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Friday, May 31, 2013

King Barrack

Listen here
There something I gotta say
And it's gotta be said today

With a 4 years on tap
Santa Claus must've listened when I sat on his lap

And now a shout out my main man

I might step on a Bush toe
But I gotta let yah know

The patriot in me
Is ready for new history
New legacy 
Black dynasty

Cause there is no one who cannnot guarantee
That this new victory is not honestly 

The hip sensation of the world's patience
The whole nation in admiration

Of the terror war's new fruitation
A taliban devastation 

Reigning fire without hestitation
The Obama nation
Of a new era Administration

Is shining new light on new history
There nothing but new falisy 

Cause I got an Obama Mama
I sing the Falah Lah Lah Lah Lah
And the enemy sings the Allah, Lah, Lah Lah Lah, Lah

Lasting victory, is the road were gonna play up
There’s heroes to see, terrorists gonna pay up 

Sorry if yah pacifiist heart doesnt approve of this
Just stay out of Oval business

Cause I’m a stone cold killer and the pressures on me
Ten stones on my back
But I’m still intact
You try to be tame
But patience ain’t your game

Sometimes lifes just a sick and a struggle
But we gotta pick ourselves up from rock and the rubble

Going the road of a soldier 
Never lose my composure 

Heading to the ROTC
Where the General be lovin me

Gotta get an officer's college, to find my own sense of knowledge

To bad it doesn't matter what yah think
Cause a thousand battle ships gunna sink

Peace may call be a sinner
But my red, white and blue Mama knows I'mma saint
Obama world picture I'm gunna paint

Cause the Sunni's gunna run
When they see the sight of my gun

For a Bush 8 years we were all but minions
Doing some black gold sinnins
But now I'm ready for the 44's opinions  

Now for one last politcal time
I got one last Obama rhyme
All you suckas out there
With your flags who just don't care

Remember a new man's in town
And new presidential shit's going down

So peace out all you patriotic hearts
Cause if you want some real smarts

Listen to the homie who got Osama 
And that's my main man Obama

Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Collection of Philosophical Analogies: The Humanist v. The Progressive

        Secular Humanism and Secular Progressiveness are two very different things. The Liberals are jumping to extremes in their attempts to join the two together. The Progressive Movement spawned off from the ideologies of President Teddy Roosevelt at the start of the 20th Century to combat the negative effects of Industrialization. 
       Though, like our good friend Karl Marx, has seen his philosophies warped and misconstrued by those who seek to put themselves in positions of authority. While Teddy was a Republican himself, and one of the greatest presidents we ever had, his ideas have been adapted by both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. 
        Over time the Democrats have taken Teddy’s philosophies to an extreme, as seen in The Great Society. This was great for getting us out of a Great Depression and would do us much good now if Obama could emulate FDR, though we all know he is too weak to ever be as great as FDR. While if we take a closer look at the history behind Secular Humanism we see that it Pre-Dates Secular Progressiveness and it too has seen itself taken to extremes. 
        The Secular Humanist actually helped inspire our Forefathers to rebel against the British Empire and found the greatest nation in the human history. The Humanist Movement came out of the Enlightenment ideals put forth by great innovative thinkers such as John Locke and Voltaire. It was a movement against the Divine Rule of kings who had subjected Europe to oppressive governments for thousands of years. 
        Through Great Military Leaders such as George Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte we saw the Humanist Movement take hold of the world and change it for the better. Though your misconception that it was a Atheist Movement is completely false and only proves my point that extremists have latched onto the Humanist Movement.           

The Legendary Robert Gold

Now it’s me against the world
And I got my fist unfurled
Time for a rhyme
Cause after all of the shit the world’s put on you
And the pit I’ve been forced to climb through
 A little rap battle.
Will put the king back on his saddle.
I'm not often the school yard boy to taddle
But I'm gonna tell the cosmos you make my brain raddle. 
My cranium's got tear-edge. 
Me and mother Earth are in a marriage. 
You'll be a loser for the rest of your days
I bet that you don’t ever blaze
Do you even know that phrase
I can spin circles around you in so many ways
I like that that you got courage
But this game is for people of a different age
While im a prince, a warlock and a mage
You’re a goblin, a trole and an old sage
Maybe you didn’t read up on my page
But Robert Gold
Oh he is so bold
He’s got an ego
But you ain’t good enough to kiss his elbow
Hell no
You though he may consider me a foe
But I know there is a place deep down below
That wants to say bravo
But this is a rap
And I'm not gonna go take a nap
While my honor gets a cold hard slap
When this song is done you better lick my bootstrap
Cause I aint fucking around you little sap
I aint gonna draw you a map
You've entered the firetrap
And while your gums go flap
There’s no way out
Your hole is dug
Don’t you feel so smug
There’s no rope to tug
And no suicide poison to chug
Why don’t you watch yourself before you self destruct
I would definitely instruct
You quit the rap game
And learn to be tame
Before you go seeking fame
That is something all can see
While my concerts will be charging quite a fee
You'll be in the crowd watching me
Wishing you could be Robert Gold
But there are only a few that I mold
And my secrets are not often told
Cause you'll always be a rookie
But consider your self lucky
You only got a little ass kicking
And as you can see the clock is ticking
So I'm out

