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Friday, February 15, 2013

Generation X

New Generations
Yes, watch us in our greatness
It's out time to shine

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dear Lucile

Now I've lost Lucile
It was only last week that we shared our last meal
Now to her, I no longer seem to appeal
I thought I had some heart made out of steal
But my emotions are spinning like a wheel
Hitting my Achilles heel
It hurts to feel
I just want to heal
Away I will peel
And off goes the emotion bottling seal
I apologize for this long boring shpiel
But you said you would endure
Are you sure?
How do we get their attention?
There's something I want to mention
Just sound the Jong
It makes a loud bong
Hey listen! We can't all be strong
Can't all be Kong
Not some beast of the Forest
Just an onlooking tourist
Most play life like Ping Pong
A constant game of back and forth
I say South, You say North
I might as well rot
Never been seen as a saint
Even if that's the picture I'm trying to paint
Does it come easy to some?
For some, does the luck just come
Am I gonna get my luck today?
Feel like nothing goes my way
Monstrous melancholy with no sword to slay
Future left to gray
I have no other tune to play
Attention, attention, hey!
Maybe if we all just pray
We can all be gay
Some day
But I'm not going to sit here and stay
Waving my legs across the ocean bay
Can I go to predator from prey?
Dream some new fate out of clay
With no new options to weigh
Are you listening to anything I say?
In that case, I'll give you my least convincing Hurray

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Frozen Walt Disney Jokes

1. In all the time I've known Walt Disney he's never really warmed up to me.

2. I've always thought that Walt Disney was a pretty cooooooooool guy.

3. I've heard Walt Disney was anti-Semitic, somebody needs to tell him to just chill out.

4. I don't like it when Walt Disney gives me the cold shoulder.  

Born on the Fourth of July

I was born on the Fourth of July
On that patriotic day of mine
America and me, now ain't that fine?
This is where I shine
You think I'm wrong?
Look at me
What do you see?
I'm a red, white and blue kind of guy
I consider fireworks to be my birthday sky
This country went through a reincarnation
Where the founding fathers set up their station
All this talk of a revolutionary sensation
One day we will be a great nation
What was all this talk of freedom?
Oh the British, we can beat'em
I'm a red, white and blue kind of guy
I consider fireworks to be my birthday sky
Born on the Fourth of July

Beaten and Pushed Around

Have you ever been beaten and pushed around?
Have you ever been fucked over and tossed away?
Have you ever cried absent a helping hand
Like you don’t make a sound
What is there in this life but broken promises
Lies to ease the soul of a world of discomforts
Hardened in decades to emerge a monster
God damn those who have spit upon us
Hostilities muster to superceded rage
It is a dragon growing stronger in its chamber
Advocates of dismay and disarray, stand tall, shout louder
Because there not fucking listening
Yet everything we know
And every knew
It seems to bare false tongue
It seems to fuck us all in our sleep
While were counting sheep
Now I fear the sword has cut to deep
I'm a lost soul
And life has taken its toll
Run away
Run away
Though in this coffin I shall lay 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Waving my White Flag

Love is a struggle that's all I know
Somehow it's always been my foe
I whilst and waver, wherever I go
Pain envelopes my soul from head head to toe
I cry and I cry, asking why?
God do you hate me?
Because love is something I used to see
It something that used to make me glee
Sad saps of love think they know something we don't know
Though only time will show
If we seem to grow
Then it's just a show
cause the answer is no
We don't grow
We stay the same
Cause life is lame
We play our 80 year game  
Some try to make us tame
But the truth is we always stay the same 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Pearly Gates

Death comes to all
Then we'll walk down heaven's hall
St.Peter stands so tall
Never again shall I fall
I stand with the holy father by my side
He's coming along for the ride
Acting as my guide
With Christ I got my pride
He washes over me like an ocean tide
He's the man who never lied
From him I'll never hide
Because he's the man who died
Cleaning the sins we've cried
An eternity to float and glide
People suffering down below for a million different fates
But I'm here at the Pearly Gates

