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Friday, March 22, 2013

Empire of Sin

I’m the leader of this syndicate.
My reputation, are you feeling it?
This is blood in, blood out.
You all chose this route.
I know that you all saw.
What happens when I lay down the law.
I got an M14 in my pocket.
This silk wardrobe, do I rock it?
See me riding up in my hummer.
Click clack, what a bummer.
It’s a drive by.
I’m so fly.
Come on this territory to meet this fearless kind of guy.
Your probably gonna die.

Black Gold Feast

Lies on the lips of a priest
It’s a black gold feast
I’m dying in this blazing sun
Trying to sin through the sight of a gun
So I’ve had my good run
Now my days in this desert are done
On my third military tour
What the hell am I fighting for?
I’d done with all this blood and gore
My soul, I feel the devil in it
My humanity, I feel disheveled in it
Now Saint Peter won’t be calling my name
Leaving me with this murderous shame


The morale of this story is that we suffer from mortal emotions.
And we can either except it, or be destroyed by it.
Emotions, They can drive you insane like a stain on the wooden floors that you just can’t rub out.
Emotions…….They can rattle your brain like a chain on a prisoner who might have been wrongly convicted.
Emotions…….Sometimes I ask myself what do I gain from this pain inside my beating chest that won’t leave me alone.
And sometimes, when I’m trying to sleep,
My dark thoughts have dug too deep.
Now they won’t release me from this prison I call my cranium.
These steel walls of titanium.
It’s all so shady.
And the road ahead is hazy.
It all seems like some movie filled drama non-sense.
Humble experiences here to protest.
Life is hard, never to know less.
I’m a saint, I’m a sinner.
Whatever picture you wanna paint.
But anyway I figure.
I can’t anticipate when hardships gonna pull the trigger.
Mine all started when a girl decided to go.
And she’s more amazing then I’ll ever know.
But these things called emotions won’t let the past fall into the sands of forgotten nightmares.
And this heart continuously tears.
We love to love.
It’s an emotion like no other.
But sometimes we forget how much it costs.
It withers us away in times of sorrow and despair in the wake of a heart break,
So great.
The angles cried a tear for you.
But in times of luck and luxury we can count on love.
It’s forgiving and sweet.
Unconditional in arms of sweet embrace.
If we discuss love then we must speak of hate.
The two are inextricably tied to one another.
And they can’t breathe without each other. 
In my hour of darkness.
She isn’t standing right beside me.
She’s not speaking words of wisdom in my ear.
And she is absent in the mirror.
And do you want to know why?
It’s because she hates me.
She hates that I don’t treat her like I used to.
She hates that I can’t always give her 100% of my time.
She hates that I never say I love you anymore.
She hates that I don’t try as hard to be the romantic.
She hates that we don’t cuddle in the cold night, or any night, for that matter.
So, I got lazy.
Maybe it’s cause we had a baby.
And though she’ll always be my lady.
I can’t always be everything I was.
And it’s not a simply just because.
I can’t make your heart beat out of your chest for me.
But why can’t you see?
That maybe.
I just wanted to grow old with you.
But hate got you too.
What kind of emotion got over you?
What kinda hate enveloped you?
And jealously knows no other soul better than mine.
Our attraction so sublime.
I remember every time.
Every action.
Every motion.
Every sense of pure devotion.
I’m jealous.
I’m jealous of my brother.
Who shares the blood of the father who raised us.
And I’m just some bastard that plagues us.
He’s always been the good son.
Never given Mom and Dad much grief.
It’s my……honest belief.
And though I came out of some affair.
And for every reason I shouldn’t care.
I wish these veins had your blood.
Father that I know.
And not the father that didn’t want me.
And not the father that never got to see.
What his mistake turned out to be.
Because he wrote sonnets that made the angels cry.
And he wrote plays in the name of Shakespeare.
And he wrote stories.
That rose him to new modern glories.
Because the millenniums will shout my name.
Because in this legacy I had my fame.
And all those who look down on me.
Were around to see.
The audacity.
This bastard speaks.
Reaching peaks.   
Higher then that Vegas seven.
Higher then heaven.
Because this bastard boy was saved.
Not by wealth or prominence.
But by love.
Earlier I said we suffer from mortal emotions.
And sometimes they create mistakes.
And sometimes they bring new people into your life that brightens up the dark road ahead.
My father did it for my mother.
And love would do it to any man.
And I’ve known hate.
And I’ve known jealously.
But I still await the day when I’m going to love the way my father has loved me.
A bastard who shares no relation.
And I know my father doesn’t like it when I refer to myself like that.
But sometimes when I look at how much better my brother is.
I feel like the bastard.
And I am jealous.
And I hold hate.
But in the end I love.