One Night: The Nightlife Adventures of Ratchet Robert

Haha damn she was a hottie
Damn I loved that sha-day
Grindin at the par-tay

Music gets me drinkin
Man she gets me thinkin

Imam love her tonight
You know I’ll treat her right

Singing for today
Man I love to play

About the girl I love to love
Who feel from up above

Shoddy and the fair blue eyes
With all the staring eyes

Take it back now
Love was in the air
For once I didn’t care

For all that told me wrong
I don’t need her for too long

I just need her for this moment
With the DJ yelling fun
Cause tonight were still young

Cause I love her to death
Every time she takes my breath

Grant High v. Champs Charter

Now I'm back in the kingdom that dwells in Van Nuys.
Where there resides 600 eyes.

Last year filled with inadequacies.
Consider my grades causalities.

First year
First dance
 I came from the school with the Trojan and the Lance.

Now I dawn my Antlers.
Oh wait, Oh No, its Panthers.

Now taking it back to 2011.
Now I was asking for heaven.
Hell is what I received.

So then we look at 2012.
But I was stuck with more of the same.
Now ain't that lame.

All we got was Edward asking Bella to rock these lips.
Phony apocalypse.

Now I'm here for 2013.
Waiting for candles and seventeen.

Mama’s got some new business ideas.
Maybe we’ll own the next chain of Ikeas.

Then I’ll see the green.
I’ll be a lean, mean, rich machine.

So I wait to see what life brings.
And I watch as the song bird sings.

O Devil, Where Art Thou?


He now went by his angel name. And Lucifer, was more real then he had ever been. He was finally mortal like all the rest. So he could die like a mortal, like all the rest. 

         He had left the planet Earth behind long ago but it was still his home and he could not help but think of Earth when he knew his death was near. A half a million years ago he had looked upon the Earth and wished it one last good bye before he set out for the stars. 
         Why now was he mortal? Few knew his secret but now all those unraveled secrets would be the end of him. He had done the unforgivable. He had created mutiny and that was the last straw. The Fortress was a beautiful ship and she did not deserve to be torn apart by greedy pirates and ruthless thugs. Captain Alexander Cromwell's ship had become nothing more than a nest for gangsters and cutthroats. The worst the galaxy had to offer. 
         Captain Cromwell had always thought that The Fortress was a beautiful name for a ship. It meant that there was safety and security under his command. But look at the state of The Fortress now, she was beaten and battered all because of Lucifer's need to create chaos and destruction where ever he went and those around him always had to pay the price. But there was a hero amongst these hardened criminals. 
         His name was Sam Johnson and he was the only man on The Fortress who could save everyone from the chaos that ran rampant. But even heroes can bleed and even heroes have fear on their hearts. With only a few minutes left to himself before he face the mighty Lucifer he confided only in himself to share his personal worries and distress over what was to become of him once he faced the most insidious opponent he would ever have the honor of facing. 
         I'm a dead man, Sam Johnson silently thought to himself. He's coming to kill me and there's nothing I can do about that. But I'm not going down without a fight. I've never been the kind of man to just lay down and give up. But in this case death is victory. Never have I been faced with this kind of victory. Life is a obscure work of art and I never stopped to look at the painting that I have composed. Not that I regret the decisions I've made but just the fact that after so long its finally over. I never asked to be immortal but over a half a million years go by and you start to think your going to live forever. I never imagined myself doing what I am about to do. I've never faced the dark angel of death before. Peace is the forgotten word and my only regret in this life is that I never sought out its meaning.  

