Malkovich
This puppet show is rated NC-17.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Bitter World

Perfection is tangible. In the pain of everyday life we must mature and become the better versions of ourselves. Whether that person stands before you in the mirror or they are waiting decades down the road, we all have affliction. In anger we can take an unnecessary walk of isolation. I wish to take flames and burn down these walls. Look into my eyes and see me rather than turn inward to look upon a heart of stone. Be open to the words of others for greater knowledge is always in our grasp. Never are we all knowing though misconception sometimes tells us otherwise. We get ahead of ourselves and rush the relationship that had better lighting in the slow dance. The prom, we all know it well. Meeting your soul mate can be like the prom. One day you work up the courage to ask that special someone to dance with you. Sometimes you dance for a lifetime and sometimes you dance for a night. In true happiness all becomes bliss. The world may crumble and the stars may fall out of the sky but your mind remains in oblivion. All reality is lost on us. I overlook what they are sometimes and you overlook what you have become. But all is lost on you. Pain comes in many forms. Often times we are our greatest enemies. The words that sting the most come from the origin. We are our greatest critics even when all the world is privy to is the perfection. The Aphrodite’s suck in their non-existent gut. I ask why? It is abstruse. But what those in pain don’t realize is that perfection is tangible. Self indulgence is my religion to preach if I choose so. We wallow in the night. But for how long? I wish to cure the envenom that we all seem to wrap ourselves in. I’d rather be headstrong in the face of a bitter world. In my darkness I will find light.