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Saturday, July 27, 2013


On my knees I prayed for Cupid
And for a while he left me in my bliss
Now I look in the mirror and my eyes bleed
A pool of tears and my heart seethes. 
Love is unforgiving, absent the subtle touch of desire. 
And the beat of my heart is set to fire.
Yet every time I try to live in infatuation's perpetuated perfection. 
Never does happiness become the humble word of mention. 
So I end up melancholy's recurring patient. 
The strings of my soul, handcuffed to the hazards of damnation. 
An eternity intertwined, tethered romance.
A fate of simple presentation that emerges itself as if to be a silent orchestra. 
On a road unfound. 
Drumming forever on it's bittersweet sound. 
Reminding me of what used to be. 
And I can't seem to find the one that replaces your memory. 
What is lost to the broken of once great empire, 
Lays a ruined mass of a truthful liar. 
Feeding my soul the secrets of your past. 
Now stands an ancient hourglass. 
Bringing us closer, was I fool to think that love could ever last?
The legacy of love's lies, because your memory never dies.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Perfect Storm

I feel like an alien.
Shady an, Fadin an.
I'm a perfect storm. 
I'm God in perfect form. 
Lost and heart broken. 
Love an absent token. 
Falling into a state of dissension.
It feels as if someone has died. 
And for that death I cried. 
Now love is gone, and love is lost. 
Why so sad, it was worth a toss.   

Planet of Two

A fragile object the heart can be
Though we follow it faithfully. 
The body can find stimulation more gratifying for the physical. 
Emotions can take you like a fervor in the night. 
Serenity catches flame and blazed goes the world.
Billions of voices become silent.
Like a calming ocean current.
All at once it becomes a planet of two.
Though it seemed an impossibility perfection becomes tangible. 
Securing what you have becomes priority.
All else falls to the floor and a future to be is all I see.
And the only that escapes my lips is...lovely.

I'm Straight Up G

I'm the man known for going click clack. 
I'm back. 
Guns on the rack. 
Popular as a Big Mac. 
Supreme-er Shack. 
It's a fact.  

Down with the System

And its the aristocratic, systemic, diplomatic, 
theocratic, democratic, bureaucratic politicians
To wash the dishes 
Catch the fishes 
Now were left with nothing but climatic, dramatic 
Instigated aggression 
To fight the oppression
Of the rising tensions

Past Transgressions

This isn't something you can bake. 
This isn't just a simple cake. 
If your heart holds hate. 
Then just walk through this gate. 
You'll forget your past transgressions. 

Dark Paradise

What is this hell I'm living in?
I've lived a life absent sin. 
I once knew tranquility. 
Now I see it's all in vanity. 
Do I deserve all the fire that's been spit upon me. 
If this is a cruel lesson, it's not one I can see.
Lost in a world of nothing. 
Constantly searching to make my life worth something. 

Like A Streaming River

Life is like a streaming river
Calm and still, subtle in small doses.
Raging and rampant, fast paced in nature. 
Seeing all in it's path. 
Watching as the world turns. 
Armed with the power to put out fires. 
The streaming river holds history's secrets. 
It is eternal, everlasting, just like life. 

Wash Away the Failures

When I look back at the sands of time. 
Riveting and raving emotions to be told in rhyme. 
I try to look back at the sublime. 
I don't want to have any regrets. 
Or owe the hourglass any debts.  
Life should be fulfilling. 
And not something terrifyingly chilling. 
I shouldn't be sad about that one girl I never asked to Prom. 
Or that party I never went to. 
And what colleges I never got into. 
And the pain I would ensue. 
The feeling I never knew. 
As time passes by. 
There's an understanding that I. 
Have justification to know the lie. 
New experiences. 
To wash away the failures. 
Oh how they pile up. 
And haunt me. 
And why not just live in the now. 
Instead of finding old grass to plow. 
Because we can never rekindle the fire of forgotten flames.
Were just prisoners to the past. 
Of the times that will never last. 
Of the memories that boggle our brains.
That keep us going insane. Crashing down on us like red rain. 
And so can we really ever learn from yesterday's transgressions. 
If were still living like were oh so innocent. 
Why do I feel oh so guilty?  

So much to Explore

I'm still young to this world. 
And there's much to explore. 
I haven't yet met everyone i'm going to meet. 
There are unsung journeys waiting across the river. 
And I have to do. 
Is find a way to get there. 
To live my next adventure. 
And see what has not been seen. 
Memories to look fondly back upon. 
On a road with no regrets. 
Because the bridge is so perfectly still. 
Awaiting my ungentle foot. 
And I promise, I won't be quiet. 

A Rhyme so Sublime

Attraction captured in Rhyme
In a Bliss oh so Sublime
It was a kiss that will last a lifetime
Can our lust have resurrection
We must rekindle our affection 

A Day so Jolly

America, oh so melancholy 
Show me a day so jolly
when the bullets stop blazing
And the tolls stop raising
Wouldn't that be so amazing 

I Hate This

Damn God's all up in my business 
I fucking hate this 
Slit my wrists
Suicide tisk tisk 
Lost in the hellish cat mist 

Melancholy Old Cat Lady

Decaying, dying, old bones.
Look as the old lady groans. 
She is so happiless. 
And oh so penniless.
But God's grace she isn't cat-less.