Ivory Cromwell's Speech

          The Captain's wife Ivory Cromwell was scheduled to addresses the crew. "Quiet! It was has always been customary for me to make a speech to my husband's new recruits. You all look like capable men. And I expect as such from you. You have been given a great honor." She exclaimed. 
          Vibrax the humanoid mercenary from the world of Lusitania, whispered to his brother Terris. He was enraged at having to take orders from a woman. He silently complained about Ivory's patronizing demeanor, "Great honor, who does she think she is?" 
          Ivory snapped on both of them going off on the rants that she often went on, "Vibrax and Terris is it? The brothers of blood and bones they call you. Now maybe you don't know who I am so I'll repeat it again, my name is Ivory Cromwell  I am my husband's eyes and ears on The Fortress. And you will treat me with respect. Do not be deceived by my politeness. I am not your friend. I am not someone for you to play cards with. I am your superior and you will bow down to me as if I was your God. There is no room for egos on this ship. Although i guess that's not true. There's room for my ego. You little piss ants will eat when I tell you to eat. You will sleep when I tell you to sleep and best of all you follow orders when they are given. So if all of you are done talking amongst yourself's about how Mommy and Daddy would be so proud of you if they saw you now I think we can finally get to your assignment. Your mission is simple. Bring back 10,000 crates of firestone from the world of Kraleth. It will be dangerous and life's will be lost. Just try to make sure that their your life is among the lost. Don't let these words make you believe that I am without a heart for the dead. The life's of the crew always come before the mission. This is not always so with other pirates. But the dignity of life is important to your captain. So fear not that you will be left in a ditch somewhere." The crew mates laughed at her dark humor.   
          She continued, "The native population of Kraleth wants their firestone just as much as we do. To many pirates like us have gone to Kraleth and never came back. This is a close call and we need to be prepared. You will all receive training on the terrain that you will be encountering once we reach Kraleth. Your all good at what you do. You provide the muscle and without you their would be no success. This mission is going to require expertise and you are just the men to provide it."
          Ivory paced back and forth as a slide show came out onto the projector behind her. To show pictures of the different types of police units that existed on Kraleth.  

        "Can someone get the lights? Thank you. The images behind me are the kinds of people your going to want to avoid, once we land on the planetary surface. Kraleth's current government is nothing but a sham. It is a council of men representing their criminal organizations. There might as well be anarchy on the world of Kraleth. Because that is basically what we are walking into. Is nothing more then a group of power hungry men pretending to be politicians  the corruption that we will encounter on Kraleth will at times jeopardize all of what we are here to accomplish. But fear not because the majority of the men you will meet are just petty thief's with the intention of intimidated you."
         "Though if we do run into government agents it would be wise for you to keep your noses down. the police units on Kraleth do not enforce the laws but rather work as hired security for small businesses  if you even look at somebody wrong you may have your hands cut off. God only knows how many hand-less men are walking around Kraleth. If it was up to me we would not do any business the Kralthian merchants but we are in short supply of food so we may need to make a number of trips into the local markets. But as you may already have guessed but their is a lot of danger in for outsiders in the markets." 
        Terris interrupted her, "I've been listening to you this whole time Miss Cromwell and I can't seem to understand why Kraleth is such a danger to us all." 
        Ivory couldn't tell whether Terris was just playing games with her and trying to undermine her in front of her crew or this dim wit really had no idea what dangers layed wating for them on Kraleth. She continued, "Kraleth's reputation should convince you that what you are signing up for is the real deal so if you need further persuading let me tell you this. I have been to the world of Kraleth only once before. And I barely escaped with my life. 
       But I can't say the same for the man I was with at the time. He was a cocky young kid who thought he owned the galaxy. But the Kralethians soon tought him respect. It was not a pretty site to see. They made me watch as they ripped out his heart and fed it to the lions den. I couldn't have asked for a more gruesome sight. That image haunts me everyday. And if my words can save just one of you from such a fate then my goal here will have been accomplished. To many criminals have disdained what it means to be a traveler. I expect you not to disappoint me."