A Collection of Philosophical Analogies: Personality & Attributes

Introvert or Extrovert?
People like you are very outgoing, enthusiastic, and spontaneous. 

Being Alone or Large Groups? 
You love meeting new people and so you probably have a large circle of friends and acquaintances. 

Lethargic or Energetic?
Since you are always on the go and seem to have boundless energy, you are usually up for any new experience and you especially love surprises! 

Emotional or emotional?
You are very curious so you ask a lot of questions, and you are especially fascinated by people or things that are out of the ordinary. Because of your vivid imagination, you have a million ideas a day and are great at finding creative ways of solving problems or overcoming obstacles. You love to talk - especially about fun or interesting possibilities. People enjoy your unusual sense of humor and find you fun to be with. You pride yourself on being a totally unique individual.
You are also a sensitive and empathetic person so you often have accurate insights about others. Your friends know you are devoted and affectionate and that you feel things very deeply, even if you don't always say so. But you may also take criticism personally and find your feelings are easily hurt. When you have a lot of details to remember or projects to manage, you may become overwhelmed or discouraged. In fact, your curiosity often distracts you from the more routine parts of projects and you probably find that staying organized is one of the hardest things for you to do. Making decisions is also a struggle because there are so many interesting options calling to you at once. Whatever you choose to do, it has to be something you believe in or you won't be able to stick with it for very long.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Red, White and Blue Flames

Hey Mr.President, Fuck You.
And you know what, Fuck the world too.

What the fuck is this war?
What the fuck are we fighting for?

We saw it with LBJ.
And were stuck with the same shit today.

Fuck the salutes!
And fuck your marching boots!

You bark prance here!
Dance here!
 Your a cancer!

I heard Billy didn't make the cut!
Well, you know what?

Fuck your system!
Does death would have kissed him!

So you don't like faggots?
They ain't good enough to be your maggots!

I say it's all illegitimate.
Cause the American population, your killing it!

I stick the middle finger to the flag
It's my snot nose rag

Remember what we had with Lincoln
Now look at our country sinkin

Talking about Obama versus Romney
Might as well be Obamney

Cause it's a fuck you
And a fuck you
And a fuck you too

Cause your all the same
I know it's a shame
No one to blame
Their just politicians seeking fame

Their just men for the power
Now their legacy's crashing down like a tower

You got a crowd shouting boo.
Now what's left for you?

Your going to fall and stumble. 
Your going to be left with nothing but rock and rubble.

But who cares.
About humanity's affairs.

The sinister seduction of a devil's frolicks and a devil's skips. 
Standing next to the politician's lying lips.  

Sunday, March 10, 2013

All Quiet on the Western Front

did you drop down during the last confession?
just remember it would cause to much tension

are you telling the priest you put a few 6 feet under?
your stories were vague so didn't he wonder?

but we live in hush hush world
your morale standard must die if you want to survive

so I'll ask you again
did you drop down during the last confession?
now it's up to me to fight the aggression

your a fool if you think I don't know
you've always been one for regrets

I have my doubts
now there are are no other routes

I am a Religion

I am God so make your confession.
Let me relive toy of your tension.
Didn't I mention.
My power comes down like thunder
So you don't have to wonder
Over and under.
Up and down.
I take away your frown.
Happiness and sadness.
I'll bring an end to your madness.
I'm a beast of the forest.
While your just a tourist.
This is what I say.
Humanity will last longer. 
Because each millennium we getting stronger.
We all soldiers.
Were warriors through our struggle.
Our problems we can juggle.
None of us are weak.
Potential to be an Ancient Greek.
I kiss you from cheek to cheek.
If prosperity is what you seek.
Come with me.
You shall see.
I'll unlock your inner chi.
Maybe your fighting for a she.
Or working towards a promotion.
Let me stir you a magic potion.
I'm bigger then the ocean.
So show me your devotion.
This raging sea called life.
You no longer have strife
Let go of your melancholy.
It's time to be jolly.
Oh golly.
I remember I once had a pair of blue eyes named Molly.
We fought.
Peace was sought.
But it was something we never got.
My heart went up in flames.
As she played her little games.
So I too have had pain.
Nearly went insane.
But in darkness I had nothing to gain.
So I saw how it was all in vain.
Mind over matter.
Your wallet will be fatter.
After so much hardship your relationships will have health
Your flirty moves will have stealth.
And in your heart you will have everlasting wealth.

