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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

From HomeSick Youth, to Entrepreneurial Suit

I bring before you, this terrible tale of a humble inner-city youth.
Cast out of the only home I ever knew, what a sad fucking anecdotal truth.

For adolescent antics,
I wholeheartedly regrets.

A teenage war, I raged.
Brought me below the minimum wage.

I was no more.
Then a Luciferian metaphor.

An angel thrust out by the father.
And not a single peep from an abused mother.

Daddy didn't like seeing me in a gang.
And he didn't like hearing me talk all that ghetto slang.

So he booted my ass out.
And instead of falling into an emotional drought.

I picked myself up, off the ground.
And with sweat on my brow.

I transformed my fuck up.
Into a Fortune 500 bump up.
That's what's up.