The Divide

        The crew often enjoyed drinking and gambling in their off hours. Though some men like Sam Johnson and Victor Wilkes, soldiers for hire who had never known a life of happiness or love, spent most of their time either telling war stories to one another or working out in the ship's gymnasium facility, which was located on the bottom floor of the ship, a sound proof room that kept all distractions at bay.
        As Sam prepared for his upper body work out exercises, he decided to start with pull ups. He removed his "I Hunt Martians" T-Shirt and began his daily routine. Victor was busy doing a 20 minute jog on the treadmill as he listened to his favorite band, "My Galactic Romance."
        After four hours in the gym the two men began to head back towards their shared dorm room, where most of the ship's male population was stationed. Though in the crew's off hours men and women were allowed to visit each other's sleeping barracks. 
         The Fortress was a war ship in it's prime. With cannons and machine guns stationed in 35 different places across the whale sized ship, it was a spacecraft capable of taking on a small army of fighter planes. In a testament to it's original purpose, Alexander Cromwell captained his ship like a General in the Martian Armada.
          Although men like Sam Johnson and Victor Wilkes very much enjoyed the military feel of the Alexander's leadership style, many of the crew mates resented it. As soon as Lucifer became aware of this, he plotted and planned, how could the King of Chaos use this to his advantage?    
          As Sam and Victor got back to their dorm all that engulfed the room was the smell of rum and cigar smoke. Sam had lived in frat houses in his younger days and he was readily inclined to remind his fellow ship mates that The Fortress was not among them. 
          After a good work out session, Sam was always in the mood for a good fight. He remembered how rude Vibrax had been to Ivory Cromwell. Sam knew the woman back in his Frat boy days, when they were both getting their degrees in Astronomical Studies. They had both gone on to use their college educated minds to travel the galaxy.  
          As it had been their shared dream. Ivory had always secretly wished that Sam had asked her to go traveling the galaxy with him. But Sam had always been interested in serving in the Legions of Mars, and the Martians were in great need of astronomers who knew how to map out different star systems for merchant trade routes. Ivory had always hated Martians and although her heart dearly belonged to Sam, she decided that he was never going to love her the the way she loved him. 
          When she married a pirate ship captain she looked up Sam and found out that he had been retired for many years now. With a first mate position open on her husband's ship, she once again had found a way to be close to the man her heart had always belonged to. Though in the eight months that Sam had been a crew mate on The Fortress, he had shown no signs that he even remotely had any interest in Ivory, much to her disappointment.   
              As Victor and Sam sat together, lounging on the couch, drinking a couple of nice ice cold beers, Victor began the conversation. 
"Do you remember back when we first met?" -vitor

of course. how could i forget

you told me i was the most ignorant astronomer you had ever met-victor 

you were. you still are-sam

the martians didnt seem to mind-victor 

i still cant figure out how you managed to got a degree from Napoleon University.-sam  

and i still can't figure out why you won't tell me who that girl from your journal books  was.-vicxtor

i already told you i wasnt going to tell you. i dont know why you keep asking. and besides you shouldnt have been snooping around my stuff in the first place.-sam

hey guilty as charged man. but come on you cant blame a guy for being a little bit curious. when you've never seen your best friend of 20 years even glance at a woman, you start to wonder. -victor

last time i checked your a bachelor to my friend.-sam

hey. after i'm up to my neck in child support payments. 6 kids. 2 ex-wives. these things add up if you know what im saying.-victor

no i dont know what your saying. what were talking about again? i kinda tuned you out after you said when you started playing the my life's so difficult card.-sam

hey cant a brother get a little love?

Sam laughed. And Victor joined in with him. He had always gotten a great sense of enjoyment out of Victor's sense of humor. In the all the years that they had known each other, there was never a dull day in their friendship. Yet the two men barely ever spoke to any of their other crew mates, they were not unsocial or unfriendly people, though that was the general consensus when it came to the crew's opinion on Sam and Victor.

Vibrax's personal opinion on the two men followed the same line of thought. He didn't much care for them or the back chatter of their constant walks down memory lane.
 Vibrax put down his rum glass and called out to them, "Hey fellas in the back! Yah, you to. The ones giggling like a couple of little school girls. Can you shut the fuck up? Were trying to play some Poker over here."

Sam and Victor weren't the kind of men to take an insult like that lying down. Sam walked over to the Poker table and grabbed Vibrax's rum glass, taking a big swig. Then he put the glass back on the table and put a hand on the shoulder of a hot headed fuming Vibrax.
 "Hey what's with you mouthing off to Ivory like that?" Sam Johnson questioned. 
"She ain't no captain, so I reckon I say what I want." Vibrax replied. 
Victor chimed in. He put a finger on Vibrax's muscular chest and raised his voice, "Captain or no captain you better be treating her with respect."
"I ain't taking no orders from no captain's wife." Vibrax barked. 
Lucifer stepped in, "I have a question," 
Sam turned to look at Lucifer, sizing him up with his eyes, "Ya, and who are you?"  
"Names Lucifer, and you might be?" the Dark Angel replied. 
Sam extended his big rough war scarred hand, "Sam, Sam Johnson."
Lucifer could read people, it was a talent he had picked up since taking up Poker as his favorite way to pass the time. He wasn't against exposing Sam for who he really was. He knew the real reason that the the mercenary was defending Ivory Cromwell, "I see you fancy the Captain's wife?"
"Me and Ivory go way back. Were close friends." Sam replied.
 "You ever been inside her before?" Lucifer snickered.
"I'm not going to dignify that absurd question with a response." Sam raged as he stormed out.
Lucifer smirked, "I'll take that as a yes."
         Victor Wilkes, Sam's closest friend and partner in crime piped up. He wanted the chance to address his fellow crew mates before following Sam out the door, "If any of you would like to take up company with me and Sam, we'll be on the lower deck in the gymnasium. I only extend this offer so that you won't be forced to listen to the filth that spews from the lips of these scoundrels." Victor pointed at Vibrax and Lucifer. "Please I urge you not to spend another second in the presence of these devils."
          Vibrax stood up to face his verbal attacker. He towered over Victor. "Devil?" He faintly murmured. Obviously no one in the room had heard him. He spoke up. "I'm no devil! Actually, I'm quite the saint if you ask me. Wouldn't you agree Lucifer?"
           Lucifer put down his playing cards, took his feet off the table and got up from his seat. Terris, under the impression that a fight was about to break out, got up from his seat as well. Lucifer put a hand on Vibrax's shoulder and jester-ed Terris to sit back down, silently explaining to him that there was no physical danger here and he could return to his seat. Lucifer turned to his words, something he had often relied on since losing his demonic powers.