The Pages of History

Oceans down like empires. 
Burning like fires though the pages of history. 
like a hummingbirds soft song. 
Playing tunes of the titan's tyranny. 
Without love or lust to the fluttering hearts. 
Nothing is nothing without his soul.
Lost like a night without the moon.  

Chilling Out

Pish Posh
Daniel Tosh
Working at the Car Wash
Having Fun
Shoot a Gun
Blinded by the Blazing Sun
Kissed by the Gold of Sunrise. 

Memories of the Past

I thought I left my ill-gotten memories in the past. 
And till I reach the breath that is my last. 
And yet they still haunt me daily. 
All the mistakes I made. 
I hope in time they'll someday fade. 
I wish I could redo so many things. 
But sadly I'm not some God among Kings.
Filled with infinite regret. 
How much you wanna bet?
And if I could do it all again. 
I would. 
But sometimes I feel like I'm lost in the hood. 
I would do it in a heart beat. 
Just so that once more I could hold her in my arms. 
Hoping that this time things would be different. 
And in this rhyme you'll know how much you meant. 
And love could somehow rebuild itself. 
And love would not left be lying above on a humble shelf. 
Rekindle a fire. 
Or am I left a bashful liar?
And then I could have my happiness returned to me. 
And yet in this life its something that cannot be.   

Vietnam Boys

Are we just like the Vietnam Era. 
Sending boys off to a man's war. 
Are we just living in a 1960's nightmare. 
Like an LBJ Administration. 

Falling Economy

America, what has happened to you? Your bright face has gone blue. And I know it’s wrong to. Give up hope on you.

You stand in the slums of a staggering economy. And I've fallen to my own autonomy.

A rippling recession rampaging through this great land of ours. And no matter how long I look up at the stars. I can’t retract these scars.

I oh so wish that I had something profound to proclaim. And the American dream used to be about the sound of fame.

But I’m tired. And my country’s politics have been rewired. After everything has been that’s transpired.

America is tired. And our people are uninspired. And the president might as well be fired.

The people are oh so tired. And were living in a land that used to be admired. And now unity is no longer even required.

And when the President and Congress just can’t seem to get along. And they just here playing the same overplayed song.

When will the country be united again? And national turmoil is an absent pain. And corruption is forever forgotten from the chief’s reign.

Can Democrats and Republicans work towards the common good. Or will the elected officials do what they should.

Or is that too much to ask. With all these politicians and their deceiving mask.

Are we going to fall to our personal conflicts. Are we going to stall behind our wall of bricks. Can we agree on whats mine is yours and yours is mine. And finally put aside party lines.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Maybe I'm a Poet

I haven't seen the world yet. 
I'm still trying to figure out where I'm going. 
Where my life is headed. 
I like writing rhymes. 
Maybe I'm a poet. 
Are my words going to shake the history books. 
Will my legacy remain. 
Long after I'm dead. 
When the sands of my hourglass run out. 
And waves of my oceans have run dry. 
When the darkness has consumed me. 
Will the future poets sing of me. 
Remember who I was. 
We are yearn to be somebody. 
Can I be destined for greatness. 
I can dream can't I. 
And maybe I'm sing feet under. 
I'll hear them shouting my name. 
Through generation to generation. 