Nightmares of a Nam Vet

Now to make fun of the fact that your patriotic
Now that, that's just idiotic
As the clock goes tock tick
Your still a prick
Cause somewhere down the line life gave you a kick

I got a sweet tooth for new beginnings
I got to see truth for new winnings

If only your heart were bigger
Cause any way you figure

It's always a vengeance road that's harder
But fine, take your vengeance road of a martyr
Come on, your smarter

And you have more to live for
Go to the heavens and sore
Don't stay on this mortal decore
Your beast of the wild, for a roar
Now you can reach for everything and more

You killed enough for two
Now whats left for you

If you stay like this their gonna take you away
And to the family what will i say?

Don't cry, it's not that bad of a thing
One day the lab coats came to the doorbell to ding
He lived the life of a king
And someday the children are gonna sing
About how he experienced everything

And how we can only dream of living such a life
Built on hard work and strife

Even though the real history is built on fire
It is you we can love and admire

Think about how the truth is going to make your family grimm
But they'll never forget that you never stopped loving them

Oh how we wish you were standing here
Oh how we wish you were ranting here
But if you were, you'd be panting here

Cause even though that's the true sound of the music
Nobody wants to here about how your too sick
Oh they can ask, where's rick?

But I'll never tell
Cause your life's hell

After all that blood and gore
Now your fighting this war
When you should be living in some paradise gall-or
But somehow in life were always left asking for more

And year by year
You die away in your delusional nightmare fear

Sitting in your loony bin room
Might as well call it a tomb

Every time i visit you
Your bitter
But your words can't hurt me
And your cursing can't bruise me

And after so many long years
And after all the heart broken tears

Your bed is empty and your not some ghost that I can see
And now your spite has rubbed off on me
Because now that your gone there's only one word that I speak, finally

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Mediocre Wizard of Oz

“Shut the fuck up,” Dorothy said. “Will you shut the fuck up,” she hollered. Toto had been acting strange all morning and her trip down the yellow brick road wasn’t getting any easier with the periodic sound of her little Scottish terrier barking incessantly at the scarecrow. The scarecrow, who would not stop singing, continued to project his enthusiasm, “Were off to see the wizard. The wonderful wizard of Oz.” Toto’s barks became louder. Dorothy turned to the scarecrow and sighed. “Can’t you see, he doesn’t like you. And I don’t like you either.” He sulked, he didn’t like it when people yelled at him, "I'm sorry," the scarecrow replied. “It’s just. We’ve been singing that song for hours. It’s getting a little to mainstream for me,” Dorothy explained. “Okay. I’ll just shut the shut up then,” the scarecrow sighed. “What is your deal anyway? You got a story or something?” Dorothy inquired. “I lost a bet to Dan Quayle,” he explained. “And that’s why you need a new brain,” she nodded in understanding. The Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion wanted to get on the conversation to. “I lost a bet to Dick Cheney,” cried the Tin Man. “And what’s your story Mr.Cowardly Lion,” Dorothy asked. “I was neutered,” he replied. The Tin Man spoke up, “I don’t think the Wizard is going to be able to help you with…….” Dorothy put a finger up to her lips, “Shshshshshshshshshsh,” Dorothy shushed the Tin Man, “We have a better chance of avoiding getting jumped by munchkins if we have a lion with us.” The Tin Man nodded in agreement. Many thousands of miles away the wicked witch of the west looked through a crystal ball cackled at her discovery. “I know the girl is near. And I will have my vengeance for my sister. Can you hear it Bubbles?” The witch cackled. She turned to speak to her monkey lieutenant who she had stolen from Michael Jackson. “Can you hear it? Somewhere a dog parked?”  

Dark Caves

Dark caves humble for dark clouds to hide sovereignty. 
Absent the sound of serenity. 
Absent in the mountains, the meadows and the marshes. 
Harmony takes the infinite slumber.
Harmony finds it super ceded.
Like a thread in a silk gown.
Flags grasps to the harmony.  
In a world taking harmony to an infinite slumber. 
To find sovereignty in the serenity of significant slumber to find your super ceded sanity.

I find tranquility in sighting a traitor in the terrible tormenting travesty that is the train tracks of a treacherous time table of fading life.