"Vibrax. I'm sure our friend here didn't mean any harm. And he knows that he's far outnumbered here. And the boys here rather enjoy our company. So Victor's gonna run along now like nothing ever happened and were gonna return to our game. Doesn't that sound nice Victor?" Lucifer asked.
Victor, realizing how badly this could all turn out for him and all the bones in his body, changed his tone and decided to extend his own hand to Lucifer as an olive branch of peace, "That sounds very nice, Lucifer. Sorry for disturbing your card game."
Lucifer took Victor's hand in his and held it there even as Victor tried to pull away, "It's quite alright Victor. Just know that if you come by here again I can't be so certain that Vibrax here will behave himself."
Lucifer gave Victor a big wide mouthed smile, showing all his purely whites. Victor nervously returned the smile and wondered off, giving a sigh of relieve as he walked out the exit door. As he left the men returned to their seats but Lucifer was still keeping up the act.
 "You have a nice day now." He called out into the hallway.
Somehow give off the impression to everyone in the room that he was a man of peace. Then finally he returned to his seat.
Vibrax angrily began his interrogation, "Why did you stop me?"
Lucifer sighed, "You don't understand the way this game is played."
"I'm not interesting in your little manipulation schemes. I want that sly mouthed mother fucker dead. Nobody talks to me like that." Vibrax raged.
Lucifer chuckled, "He just did."
"Because you let him go." Vibrax pointed out.
Terris spoke up, "Doesn't that insult you Lucifer?"
Lucifer looked confused, "Does what insult me?
Terris began his history lesson, "He called us Devils. Back in the Ancient times, before the Martians came and humanity dispersed across the galaxy. There was this symbol."
"A symbol?" Lucifer asked, still confused.
"A demonic symbol." Terris explained.
"The Devil?" Lucifer asked.
"Back in the Stara Sagora Star System Devil is a bad word. And if you call someone a Devil. Your asking for a fight." Terris explained.
"That's very interesting, I'm sure our friends are unaware that Stara Sagorans take that word so personally. Though I must say I would disagree with you on one thing Terris. When someone calls me evil or Devil or what have you. I don't get offended."
Now Terris was the confused one. "Why not?"
Lucifer smiled, day dreaming of days long gone, days he wished he could relive a thousand times over. He remembered when he would play in the Garden with Adam and Eve and he would fill there heads with all his philosophies that Father had never approved of, "I don't know. Evil. It's weird. It's like. It has this nice ring to it."

Who is Vibrax?

Vibrax was a seven foot tall giant. He breath smelled of fish, as was his favorite late evening meal when he sat down to play card games with Lucifer and Terris. His green blood shot eyes showed that he didn't sleep much, at least not after Ivory had told him that Kraleth was a land of wealthy opportunities, for a man who had struggled all his life to make ends meet, Kraleth went to the world to him. But he wasn't going to go taking orders from some pompous captain wife, who by the looks of it, hadn't worked a day her life and Vibrax hated her for it. And that was the real reason he didn't respect her. Not because she was a women or because she wasn't as smart as him. It was because she had it all and he had nothing. She represented all that was wrong with society. In all of Vibrax's struggles and strife, he still had to risk his life for a few grand a year. Some people traveled the galaxy looking for adventure and a chance to see the stars, Vibrax did it because he wasn't good at anything else and this paid more then the construction jobs back in the Star System of Stara Sagora that he called home.

Lucifer's Mutiny

Lucifer was a strategist. He was cunning and he knew that he could probably outsmart anyone on Captain Alexander Cromwell's ship, Fortress. He had studied Earth's greatest wars from Troy to Normandy.  