Star in the Night Sky

Part 1
Brandon sighed and looked out his window. A desperate man of only 29 years of age and he was a need Brandon let out another sigh and let his head fall into his pillow. If only for a second he could let go of everything he was feeling. If only for a second he could dream a little dream. "Maybe you should take a break from women for a while," said the star in the sky. "Just because me and Denise didn't work out doesn't mean that i have to get out of the dating game altogether," Brandon replied in anger. He had become addicted to relationships. "You need to focus on yourself for a while. Find yourself. Find out what you want," said the star. The star had a good point. "I'm completely fine. There's nothing wrong with me," Brandon said stubbornly. The star knew this was a lie. A lie that was only meant to hide the pain Brandon was feeling. The star seemed to know Brandon better then he knew himself. Maybe it was just the fact that Brandon didn't want to admit that he was hurting. He had been thinking about proposing to Denise before she broke up with him. The star spoke up his mind, "If you’re fine then why do I see you lye awake every night? You were never an insomniac before Denise." Brandon wanted to run away from this conversation. He wanted all these rancid feelings inside him to go away. He wanted to stop thinking about her. But he couldn't and he ended up talking to anyone who would listen and he wondered why. Why would this random star be willing to talk to him on all these separate occasions? The star had never shared his story. Never talked about itself. Brandon was curious. "What is your name my friend?" Brandon Said. "My name is Odis," the star replied with glee. "Odis, that's a very nice name. How come I never knew this before?" Brandon asked. Odis had wondered this himself.  But he knew that it was because Brandon had a lot on his mind and Odis was a good listener. Odis replied with a simplistic but truthful answer that would spare Brandon's feelings, "You never asked."
Part 2                                                                            
“Hello again Odis,” Brandon felt like it had been a while since they had spoken. Yet it had been no more than a week. Odis was happy to see Brandon. He had grown to like this man. He protectively watched him sleep every night and he saw himself as Brandon’s caretaker. “It’s been a while Brandon,” Odis replied. “I know. It feels like I haven’t talked to you in forever Odis,” Brandon never worried about sounding to desperate in front of Odis. He knew that Odis understood. “So tell me Brandon, what’s bothering you this time?” Odis knew that’s what Brandon really wanted to talk about and he knew that Brandon was trying to have some sense of courtesy. Brandon stopped trying to hold it all in. He had a lot on his mind and he knew that Odis would listen. “Everything I do reminds me of her. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. I can’t dream or even wake up in the morning without thinking about her.” Brandon was tearing up as he spoke. “What am I supposed to do Odis? Life was so good with her. I was happy. Now I don’t even feel like getting out of bed in the morning. Is life even worth living if you’re not happy,” Brandon said. He was worse off than Odis originally thought. The man had given up on life altogether. But Odis had hope that he could pull Brandon out of his depression. After many months Brandon had a chance to finally vent on someone. He got all the emotions out that he felt he needed to express. But then, after so many frequent visits, Brandon and Odis didn't speak for a while.
Part 3
“Hello Brandon,” Odis said, attempting to grab Brandon’s attention. “Oh hello there, star.” Brandon replied, as he wondered how this random star in the sky knew his name. “Have you forgotten me Brandon?” Odis said, heartbroken. “I don’t believe we've met.” Brandon said, perplexed. “You always come here to talk about Denise,” Odis replied. Brandon wanted to leave this conversation. How did the star know so much about him? But for some reason he felt comfortable talking to the star. “I got over Denise a while back. I just decided that I have to live for me and nobody else. I have to stop trying to make other people happy.” Brandon said. So now Odis knew. Brandon had forgotten all his pain and suffering. Hearing Brandon quote his words and to not even know that he was doing it. It hurt Odis to realize that his friend didn't remember him. But maybe they could rekindle their relationship and start a knew  But then Brandon said something that peculiar, “You know you kinda remind me of her. She was always very social. You know, life of the party. She loved introducing herself to new people. She sometimes even started up random conversations with strangers. But that’s Denise for you.” The star began to correct him, “But I’m not a stranger Brandon. I’m your friend Odis….I….” But then Brandon interrupted. “You know. I haven’t thought about Denise is so long. God I miss her.”  Odis didn't know what to do. It had been so long since Brandon had been happy. But now Brandon was telling him that he reminded Brandon of Denise. Odis then came to a decision that he knew he would regret for the rest of eternity. “Go on your way Brandon. I didn't mean to bother you,” said the star. “You look so sad my friend. Is there something I did to offend you?” Brandon asked curiously. “No Brandon, it’s just…..I had a friend. But he’s gone now.” Brandon was so confused where all this was coming from. It seemed as if the star was talking about him. But he truly didn't know how to help this star. He had never seen him before in his life. But at the same time, Brandon was intrigued. He wanted to understand what was going through the star’s mind. “Why don’t you try to find him? You are a star. You have all the time in the universe.” The star smiled and tried to hide his tears. “Brandon you see, this friend. He doesn't need me anymore,” the star said. Brandon questioned the star’s words once again. “But it looks like you need him,” Brandon said. “This is all I can say. Sometimes you let people go out of your life because you know what’s best for them.” Tears were appearing in Brandon’s eyes. These words rung true in Brandon’s ears. “Sometimes you let people go because you know that’s what best for them,” said the star. One thing came to mind for Brandon. “Denise,” Brandon whispered to himself. His head was lowered as he spoke his former loves name. He turned up to confirm his understanding of the star’s words, “Yes. I think out of all the people of this Earth I hear you better than anyone.” 