I am a raging rabbit roaming rapidly through the forest as I make racket, rampantly rambling on about how awesome my realistic razor sharp teeth.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Devil and I

The devil’s gonna break me down
And I won’t even make a sound
I feel like a God damn clown
As my stupid ass walks around
In my life I got nothing to show
In my life I got nowhere to go
I've seen your mama with the hecklers and whores
Now I’ll bust a cap in your ass of yours
Fuck all of you who be pointing your finger
I’ll come and take you and put you in the ringer
Damn, I hold the world in contempt and hate
Now let’s take it back to grades six, seven, eight
I took my stay at the school known as Walter Reed
Where I smoked my fair share of weed
I've known for being the party seen
I’m a lean, mean, fighting machine
If it’s cash, then I’m going green
I’m the cool daddy
I think you know that lady
I’m the man known for going click clack
I’m back 

A Christmas Cheer

Decking the halls
Christmas shopping at the malls
And another winter falls
Christmas costs a fee
Presents to see
Presents for me
Excitement, don't you agree?
Reunions with the family
Grandfathers, Grandmothers, how lovely is she
Presents all around
Loud wrapper sound
An Ipod I found
Underneath many boxes
Clothes made of foxes
A New Year rises
New clothes, new sizes
Now here's my last rhyme
Cause were all out of time 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

When Chaos Rises

A Treatment by Robert Gold

In 2030 a criminal alliance between the syndicates Hell’s Angels, Black Mafia and the Latin Kings overthrew the US government. With control over a massive nuclear arsenal the American people are forced to summit to a new gangster regime known as, The Council. States are now territories and do to New York’s high concentration of African Americans it has been handed over to the Black Mafia.

In Time Square street vendors selling fruit, vegetables, bread, hot dogs and many multi-cultural delicacies have made this area a popular market place where thousands of New Yorkers flock to every day to do business with these merchants. You can almost taste the air as butchers, barbeques and bakers bring their beautiful assortments for the common people to feast upon. But food prices are rising everyday do to crime lord greed. A simple middle aged African American family man like Adan Jackson struggles to feed his family as he is met with a brutal dog eat dog world that seems to have forgotten it’s humanity.

What do you mean, 3 dollars for apples?

Sorry all non-mafia affiliated citizens have to pay the protection tax.

You mean a racketeering fee?

With that the street vendor closed up his cart and rolled away. It was a few minutes passed the legal curfew for non-mafia citizens.  While the gangsters were free to roam, the ordinary men and women of New York were forced to stay in their homes on pain of death. All over the city posters show curfew laws, lists of contraband media and wanted men. Adan walked home with a somber look on his face. As he turned a street corner he could hear a number of voices. Four intoxicated gang members wearing heavy red hooded jackets with beanie’s and baggie pants stroll through. In the dark night the four drunken men don’t notice Adan. For fear that he may be punished for breaking the curfew law he slips inside an alley way and lays in a pile of trash with banana peels, fish heads and dirty wrappers. After the four men pass Adan steps back out onto the street and jogs the rest of the way home. When Adan gets home he comes in quietly, not wanting to wake anyone and he puts his clothes in the washer. He crawls into bed with his wife and he begins to lean over to kiss her neck. She keeps her eyes closed as she lies on her pillow and murmurs her words at her husband.

I’m tired Adan.

I miss you Alexandra. I miss us.

Well, then you shouldn’t have asked for three kids, Adan.

Adan turns on his back and sighs. With a disappointed look on his face he turns the lamplight off that sits by his bedside. Then his facial expression changes to anger.
What did you and the kids do for dinner?

Sarah’s boyfriend J-Dog took us out to eat and bought us groceries.

What kind of name is J-Dog?

Good night Adan.

The next day Adan walks into a club called, Karma. There are a number of slot machines that people are gambling at and poles with dancers are located everywhere. Adan looks disgusted by the entire scene. He goes up to a young African American man who is very nicely dressed in a black suit and tie who has two bodyguards accompanying him. He looks to be the manager of the club. As soon as the nicely dressed young man see’s Adan he smiles and begins walking towards him.


What, the car rental business ain’t treating you well?

I was thinking that’s where you come in.

I gotcha.

For several weeks Adan came into work at the bar counter at the club. Coming into work every morning, not asking any questions. Every day he came into work and listened to this one singer, Betris, who performed at Karma several times a day. Every day he became more a more infatuated with her. She even began to pop up in his dreams. One day Adan noticed Betris go into a back room with a man. He saw it happen more and more often with many different men. Deep down he knew what he was seeing. But he didn’t want to believe it. But one day, the wall that he tried to build between himself and the truth came crashing down. On one fateful day it was very late at night and Adan heard screaming from across the club. He could see J-Dog pulling on Betris’s hair and then he threw her to the ground and smacked her across the face. It all happened so quickly but Adan jumped over the bar counter as soon as fast as he could and rushed over.