"We will reach Kraleth soon my friends, but I doubt we will ever see any wealth from the spoils that we produce. After we do the captain's bidding he's just gonna leave us on the planet when there done with us. that's all they think of us. Common thugs who can be screwed over. Lets take the ship before we arrive and show this ignorant captain who he's dealing with here. I have no interest in being left on some backwater world to rot in the sun. I'm going to fight for my own survival and for the survival of the crew of the fortress. I, unlike are traitor of a captain, will make sure that all of our life's are spared. if we don't act now I fear it will be to late. I certainly don't want to die on Kraleth and i would assume that you don't either. So lets take up arms and save are own skins. I cant do it alone so we need to work together if we are to survive. It doesn't matter if you believe my words. Do this for yourself's so that we all my live to see another day. I have no intention of living among the Kralethians. A world full of bounty hunters, smugglers, drug kingpins and god knows what else. I myself may be a criminal but I fear a planet run by anarchists and schemers. I myself am a schemer but I would not try and pretend that I am a leader. So imagine the corruption that we are about to walk into. I cannot live on such a planet. Do you want to just sit around and wait for captain Cromwell to dispose of us? I'd rather die trying to take the fortress in the name of justice rather then spend the rest of my days on the world of Kraleth." 

Lucifer's Secret

Lucifer woke up to the sound of bloodshed. the war had begun. With the death of Alexander Cromwell most of the crew of the fortress had turned against Lucifer and his small band of rebels. gun shot fire right outside his bedroom was ringing in his ear. His heart began to beat faster. He hadn't been in a crossfire battle in over five millenniums. because Lucifer had gotten soft over the years. and he had never been embattled with a purpose such as this. he had never taken over a ship himself. oh he had ransacked pirate ships before but he had never been on the ship during the killing. and now Alexander Cromwell's friends were coming for him. they were thirsty for revenge. they wanted to see his head on a spike.    

The Captain

Captain Alexander Cromwell. Not everyone hated him, just the people who knew him. Not even his wife cared all that much for him. Maybe thats why she was banging Victor on the side. Anyway, Captain Cromwell was a pathetic waste of life. 

        And what a short fat man he was. Traveling the galaxy across the stars on his hunk of junk he called a ship. It was more like a clump of metal jolted and bolted together and stickered with the name Fortress. And the name suited her fine because nobody could enter her and nobody ever wanted to enter her. But he had a wonderful history to tell. 
        He was a great descendant of the English revolutionary, Oliver Cromwell. Now not many people in the year 500,020 remembered the history of Earth but Alexander Cromwell was different. The Cromwell's had been keeping a family tree for millenniums. maybe that was why Captain Cromwell had always loved history so much. 
        He had always been fascinated by his family's history. He would sometimes spend hours just reading about what feet his family had made. One man in particular was Thomas Cromwell an English statesman who brought about the English Reformation. He was a proud protestant and that trait had never left the Cromwell family. 
        Alexander had no hate in his heart for Catholics but he had known some family members who were not as tolerant. Even in the year 500,020 religious squabbles had not been left behind. Captain Cromwell's own wife was a catholic and somehow love had prevailed. It was a testament to Alexander Cromwell's good character. He had never expected that life would lead him down a path such as this. But life is tricky that way.

Meet Victor Wilkes

To many men and women alike have let centuries of distrust keep friendships from developing. The children of Earth had always looked at themselves and found faults. 

They had never expected what they were. They were survivors and they were fighters. They never wanted to believe that the principles of Darwin applied to them. So they applied those principles to animals. But a house of cards can only fill so many lies. And eventually the truth caught up with them. A conflict known as World War Three caused utter destruction and the world was left a desolate wasteland. The need for supremacy destroyed them. If they had only given into their true nature maybe they wouldn't have had to go to such extremes. They proved that all creatures in the universe need to stay true to their nature, or face utter destruction in the end. Earth served its purpose and when that purpose wad done the children of Earth spread their seeds across the universe. Because of course the survival instinct never shuts down. Not even when extinction stares you in the face. So the children of Earth were forced to rebuild from scratch. Sadly the children of Earth never found a world quite like Earth. But as survivors they found their way.            

 Counter Attack 

Victor Wilkes the fearless assassin approached...

...his few remaining friends on the ship. "Get your guns ready were gonna have to move with speed and stealth if we want to succeed at taking the main control room"
         Victor knew that this was going to give them a fighting chance, but he also knew the electric burn out from the entire ship would com-bust the fuel box that he was about to destroy, causing a massive explosion that would kill any living organism with hundred meters, including himself. The explosion would cause total darkness across the ship. Victor took both hands and pulled the massive silver lever to switch off the electrical cables. 
          Vitcor smirked and whispered to himself the last two words that would ever leave his lips, "Lights out."   

The Final Battle

Lucifer couldn't help but go into a state of panic, "Where the hell did the lights go?!?"

