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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Forgotten Chronicles of Ebenezer Scrooge

Your skin showed itself to be a beautiful, and everyone talked of how they praised your name.
The world painted a passionately pontificated image of everlasting fame.
The dust has blown away my ashes but memories yet remain.
Somehow we die, and were forgotten all the same.
Though I thought they’d sing my stories, and I was thought that my deeds would bleed through the ages.
And my sword would swing across the history pages.
My friends I held so dear.
Shed not even a single tear.
I was under the strange impression that the world cared about me.
I would leave behind a thunderous legacy.
Wouldn’t I be sorely missed?
Would my tombstone be often kissed?
Was my party banter unwanted…was the laughter all a lie?
Without me, don’t the smiles run oh so dry?
Fear not, they say, for death is only the beginning.
But only one mortal act is truly sinning.
That even my son in fact is winning.
It must be the end.
Because now my legacy shall truly descend.
The truest sin…
Is being forgotten by your kin.
Not even my children would whisper my tale.
My last boat has long since sailed.
To be remembered…that wish failed.
No matter how hard I tried.
When I splattered no one ever cried.
But alas, it can never be denied.
I was an asshole in my life.
Gave everyone too much strife.
Now they’re glad the beast is dead.
His comfortable bed,
covered in bloody red.
Isn’t it lovely to say?
That on this particular day.
It stands not oh so gray.
Because my voice is gone, from the atmosphere.
And my footsteps will no longer appear.
On the happiness that everyone could have easily had.
If I’d only been a little less sad.