Ultimate Wrath

I am the master of the world
I hold the sun and the stars
In my grasp is all to see
The universe is my conquest path
I am the ultimate wrath
The constellations shine my face
The planets align just for me
All are subject to me decree
I got minus's touch
My fingers are gold
Humanity knows me by name
All my opponents leave in shame 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Shakespearean Love

I say fair well to thee
It wish thee much glee
To see thee happy
Thy is most humbly on my knee
Asking thee love for forgiveness
Thy only finds loneliness
Lost from gentle touch
Thee may not think it mean's much
But absent thee, thy is broken
Without love's greatest token
All thy asks in return for affections is lasting comfort
Passion isn't something thee can twist and contort
Thy once sought this battlefield
But now thy emotions repealed
Should thy have kept heart concealed?
Now there is no redemption for what we have lost
This pain I feel, is this what love cost?

Like a Streaming River

Life is like a streaming river
Calm and still, subtle in small doses
Raging and rampant, fast paced in nature
Seeing all in it's path
Watching as the world turns
Armed with the power to put out fires
The streaming river holds history's secrets
It is eternal, everlasting, just like life  

Los Angeles

I dwell in the smoke stained tattoo tallied dangerous daredevil paradise I call home.
Where the actors and the artists roam

It is a unique metropolis
I am fond of this.

It is the liberal land of opportunity.
Where you can find success and scrutiny.

People come to partake in the production of the pictures.

Welcome all, we are the melting pot mixtures.
Sometimes I get confused between the Travolta's and the tricksters.

Here you'll find boob jobs and batman costumes.
Where eager celebrities can't wait to find their over dosed tombs.

I floated here like a feather.
I came here for the weather.
Born for the beaches.

And basking in the beautiful California sun.

We are the city of entertainment and fun.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Sayonora Saddam

To scatter our blood and bone
For wars we can never atone
We went looking for something that wasn't there
So how's that fair?
That all we see is kid's dying
Mothers crying
We sought out lasting peace
Though all we found was a black gold feast
Americans struggled through a cruel ordeal
Now make your last appeal
And sign away your presidential seal 

Dear Earth

In this burned out body of battered Earth
Of where I share my birth
Death and destruction rule the day
So why do I stay?
Star ships gleaming
Opportunities beaming
Away across the cosmos
Where nobody knows those
Who sung the Harlem Blues
And liberated the Jews
This soil is all of me
My whole hearted history
Marauders and mystery
In this life I was jolly
But here I stand melancholy
Earth, my darling, your the only home I ever knew
So I wrote this poem just for you

Passion Know this Heart

The moon, the sun and the stars fell out of the sky when I met you
Love and me where but simply acquaintances before you came into my life
I would steal you for an eternity
Or perish in the attempt
Sadness never envelopes the soul when you are near
You brighten the darkest depths of the ocean
You illuminate the dark cave that is my desperation
Now every day rises me to the heavens
What I never knew before
Is that we do not chose love
It takes every man by storm
What I have felt
Is not something all are privy to
You have given me the only thing worth living for
You are my life, my soul, my everything

Winter Snow

You are colder then a winter snow
From where you came, I do not know
Listen let me level with yah
You got the devil in yah

Rock and the Rubble

In the rock and the rubble
Ruins lay upon the Earth
Stars fall from the heavens
Constellations lost to the millenniums
Last breath were drawn from the soldier
He witnessed his last march
Before the sun seethed it’s sad strange collapse
Maybe it was the ozone’s last goodbye
Maybe it was global warming’s battle cry
Once tall and proud in stature
Now Earth lies dead and dying
Faults lie with her children’s arrogance
Cause humanity knew not brotherhood
Now the apocalyptic paradise of proud past awaits us
The shell of former glories to sulk upon
Dirt and dust drag skyscrapers six feet under
And gray skies artistically balance out the black that pollutes the rivers
Rivers that once stood as blue as the sapphires stained in the memory
There to remind me of what true beauty once was
Nothing of worth is left to salvage
Because all I can see, is the rock and the rubble

The Chronicles of The Great War: The Day Boys Died

It was a sad day. 
As boys died in the thousands. 
In 1914. 

