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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Uncle Sam's Society

Uncle Sam's society is malicious in its efforts to contol the masses.
The Big Man up at DC is being puppet stringed by rich Wall Street asses.
Overwhelming tears of merriment from the eyes of my Mama.
Tell me dears. What's unique about Oval occupant 44, Mr.Obama.
Is he gunna legalize the koosh?
Or are we reading another war-time Bush?
Is the new Prez gunna mirror Brazil?
And give us carrot juice cars?
Are we going to seek out the stars?
And plant our flag on Mars.
Are we going to relive 1968?

And seek out a space exploratory fate.   

Aryan Empire

And then I forgot the world that I once knew.
After the atrocities of 6 million Jews.
Howling whispers of history's victims.
The corrupt system.
Of God's toiling trials.
Swastikas walked a thousand miles.
To put the Rhineland to the gun.

An Aryan Empire of the sun.  

The Kindled Fire

Winter followed me all through the night.
Took my boy, showed him the light.
The kindled fire, laid to rest.
No heartbeat dwelled within his chest.
The reaper said, my son was dead.
The tears bled, and merriment shed.
Clouds of red, rain drops atop my head.

My Drug Venture

All I Remember

I was back there. Back to the alternate dimension. I thought I was in a battle between heaven and high.

Every minute or so my mind would be focused on a new thing. Every second I would focused on one thing. And then I would hyper focus on that one thing. And repeat it in my head. Like sidewalk. Sidewalk. Sidewalk.   

The Poets Words Sing

Across the sun, and the stars.
The poet words sing.
From the Earth, to the Moon.
The poets words sing.
From the asteroids of Mars.
To the rings of Saturn.

The poets words sing.  

Trolls Under the Bridge

Shadows of my soul. 
My demons turn my heart to ash and coal. 
Though I play my clean cut roll. 
Spoon feeding lies from a bowl. 
Under the bridge, awaits a troll. 

The Greatest Suicide Story Ever Told

In her final letter,
she told me life would be better.

She wrote that I had was nothing to offer.
Oh how sweet, but a wonderful author.

Fuck her. So I guess I meant nothing.
Maybe the afterlife could offer that whore something.

She never even said a final goodbye.
Well fuck her, I guess our love was a lie.

Anyways. I danced with glee, what an utter illusion?
My family stared at me, in mesmerized confusion. 

Some friends tried to my console me, in my grief
and told me her depression was the true thief.

Other friends told me I had a right to be angry at that cold hard bitch.
I told them I bought her a life insurance policy, and now I'm rich.

Love is a Lie

Love is a lie.
Were simply born to die.
The satisfaction of the solitude.
Is as gratifying as the search.
For a soulmate thats never there.
Do you think the universe really cares?

You took your life, with your knife,
and stole from me my life.

Rhythms of the Rain

Every song on the radio is about us.
Every cloud in the sky is a God given portrait of us.
Every movie is about us.
Every poem is about us.
Every play is about us.
The faces of our friends.
Their all fun, and we share them.
Their like children, in an untitled wedding vow.
But the blossom beats for no unborn.
The rhythms of the rain, like teardrops from the heavens.
Fall like fire upon a sieging castle.
Hailstones upon harmony.
What orchestra used to play.
Now the conductor is dead.
The trains been stopped on its tracks.

And you just keep telling me to relaxe.   

Serpentine Eyes

The words were written on the wall.
The ink was pressed into the paper.
Shizzled in the stones of eternity.
The times you graced me with your presence.
We danced without music.
And we cried without tears.
Love became a religion but my Bible was crafted by Brutus.
Because like a mirror, my lust glared back at me with serpentine eyes filled with blood.
I threw rocks at your window.
And hollered out your name in the church pews.
But winter graced your melody.
And another took my place.
Where my lips used to be.
Singing sweet whispers in your ear.
It was a song meant for two.

But I was mistaken because I thought they were singing about me and you.  

Passion Turns to Dust

Fuck me in my sleep.
While I was off, counting sheep.
You shit it all away.
And left me with the lies of yesterday.
You tore my heart in two.
Thats not the painting that we drew.
Left me lost in the darkness.
I'm hoping you get parkinsons.
You threw me in the fire.
Passion turned to dust, lust turned to fire.
Turns out I wedded a liar.
I'm just staggered, stiffled and stunted.