          "I'm ready to die, but the question is are you?" Sam Johnson said.
 "Do you really think you can stop me." Lucifer replied, staring Sam down with his stone cold voice. Its like he's not even afraid, Lucifer thought.
         "I never thought it would come to this." Sam whispered, but not quiet enough.
 Lucifer sharply replied, "You always knew great men like us could never be friends." 
Sam was disgusted that Lucifer would even refer to himself in that way, "I've met many great men in my life, you are not among them." 
         Then it was done with these last words Sam had no more to say to this man, if he even deserved to be called a man. 
        Sam pulled the trigger to end the life of the man who had slain his captain. With one final explosion Sam Johnson was no more and Lucifer along with him. Sam Johnson had not come to this meeting unprepared. He had taken the last of Victor's explosives with him and strapped them to his back. Lucifer had never suspected a thing. The battle for Captain Cromwell's ship was over. 
        Cromwell was a man who's words would live across the generations and never in all the millenniums would he ever truly turn to ash for the history books keep his soul alive in every heart that wishes to taste adventure and see the stars the way Alexander had seen them. Captain Alexander Cromwell once said, "Do you want to know why I do not fear the end? It it because in my life I've always been searching for my place in the universe. And after all the beauty the cosmos have shown me, I...Alexander Cromwell...have truly known what it means to live."

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Can I?

Can I live my life like some scripted act?
Can I stick happiness on my face, and call it a fact?

Can I remove these riveting emotions from my rapidly beating chest?
Can I prove that lost love has been put to rest?

Can I ask the heavens if this pain that I feel is what life's really all about?
Can I get an honest answer, beyond the shadow of a doubt? 

Can I claim agony never happened?
Can I simply just pretend?

Shy Hearts Never Win

 There’s no simplicity in my infatuated fixation
It’s just a simple hesitation

That keeps my heart a laceration
Awaiting a moment of confrontation

Till that fateful day you’re my everlasting fascination
My life’s humble sensation

Melancholy in my lonely permidition
Anticipating change from this timid condition

My Sweet Perfection

Fluttering hearts skip a beat.
As we finally meet.

Through all the times we’ve bonded.
Your what I’ve always wanted.

I love your smooth vanilla skin.
And the way you’re so good with my kin.

I know it’s only a Monday.
But I’m going to enjoy you, my sweet chocolate sundae. 

Love, Love and Love

Isn’t it awesome?
That even teen love can blossom.

And as we do our red rose dance.
I’ll cherish every moment of our youthful romance.

And though our time on this Earth may be young.
Doesn’t mean our love won’t burns ten times hotter than the sun.

Would the heavens up above find it so sublime?
If I told the story of our love, in rhyme.

And every time I lay my eyes on you.
You pierce my heart, through and through. 

A Hundred Years

A hundred nights pass like a hundred years. 
Consumed by too many heartbroken tears.

Has it been a century since you said it was over?
Or has this love lost penitentiary stolen my composure.

In sincerity I admit you were my happiness resurrection.
My life’s only perfection.

And yet somehow fate wouldn’t have us.
Too bad you got hit by a bus.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Die by the Sword

Love is for the angels
Pride is for the kings
But I'm just trying to play the game
And make it out alive
It’s a maze of liars
And cheats around ever corner
Everyone is a back stabber
Friends be slowing you down
Trust only yourself
Or die by the sword
You think you know yourself
But we all live in the darkness
And we all monsters
You cant hide from your demons
You think the Boogey Man is scary
Well I'm Freddy Krueger
Who told you that you had promise
Who You told you that you were special
Get off your high horse
Or be destroyed in the flames
Cruelty never leaves my lips
This is just the wat we all have to play the game

Why do the Bullets Blaze?

It’s not a ferocious ferocity.
Just simple curiosity.

Explain to me why the bullets blaze.
Lost in this toxic haze.
No contingency in this infinite maze.

In your complexity I am a stranger.
All I see is the path that leads to danger.

Is harmony just wishful thinking.
Is peace a ship rapidly sinking.

Absently walking in the nothing that is our genocide.
Washing ourselves in the bloody red ocean tide.

It’s a sad circumstance.
Never to give peace a chance.

A New Spring Season

Now the days seem bright,
In this new paradise light,
They call the spring season,
So magnificently pleasing,
Now spring is back in full form,
Lovely colors of the new gardens on new grounds,
So fond of the return of morning sunlight,
Where as cold January gave me an over forgiving eight am frostbite,
Ten thousand dandy lions arise,
The most beautiful grandest prize,
Thousands of falling leaves,
Colorfully majestic,
Graceful in the gustful wind,
How long the spring months progress,
It was March and now it's May,
The new season starts today,
What we'll see again,
It'll just depend. 