Day of Fire

He was one of those people who you never thought would leave behind a legacy. He was just going to be a nobody who faded away with the sands of time. But he didn't and greatness fell upon him whether he liked it or not. Sometimes we can choose to be the forgers of our own destinies, but sometimes the universe has a road set forth that not even we can comprehend. Therefore we will always live with the question, do we have fate or free will? Well I like to think that its not fate versus free will. That things don't have to be that black and white. Its fate and free will. But enough with the metaphors and lets be done with the philosophical talk that always gets in the way of a good story. Ethan came to his dull office every morning. With his dull cup of coffee in his hand every morning. So that he could sit down for eight dull hours doing whatever it was that dull blue collar workers did. He had no eagerness to please anybody or go out of his way to strive for perfection. His boss treated him like the Invisible Man. The truth was his co-workers never meant to exclude him from their social circles but when Ethan came to work he seemed to leave the personality at his apartment. So it made an impression on people. They though he didn't want to be bothered. Haven't we all accidentally does this at one time of another? Even if were not trying to be the quiet one. We sometimes end up as the quiet one. Maybe it's because were trying to be better listeners. Maybe its because we have realized that we sometimes talk to much and we suck up all the air in the room when all were trying to do is tell that hilarious story about how we got stuck at the airport in Dallas on a layover. But this time your not going to tell that story. Your going to let someone else be the center of attention. That is a lot how Ethan felt. He had his moments where he was social with friends, is just happened to be that work was not one of these places. So just by chance Ethan got an affair stigma that sticked to him like glue. He could have had a sign on his back that said, “Hi my name is Ethan and I am completely void of a personality.” But it did not matter because soon enough Ethan would bewilder those who passed him in the hallways everyday. Their astonishment would translate into worldwide fame. What truly made it stupefying was that these people who Ethan risked all to save was that out of all the men in all the places of the globe, Ethan in this situation. It wasn't Rambo or Chuck Norris, or even Bruce Lee. It was Ethan Weismer. Funny how life puts you in a box and somehow we always seem to find our way out. Words of inspiration man to heal the soul, yet they ring so true. Ethan and all the rest. They came to work every morning like everybody else. But they soon became the victims of a terrible terrorist attack on Downtown LA, unlike everybody else. They had to face death head on, unlike everybody else. Some gave into their fear and perished in the flames. Others found bravery when they needed it most. Survival puts mankind to the test. Can we stand in the face of danger? Can we become something that we have never been before? Live a life of solitude until that fateful day. When the S on our chest becomes real. Do not expect your life to be dull and meaningless because it never will be. You won't be allowed to just sit on the bench, while everyone else is shooting free throws. Your going to have to shoot a couple yourself. Experience the feeling of shooting a couple and missing. But on this day Ethan didn't miss. He crawled through the debris and into the flames to rescue not one, not two but nine of his co-workers. If only the terrorists could see him Ethan now. What had happened to this man that gave him this strength that he never knew he had? Well he had never been put in such a situation before. So how would we know what Ethan Weismer was capable of if the situation truly called for it. Ethan looked down at the face of a woman who had given up all hope. Could you blame her? She had been trapped under a heap of ceiling tiles for more then 20 minutes now. She had been yelling to anyone who might be able to hear her. But nobody came to her aid. She was screaming a the top of her lungs, “Please can anyone help me. Is there anyone there. Please I need help. Somebody please.” Her voice was struck with fear. She was trembling with anxiety. Just all seven billion of us, this woman feared death like a phobia, and you could hear the desperation in her voice. Please can anyone help me. She didn't need spider-man or batman to come to her rescue. She wasn't looking for her knight in shining armor. Her words were nothing of the sort. Please can anyone help me. Anyone. It didn't have to be Charlie from accounting or Veronica the receptionist. She wasn't looking for a familiar face. But it turned out to be a familiar face. Ethan had finally arrived. Like a knight in shining armor. He had been in a meeting when the bomb went off. When all hell broke loose. When the terrorists hatched their evil plot. When chaos ensued and everything turned to anarchy. Just from the meeting alone Ethan saved four people. With a meeting filled with over twenty people, over four had survived. The door on the wall had its locks blown out Therefore these last four people were trapped in this small room with nowhere to go. There was no way to remove the door. It was securing everyone inside the, what used to be a very productive place to brainstorm new ideas for the company. So Ethan had to break the hinges on the other side of the door. So they were freed. Along through the hallway Ethan helped two more people who had been knocked out cold by debris. They didn't even know what had happened. But Ethan explained and they hugged him and thanked him and told him that he had just literally saved their lives. Ethan smiled told them to go help other people who might be in the same situation that you were in. So not only was this man a superhero, he was inspiring other young superheroes as well. No body ever aspired to be like Ethan Weismer. But after the disaster struck everyone in America wanted to be Ethan Weismer. A total of nine people said that they saw Ethan's helping hand when they were trying to escape the building. But only a total of 98 people made it out of the building and there were only seven surviving people from the top three floors where Ethan worked. The fire department was not able to get to them for a while because of the rising flames that were consuming the stairwells and the elevator shafts. So how did Ethan save nine people? When all in all he could have only saved seven. Well my theory is that some people were so inspired by Ethan's story that they fibbed a little. Just to add more people to Ethan's list. But will we truly ever know? It would be extremely difficult to track down all those people now. Since the majority of them don't even work for the same company anymore. They have moved on just like many of us have. But even though we move on we will never forget Ethan Weismer. His legacy will be remembered. His story will remain in the sands of time. Typhoons in the blue waters of the Pacific will cry out his name. The Red Seas shall part and light shall forever fall, when all we see is darkness.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Goodbye Terence