But your nothing but a cunt.  

A Sea of Bliss

Love leaves you feeling vulnerable.
When your in it, its all Cloud 9 and a sea of bliss.
But your friends...your family...they see the dark clouds.
They see how she controls you.
How she manipulates you.
You can't see it.
Your too deep in it.
In your vision, she's but a humble flower.
But everything else can see the thorns in your calms
But all you can see is the roses around your neck. 

Blood of my Blood

Dear Andrew,

Blood of my blood.
Through dirt and shit and mud.

Even when I leave you with a bittersweet taste.
You embrace.

I've abused you.
Used you.
And I feared that I'll lose you.

But your unconditional adulation.
Filled with patience.

Is more then I have ever given you.
Often times my love has been aloof.

Born of the same Mother.
I am proud to call, my Brother.

Your Older Bother

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Roast of Mykie Love

1. Watching Mykie try to be funny is more depressing then watching the special olympics.

2. Watching Mykie is more pitiful then the Female basketball League.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

You're So Selfish

Your eyes lay shut but your not sleeping.
If I don't wave my goodbyes, will it go away.
Can you please, just smile for me.
Its not to much to ask.
Just one, one last time.
Why'd you have to go.
Why'd you have to fuck everything up.
You seemed so happy.
So then, answer me.
Why did you leave me?
Your so selfish.
Only thinking of yourself.
Didn't you know that your actions would hurt me?
We've been through so much.
Can we get through this too.
Will you, hold me, one last time.
Oh how I'll miss your sweet embrace.
Don't forget me.
Whenever you are.
I'm on train to nowhere.
I wish you had the ticket next to me.

A Provactive Whisper

When the days are long, and the headaches of hardship have stolen harmony from my grasp.
The tune of your harp is all the placidity I need to find my composure.
To bring the quietude of restfulness into the tranquility of our union.
A humble bed of humble sheets of a reposed nature.
The beckoning of sweet nothings in my ear.
Your whispers are provactive.
And yet even when your tantalizing words bring a sensual chill down the nerves of my naked back.
The amoramous exhiliaration pulsating through the hairs of my skin is gratified gradualty.
Your touch is subtle and slow in style.
But I've learned to love your gentle constiution.


The Subtle Winds

The subtle winds.
Falling like pins.
Rising tides.
Sadness consumes when night turns to day.
A lover's tune will no longer play.
Once I knew who I was.
I used to know sanity.
Now I'm lost in my infinity.
I long to regain my serenity.

When the Stars Align

I saw you.
And you saw me.
Love at first sight.
You know I'm right.
Forget the past.
And who cares about the future.
From March till May.
Time seemed to slow.
Our passionate nights.
No fights.
All we had was lust.
And our bodies never seem to rust.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Ding in my Dong

Oh how I love that genital shit.
Go and make that eleventh finger spit.
And all dem brods with their tentacle tits.
A ding in my dong.
And my head goes blitz.
Back entrance on shoddy.
Hope she don't have the shits.

"Grease Theme Song" Parody

Summer twerking.
Having some crack.
I met a gang-banger, crazy for shoddy.
A nigga, nigga, nigga.
Tell me whore, tell me whore.
Like did you tap that ass?
Pussy galor, pussy galor.
Did you smoke some grass?

The Strings of Struggle

What the hell are we fighting for?
Pearly Gates, open up your doors. 
Strumming to the strings of struggle. 
Nam's left to the rocks and the rumbles. 
Once emerald green jungles. 
Hunts boys seen camped. 
Causalities vamped.
Legless lovers ramped. 
On a heli back home. 

Say These Words

To be alone with yourself in a room with your thoughts. I dwell on past present and roads that lye on my future. 
The more and more I say these words.
The more and more they lose their meaning.

Through Fire and Flames

I'm tired of all your silly games.
In the whimsical touch of your illustrious beauty.
You shoot your cupid arrows right through me.
But I'm finally forgetting the gospel of lies you whispered in my ear.
Because you've left me beaten and broken, with too many heartbroken tears.