Philosophers of Prosperity

Malcolm X once said that we must always live separate.
Because we never live equal.

Because in a world of distrust. 
The white man will never be just.

And every word that he, spews from his serpentine lips, is a word he lied to us. 
And ever absurdly, takes us further from thee truth, is another right he denied to us. 

We can never live side by side.
As brothers and sisters. 
So now I ask this question to you. 
Do you believe his philosophies true?

Have the decades since proved him wrong?
Is the 21st Century singing a new song?

Can mortal men change their chord?
Because my feet can't carry me far enough Lord.
And this soul can't stay bound to this mortal world Lord.

And the cold unforgiving hatred in this world is all I've ever known.
Constantly living with sins we can never atone. 

And the people of this mortal decoil have called me a Mick, Lord.
And they've called me a Spic, Lord.

But what they don't know Lord i
s that the blood that runs in these veins is so much more than just black or white.

It's red, white and blue.
It's as green as the prairies and pastures made out of you.

Though some with not as much faith in your creations. 
Would have us believe.

That humanity.
It's made out of insanity.
That comes out of genocidal vanity.

And I remember the Great Memphis Pastor. 

And his great words of wisdom.

As he preached about the freedom that would rain from the hill tops of Georgia. 
Washing away the injustice the world bore yah.  

I listened to his speech.
 And the future he sought to reach. 

I see it in this world today. 
And maybe were not so utterly gray. 

And I was thinkin about. 
How he was quotin Lincoln no doubt.

As he spoke of the fore score and seven years ago.
 Singing sweet land of liberty. 
America, Tis of thee. 

Because no matter what lies remain in society. 
Man comes in a thousand shapes and varieties. 

You can say it's the texture that lays upon our skin. 
But it's not the culprit of our sin. 

You can say it a thousand times. 
But it's not the colors that commit our crimes. 

The Pastor talked about a great American. 
Who simply tried to act a Good Samaritan.

Signing the Emancipation Proclamation. 

And without hesitation.

The world put two bullets in their heads.
                                   And they were laid down to rest in their coffin beds.                                                              
Just like Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X and two of the Kennedy's. 
The world paid them back for their peaceful obscenities.
Setting flames to their ideological serenity's.

So answer let me ask you now, Lord.  
Is my soul sinful and sorrowful and bound for hell?
Because sometimes I feel like you and I are just strangers who just happen to know each other very well.

Is this my fateful destiny that is to be unfurled?
The deepest darkest depths of your dark angel’s underworld.

But Lord I hope that even in the flaws of humanity.
You look past our vanity.
And our constant insanity.

Past the blood stain of Russian Marxism.
Past our racism.
And the corrupt system.

Past our war.
And the Vietnam boys we sent off to do LBJ’s tour.

Please forgive our politically incorrect politicians.
And even our desert storm missions.

Because I don't know if we'll every stop sinning?
And realize that war isn't winning.

Because what we currently consider to be victory.
Its truly sick to me.

It’s time to find our unity.
I have a rhyme in mind for impunity.
To give our sinners their immunity.

Do the heavens cry crocodile tears to appear right?
Or do they truly want us to unite?
Did you make us like this on purpose?

Flawed and inflamed.
The pacifists waiting off to the side, ashamed.

There are so many roads of possibility of yet explored.
Cause I see a day when we can be better Lord. 

The centuries are changing us.
Remedies for the hatred and disgust.
Turning old conflicts to dust. 

As bombs burst turning the world to vapor.

This pen will forever fix to paper. 

Cause I'm spreading  the gospel of peace, sire. 
Heading towards the race war's ceasefire.

Because one day we may finally see. 

The end to this infinite fallacy.

The long awaited day when the bullets are a relic.
Do the war torn not cry for a day so angelic?
 A day when we can speak of great history.
And look back on our glorious legacy.

And with honest sincerity. 
I title this poem, philosophers of prosperity.

Because the generations remember the names  
Lincoln and they remember Doctor King.  

For as history as shone. 
Their names are carved in stone. 

Even after they've turned from ash and bone.
Their legacy will forever sit upon it's holy throne. 

And though the assassin's bullet stole these philosophers from us while their song was young. 
Their legacy will remain an empire of the sun. 

And just like us, the children of our children will sing your songs too.
And forever they'll remember you.   

And as long as there are teachers to teach. 
And preachers to preach. 

Poets to poeticize.
And romantics to romanticize. 

The words of great individuals will never go unheard.
And their message will never die. 

Because as history would have it their legacy was meant to last. 
And nobody will forget the philosophers of the past.