           As the evening moonlight danced across their faces, Tom and Melinda because more then just co-workers, they became lovers and the silent forest in which their bodies, echoed their names as passion whispered from their lips.  
           The next day morning rose and they awoke to the gentle sound of blue jays chirping and the sun rise crowning. Their weekend getaway had come to an end and reality once more came crashing down like a thousand shattering mirrors as Melinda nudged Tom to remind him that what they had, what they had shared, would not last, “Tom,” Melinda spoke, “My husband must never know of this.”
          As they laid together in their tent he tried to kiss her, but she moved away from it. He gave a disgruntled sigh as he stared at her with that look in his eye, that only made this harder. He was young, so young , compared to her. I’m a 47 year old woman, Melinda thought, and I’m with a 25 year old. This can never work. Why did I think this could ever work?
          “I love you,” Tom professed, “And I don’t care what anyone else says. Were meant for each other. He put a hand on her cheek and this time she didn’t reject him when he attempted to kiss her. As their lips locked he moved his hand down her thigh, but she stopped him. “Tom,” she seethed, “We can’t keep doing this.”
           She grabbed her clothes and stood up. “I’m leaving” she hotheadedly exclaimed.  “What did I do?” he asked.  “I’m married Tom. And that means something to some people,” Melinda reputed as she proceeded to march out of the tent, heading towards her red VW Tiguan, parked beside Tom's white Nissan Altima. Tom cried out to her, "He doesn't love you Melinda. He doesn't even look at you when you come home. That's what you told me. But I see you Melinda. I see you."
          She had no words for him.  She turned the key and as the engine roared he ran towards her car. But by the time he made it to her, she was off. Leaving dust clouds behind for him to choke on.
         Melinda adjusted her rear view mirror to get one last look at him. His big melancholy puppy dog faced ocean blue eyes were too much for her to handle, she turned her sights to the road and drove off, back to the safety of her simple married life that she was familiar with.
         The club was obnoxiously uproarious. It was ladies night on a Friday. Not the place Tom wanted to be right now. He turned to his friend Jim, who worked at the Law Firm with him. He was the culprit who had dragged him to this abhorrent festival of intoxicated single women who were so eagerly willing to throw themselves upon the first cute guy they saw. 
         With Tom’s youthful Saturday Night Fever John Travolta style looks, he was getting a lot of undesired female attention. A short skirt redhead from across bar approached him., “Hey handsome, wanna dance?” she asked. 
         Tom shook his head, “I’m sorry hun. Not tonight.” Jim interjected, “He’d love too.” The redhead smiled, “Great!” she exclaimed delighted. Tom followed her to the middle of the dance floor as she tugged on his hand. “I’m Samantha. What’s your name?” she asked. “My names Steve,” he replied. 
              As some random Rihanna tune boomed from the speakers, Samantha drew close to Tom and began to move her lips, pressing her body up against Tom’s. Her hair smelled like peaches,  Tom thought to himself. Samantha moved his hands and wrapped them around her waist. 
              As the night grew late and Tom made more and more to the bar, trying to drink away his heartache. Melinda was all that consumed his thoughts and he couldn’t bear the thought of never seeing her again. When he looked at Samantha, all he could see was Melinda’s face. 
              “I’m gonna go,” Tom shouted over the blasting music. But as he started to walk back towards the bar in an attempt to find Jim, Samantha came up and grabbed his arm. “Why don’t you take a cab back to my place,” Samantha enticed. Tom was quickly losing his patience, but he tried to be polite, “No I’m sorry Samantha. I really can’t. Not tonight.”
             “Come on the nights not over yet,” she persisted. Whether it was alcohol speaking or just plain Tom, it didn’t matter. Tom had, had enough of this girl. “Listen Samantha you seem great. But I only did this because my friend Jim forced me to and I didn’t want to seem like a prick.” 
              Samantha fumed, “Well it’s a little to late for that.” She grabbed her martini glass from the table and chucked its liquid remains in Tom’s face. “Okay I understand. I understand,” Tom digressed. “You’re an immature petulant little brat who’s always gotten her way. So when someone like me says no to you, you explode into some cataclysmic disaster.” 
            “Go to hell Steve,” and with that, she stormed off. “My names not even Steve!” He yelled to her, still hoping to get the last word in. Just as she left, Jim walked over with a tall Persian blonde on his shoulder. The puzzlement drawn over his face spoke for him. Tom knew that look. It was the same look he got when he had first told Jim about him and Melinda. 
          “I’m going through a lot right now man. I told you I needed to talk to you,” Tom raved. Jim turned to the Persian girl, “Hey hun wait for me in the parking lot. I’ll be there in a sec.”
         With his lady friend gone, Jim turned his attention towards Tom. “Is this about her?” Jim asked. “Melinda and me are done Jim,” Tom sulked. “You guys have been through so many ups and downs. It’s just another rift in the road man,” Jim reasoned. “No this time its for real. She hasn’t returned any of my phone calls. I think she’s serious this time.” Tom sorrowfully explained. 
          “Is it really that bad?” Jim asked. “Yes,” Tom confessed. Jim put a hand on his best friend’s shoulder, “You know I love you man. And I’d do anything for you brother. So let’s do this.” Tom looked perplexed, “Do what?” Jim smiled, “Let’s go to her house man. You gotta tell her how you feel,” Jim explained, “You gotta tell her how much this relationship means to you.”
          Tom rose an eyebrow. “Now?” He asked, “What about the girl in the parking lot?” Jim shrugged, “I’ll call her a cab.” Tom’s face lit up. He put a hand on Jim’s shoulder, “Now don’t say you never did nothing for me.” Jim laughed, “Isn’t that supposed to be my line?”
           As they pulled up in front of Melinda’s house, Tom began to feel the pressure. His palms were sweaty and his head felt light. This was the woman of my dreams, he told himself. I have to do this. I can’t let this kind of love slip away.
          The two men followed the stone walkway that laid buried deep within hedges of tall green bushes. Tom hadn’t been here since the first time he’d met Melinda. Back when he had just started working for the Firm two years ago.
         Terence, Melinda’s husband, owned the Firm and he taken Tom under his wing. Seeing potential in the young ambitious college grad. On one fine Saturday afternoon Tom had stopped by Terence’s place to pick up some case files. But Terence wasn’t home. Instead, Melinda answered the door. 
         She offered to help him look for the files. It started with casual conversation but they ended up talking for hours. From then on they became close friends. But as Terence became more and more distant, Melinda and Tom grew closer and the fine line between friend and lover became construed. 
        Now Tom stood in perpetuated fear. Jim saw his friend’s hesitation and decided to take on the endeavor of the ringing the door bell, seeing that Tom needed a little help confronting his soul mate. Terence answered the door, “Hello gentlemen. What can I do for you?”
       “Terence were really sorry to bother you this late at night. But can we can speak to Melinda?” Jim asked. “Why didn’t you just call her?” Terence asked back. He was oblivious to it all, he always knew that Melinda and Tom were close friends but he never suspected anything more. “Is she home right now?” Tom asked. “No, actually she went out. I think she said she was going to the Grocery Store,” Terence informed them, “You can come inside and wait for her if you like.”
       Terence walked them to the kitchen. He opened the fridge and handed them a couple of beers. But then he noticed something strange. He walked over to the marble counter top.  It was Melinda’s cell phone. “That’s weird. She left this behind,” Terence said puzzled. He opened the phone and played the voice message from her last missed call. He put it on speaker so that Jim and Tom could hear it to. 
       It was Tom’s voice on the phone. “Melinda last weekend was, to put it simply, amazing and after that I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” the voice message said. 
      Terence looked at Tom with a look of sorrow written across his face, “She told me she was visiting her sister up in Arrowhead.” Tom approached Terence, putting a hand on his shoulder., “Man, I didn’t want it to come out like this.” 
       “How would you of wanted it to come out Tom?” Terence asked, his sorrow turned to rage, “Just get out.”
       “Please Terence let me explain,” Tom begged. Terence took Tom’s off of his shoulder. Tom tried to put his hand back, “Terence please.” Terence threw Tom against the wall. The sound of shattering glass echoed threw through the hollow walls as tom’s beer fell from his hand. 
       Terence found his composure and spoke his passive tranquility, “I took you under my wing. I taught you the ropes. I saw so much potential in you. So I’ll say it one more time, please get out of my house.”
            With that the night of extremities was over. Jim drove Tom home in awkward silence. Their brilliant idea to go to Melinda’s house, didn’t seem oh so brilliant anymore. As he turned the key to his apartment door he flopped himself on the couch, finding a long awaited slumber. 
          The next morning Tom was woken up by the sound of his cell ringing. It was Melinda. He picked up the phone and before even giving her a chance to say anything he began apologizing, “Melinda I’m so sorry about everything. I just want you to know that 
I.” She interrupted, “Tom stop. I’m pregnant.” He couldn’t believe his ears. 
        “What?” Was the only word his lips could form. “Tom?” She asked. “Yes.” He answered. “When you came to my house last night. I was at the clinic. It’s yours,” she said. He had no response to this. He was at a loss for words. 
         So instead she spoke, “Tom you don’t have to say anything. Just listen. I reason I didn’t want to be with you at first. It was because I was scared. Scared to leave the life I know and I start a whole knew one. But now with this the idea of starting a life with you, stating a life with you, it doesn’t seem so scary anymore. It makes me happy.” 
       There was a pause for a moment. Melinda grew nervous, but her worries were put to rest as Tom found his words, “Melinda, that’s all I ever wanted to hear.”