Haiku's for a Thracian Slave

A helmet and lance. 
Story told throughout history.
Built on blood and bones.

Raise swords my brothers.
We have created something.
Something amazing.

Gladiators rise.
Banging on the steps of Rome.
Rome’s days are ending.

Shouting for freedom.
The man, the myth, the legend.
He is Spartacus.

Hey look at this.
I remember Spartacus.
So love him we must.

Disarray, dismay.
A beautiful legacy.
For rebellion.

No conformity.
No to Roman cruelty.
No to slavery.

Un-resentful sins.
The Roman atrocities.
We must never yield.

A Slave no longer.
A toy for the arena.
No never again.

Valley of the Underworld

Welcome to my little old kingdom
In this fortress we take sinners to ring them
Often times I find myself pontificating
It’s only because this job is so exhilarating
In my heart I hold only malice
Says the neck upon my chalice
They call me a con artist
Though from that I am the farthest
I knock narcissists into submission
Sorry for the repetition
As I said I enjoy myself
Hey look, there’s your Dad sitting on a shelf
Haha, see me I’m so cruel
Though don’t think me a fool
I will lay down the rule
Eternal damnation with the infamous ghoul

Lucifer's Legacy

I look to see no final moon
An eternity of man and myth
I lay upon my hot stones
My fire pit and raging horns
The father not mourns
I sit here on a throne of bones
Under judgment no mortal atones
I was a serpent in the grass
I was a phoenix in the flame
But somehow the father failed to tame
I took to the depths of the deepest darkness
I look for the sin to spark this
I am as graceful as the war
I am the malice that has no core

Saturday, February 2, 2013

To Live for Something

Though on the battlefield someday I might be a goner
I fight for honor
Not looking for you to approve
It's just own personal chess move
Though war and vets are absent from my ancestry
It could be a new family industry
What? You gettin lost in this forestry?
This ain't biochemistry
You see what you don't understand
Is that I gotta be my own man
I'm not doing this just because
I gotta live life for a cause
Without one I'm lost
I fight for spoils
I''m the soldier who never recoils
Remember the Americans who took the lives of the torries
This is the legacy of new modern glories
It's time to tell some new stories
You may think I'm headed towards some crazy abyss 
But the only thing I care for is this
I'm living in my own bliss
America's bestowed me her patriotic kiss
Though I may be headed for much strife
The truth is it's my life
And I've chosen to live by solemn code
No regrets on this road
Don’t patronize me cause you don’t understand
I always know where my feet will land
You have no inkling of who or what I am
I'm the next Uncle Sam
I’m Colin Powell in younger form
I'm a crazy raging storm
I'm more than the social norm
This of me as Dwight Eisenhower
All you can do is cower
Up in your safe little tower
Trying to hide from my dominating power
My life is a great thing
 Don't I deserve to be the next Emperor Ming?
Doesn't that have a nice ring?
Look at how the song bird sings
Telling the tales of future kings
You think fame is the answer
Man I'll stab kill like a lancer
On your body I'm a dancer
Your poison's like cancer
Your mainstream bull crap gonna set me free?
You think your mind gonna unlock the key?
You got nothing on me 
I laugh in your face
Stop trying to make the world something it's not
They say only the strong survive
But apparently they lied
You’re a commodity
Calling yourself a prodigy
Simply a wanna bee
Stop swallowing dust
Your choking on life
I’m not gonna say I told you so
Cause its unneeded
You no your faults
The mistakes are yours to live with
Try to sleep with that
Or let the world turn into a door mat