I’ll pay whatever she owes. Just, don’t hurt her again.

Later on, Adan is in a backstage with Betris. He is cleaning the cuts and bruises on her face.  From where J-Dog hit her. As he looks into her eyes and stares back into his, he loses concentration and drops the wet cloth he was cleaning her face with. They both grab for it. His hand ends u on top of her hand and then all of the sudden she kisses him. Then he kisses her. She begins to kiss his neck and his chest as she unbuttons his shirt.

The next morning Adan walks out of Betris’s backstage room and goes to the bar counter. J-Dog walks up and hands him a handgun and a list of small businesses that he needs to collect racketeering fees from. This is how he is going to pay off Betris’s dept. A montage showing the weeks going by as he shakes up store clerks for cash and J-Dog’s paychecks increase as he becomes more and more pleased with Adan’s work. Adan beings spending more nights with Betris and with all his extra cash he starts bringing her expensive jewelry and nice clothes. Alexandra, Adan’s wife, sleeps in an empty bed and often looks over at the other side of the bed to see if her husband has returned to her, though she receives no such luck. She is forced to cook, clean and take care of three children on her own. With all the stress and extra work piled onto her life she begins to become weary and her hair becomes unkempt and her hands grow are rough with calluses earned through hours and hours of house labor. 

One night Adan finally does return to his wife and kids. Though it is late and he comes home to a quite house. When he comes home and gets to his room his wife looks delighted and she calls the children into the room. Her we meet Theodore, Riley and Sarah. Theodore is the youngest, who looks to be about 11. Riley is the middle child and he looks to be about 13. Then we have Sarah, J-Dog’s girlfriend, who looks to be about 17, not much different then her boyfriend, who only looks to be about 25. But as Adan greets his family his face looks sad and disgruntled, obviously something has him down. After his kids leave the room Adan’s wife gets on top of him and tries to kiss him. He rejects her advances and pulls the covers over himself. Alexandra looks disappointed and heart broken.

Adan’s face is so melancholy and soon we go into a flash back dream state with him. Adan goes into a laundry mat with his gun drawn and he uses his other hand to beckon the Asian-American store owner to bring him his money. The laundry mat owner shrugs, as if that’s a good enough explanations as to why his late in paying his monthly fees. Adan gets in the store clerk’s face and the store clerk gets in his face and the two are locked in a screaming match when the store clerk’s 14 year old daughter walks in through the front door. On instinct Adan draws his gun and shoots her. She falls to the ground, dead, and her father rushes to her side. Adan, with look of shock stricken across his face, runs out of the laundry mat. The flash back ends and as Adan lies in bed a tear rolls down his eye.    

Friday, March 1, 2013

That Old Romance

One day you fell out of the sky
When and where I don't know why

Again and again we did our dance
Years and years and we lost our chance

  You were gone with the boy next door
Don't know what I was looking for

To lost in my suit and tie
Didn't know love was passing me by

We walked our roads and did our deeds
Now love is gone with the autumn leafs

Again and again we did our dance
Call it a sweet, young romance

I told myself that you were a must
Can't believe I sold out love and lust

Now it's over.
Now it's done.
Now's I'm living.
To find new fun.

And now I've lost my chance.
Oh how I long for that old romance.


You lived in the time of Thrace
And you lived in the time of Carthage
As if a gladiator absent the arena
The crowd goes silent
A world listening as you whisper in its ear
Power and supremacy unmatched
Legions walked among ancient battlefields
You fought not for survival
But for glory
Spoils to heavy for the human hand
Songs of history play tunes of your virtue
Walls of preservation of past generations
Resting upon pillars to stand mummified
With your sheer herculean strength
You are
The king of a different era

The Time Machine (2011)

In the 31st Century the United States military is working on creating the very first time machine. But super villians from the future have come through the time portals and they have to use their futurastic technology and weapons to defeat the dangerous criminals that come out of the time portals.


In the 31st Century a war between imperial Russia and the United States is being led by the extremely popular president who has just been elected for a third term in office, President Richard Cho, a vietnamese american from California who worked as an executive producer at a production company. Richard Cho secretly sent a group of CIA Agents to infiltrate the Russian government and help take down the Russians from the inside.