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Chronicles of a Lone Soldier

       Trying to replace happiness with fun isn't as easy as I thought it would be. How can I have fun when I'm still thinking about her. How can I silence every radio in the world so that one of her songs doesn't come on.
       Why do I hear her voice and not Kesha's. It's Kesha's song yet the only music I am hearing is the reminder that she knows the lyrics to this song.
       The thought of her taking me back makes me happy. But I'm trying to convince myself that's the worst thing that could ever happen to me. Why, I ask myself? Why would that be horrible? Because then the process of getting over her would be put on hold.
        And then she would eventually come back to the same realization that she had before. That she never loved you and she never will. So why is she trying to make this work? But I never asked her to love me for an eternity. I never asked her to love me for an eternity. I never asked her to plan our lives out together and make sure that everything would be perfect. I just asked her to be young with me.
       To have fun with me. To let me hold her in my arms for a brief moment. But apparently I'm so repulsive that she couldn't stand to be with me for a second longer. So I'm lost because I thought we felt the same.
       Though I was wrong. She never saw me the way I saw her. She never saw a life of happiness with me. Haha a life of happiness. So I guess I didn't just want her for a few months. I wanted her for a life time.
        So now I know that all I was doing was lying to myself. I wanted to wake up with her every morning and go home to her every night. So now I come to the realization that I never thought was true because our relationship only lasted for such a short while.
       My pain doesn't come from the fact that she was never going to love me, my pain comes from the fact that I loved her.       

The Legendary Robert Gold

Now it’s me against the world
And I got my fist unfurled
Time for a rhyme
Cause after all of the shit the world’s put on you
And the pit I’ve been forced to climb through
 A little rap battle.
Will put the king back on his saddle.
After a school yard fight I know u the one to taddle
You’re a baby so go back to playing with your raddle
But look at ya faggot ass its got tear-edge
And your ugly ass ain't ever gonna be ready for marriage
You'll be a loser for the rest of your days
I bet that you don’t ever blaze
Do you even know that phrase
I can spin circles around you in so many ways
I like that that you got courage
But this game is for people of a different age
While im a prince, a warlock and a mage
You’re a goblin, a trole and an old sage
Maybe you didn’t read up on my page
But Robert Gold
Oh he is so bold
He’s got an ego
But you ain’t good enough to kiss his elbow
Hell no
You though he may consider me a foe
But I know there is a place deep down below
That wants to say bravo
But this is a rap
And I'm not gonna go take a nap
While my honor gets a cold hard slap
When this song is done you better lick my bootstrap
Cause I aint fucking around you little sap
I aint gonna draw you a map
You've entered the firetrap
And while your gums go flap
There’s no way out
Your hole is dug
Don’t you feel so smug
There’s no rope to tug
And no suicide poison to chug
Why don’t you watch yourself before you self destruct
I would definitely instruct
You quit the rap game
And learn to be tame
Before you go seeking fame
That is something all can see
While my concerts will be charging quite a fee
You'll be in the crowd watching me
Wishing you could be Robert Gold
But there are only a few that I mold
And my secrets are not often told
Cause you'll always be a rookie
But consider your self lucky
You only got a little ass kicking
And as you can see the clock is ticking
So I'm out

Fairy Tale World

Every second I am living in my fairy tale world of once upon a time 
And a recall a gorgeous rhyme

For a awfully gorgeous girl 
Who let the Adele giving her waist a whirl
And recall, I had to step in and give her a quick twirl

Hey girl, who might you be?
Because your the only ten I see  

Though it may honestly seem
As if it was some falsified dream

Because I know that your as genuine as the grasshoppers that lurk about the greenest grasses. 
As you walks among the humbled masses.

I know that your as real as my accelerated breath
The one that would get into meth

Every time you look at me with those baby blue oceans. 
My heart is pounding at  light speed motions.

If you were my Queen would that make me your King?
Lift spirits to sing of a new autumn spring. 

A Collection of Philosophical Analogies: Personal Quotations

Everyone that feels good, seems to be bad for you. With love, you suffer heart break. With sex, you end up pregnant. With desserts, you end with diabetes. Smoking gives you cancer. And alcohol can ruin your life, and drain your bank account.
-----Robert Gold

You better, milk that shit till the cows tits are bleeding.
-------Robert Gold

Greed is but a word jealous men inflict upon the ambitious.
-------Robert Gold

The Overtold Myth

But ever since she left me.
I haven’t been able to be, all that I can be.
And there’s no road ahead that I can see.
I cannot comprehend why I’m feeling everything I feel.
So is this desperate adventure real?
And I only had eyes for her.
Though at the time my emotions weren’t sure.
And she was the only person I wanted to spend my life with I guess I was just living in my own birth.
A long overtold myth.
Will I ever love like that again?
Or does the God up above want me to be one of those lonely old man?
Maybe it’s not for me to say.
Maybe it’s not a question that I can answer today. 

Significant Slumber

To find sovereignty in the serenity of significant slumber to find your super ceded
I find tranquility in sighting a traitor in the terrible tormenting travesty that is the train tracks of a treacherous time table of fading life.
I am a raging rabbit roaming rapidly through the forest as I make racket, rampantly rambling on about how awesome my realistic razor sharp teeth

The Alien Invasion

        I am a scavenger living in a bombed out shell of what used to be Earth. Now my feet across a wasteland. I walk for miles and miles and my feet don't get tired anymore. I scream out for refugees to show themselves. I am met with silence. Sometimes I perform movie scenes out loud. I do all the roles for all the characters.
        Hearing all the different characters with all their different voices makes me fell like I'm not so alone. Sometimes my loneliness consumes my thoughts so I cry and instead of curing the melancholy I sink farther into my sadness. Oh how the world has changed. We used to be divided by race and culture.
        But now I wish only the best for humanity. When will this desolate world return to  it's former glory. I don't think it ever truly will. But I have hope that someday we may rebuild. I don't know when. But I see brighter future ahead. Someday, someday prosperity will return to us. Not in my life time. 

Fuck the World

now to make fun of the fact that I am patriotic
now that, that's just addiatic
You, you don't even know how to use that dick
You just a sad little prick
And you know what, your a spick
A fucking mean ass tick
A tick that oughta be flicked
I'll fucking give your ass a kick
Bitch, who could never get a chick
To go and suck your dick
I oughta knock out your tooth
Now ain't that the truth
If only your dick were bigger
And you weren't some little bitch ass nigger
Your about as terrible ass winnie the pooh's tigger
Cause anyway you figure
Jail is not gonna make you a martyr
Gonna need something quicker
So although it may be harder
I know the decision is smarter
Kill me before I kill you
One death is better then two
Cause if you die first
I'm taking myself
Before the cops lock me away
And say
You did a bad thing
And now you can sing
About what it was like to be king
Always having the bitches go ring
At the doorbell ding
But now I'm so very tired
Remember this was not the first shot fired
I knew that Eminem is who you admired
So your writing lyrics for him
And spewing them
To make me grimm
Well I'm still standing
And I'm still ranting
And my heart be panting
Cause my soul is in my music
And that was two sick
Better then your rap what a chick flick
So you be the spick
And I be the mick
Irish and mexican
Black and white
Ebony and ivory
It's a race war
And here comes the blood and gore
And look it's bitches galor
Their asking for more
Cause you can call me Hugh Hefner
Player of the year
I got nothing to fear
Your words
Can't hurt me
And your stones can't bruise me
You'll always lose to me
You really don't you see
Haha. Oh damn. Finally 

Weeping Angels

Sullen despair in the transparent forest of weeping angels.
No longer lost in the bliss that is our love.
Forever forgotten in the tethered yarns that make up our disillusion. 
We are bones of a long gone age, picked up to once again to be seen in the sands of the hourglass.
Red roses to be tossed off as if nothing was ever known.
Every rock in the river chiseled down to grains of sand.
Poets sing stories of the fate of love's legacy.
Trembling in the wake of infatuation's toll to take.
A sorrowful end it in a walk to the sea to drown myself.
Beauty none greater then the one I see before me.
Winter falls like thunder in the cold hard night.

All that I Am

For Once
For once I’m not gonna take it slow
For once I’m not gonna count my eggs in a row
I’m here to take a chance
I’m not sitting in silk pants
This is all I am

Patriotic Fervor

This land is my everything. 
The home my heart belongs to. 
I raise my hand to my heart. 
Honoring those who built the soil I sit upon. 
Gazing at a lonely sun.
But we had our super-ceded fun.
And life gave me a good run. 
In struggle weighing twenty a ton. 
So I will never shun. 
The sight of the devil's gun. 
Don't look at me like that Hun. 
Your no nun. 
Now my good morality is done. 
And the heroes are none. 
And Satan's battles are won.
And light is just a silly pun. 
when darkness is all you can see out of the side of a gun. 
with struggles strife is done. 
once more we ee the set of the sun. 
hail is the only one. 
they shy from the angel's pun. 
That good guys finish first.
When its all about blood thirst. 

In a world so cursed. 
I whisper the names of those who fell for my freedom.
Without them there would be nation. 
No country to call America. 
I can't hope for something. 
When all I'm getting is nothing. 
And your opponent keeps bluffing. 
And his wallet keeps stuffing. 
So in anger your huffing. 
And in disposition your puffing.  
Look at america singing. 
Through the thick and the thin.
Were all brothers in this fight. 
and even if the the bigots can't see the light. 
Were still here for another. 
And we'll never leave each other. 
After slavery and servitude.
Whats left for the black dude?

Hatred for my Honey

Cause I'm not asking you to love me.
And I just think its funny.

That you thought that just because you could make me lose my composure. 
You were somehow more mature.

That you thought I was the one being immature.
And you got some sick satisfaction out of watching me lose my composure. 

And the only words left in my throat are, Well fuck you then.
I'm not gonna play this game again and again.

You can go get bent for all I care. 
And I hope your heart does tear. 
The next time you put yourself out there. 

And I have for you one simple fact.
And you know I'll try a million times to get you back.

Months pass.
A from I distance I watch you struggle.

And I watch as you go from man to man.
And I want to tell you that I think there all using you.

And I'm the only one who can really ever make you happy.
And when spite turns to sorrow.

Finally I reach out to you.
And once again a fire is rekindled.

Our love will keep coming back to one another.
And the stars will keep aligning.

And next to Orion the constellations will forever hold us in eternity.
I'd like to see you drinking your own medicine.
A thousand times I failed said Edison.

And that's how I thought
So before you find the man you seek to replace me

So go off be happy.
But at least feel what I felt.
Before you

Cow Goes Moo

The cow went moo.
And the chicken went, screw you
Took you long enough
He said, with a great big puff
You don’t look so tough
I don’t think you’ve ever been in a scruff
I'mma big oinky big pig bitch
And I ain't afraid of yo blade. 
Though this tasty bacon may fade. 

Once Upon a Rhyme

This the story of human creation.
Before the dawn of the American Nation. 

I’m in a tale of once upon a time.
Before the raps, the riddles and the rhyme.

Before the movie pictures, the poetry and the plays.
Before Woodstock rolled their blunts to blaze.

Before David played the harp, in the name of the Lord.

Before Achilles stayed in Troy, and claimed fame with a sword.

Once upon a day.
 Before Industrialization transformed the world to gray.

It is the legacy we chose to sow.
Before Ivory became Ebony's foe.
A long long time ago.

When the Serpent showed his sleeve.
When the Garden of Eden nourished Adam and Eve.

Before Napoleon rose to power.
And burnt down King Louie's tower.

Before Spartacus changed the game.
And claimed Rome's fame.

In the days Cane and Able.
 Before Europe went unstable.

It was inked into permanence with the theological biblical text.
That put popes to rest, and made sinners confess.

Now TMZ tells us when the sun will set.
And CNN will tell us when Charlie Sheen's upset.
In the age of the Internet.

Now the 21st Century shines new light.
As humanity struggles to find what's right.