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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Chronicles of the Forgotten

Stripped of humanity.
Bare bones of barbarity.
True love is fallacy.
Hollywood displays it magically.
With vanity. An insanity.
Satired in serenity.
Your taring me.
The un-farity.
Of this parody.
Of life’s melody.
Is a Fa-Fa-felony.
Of Hades.
Its pure Hades.
These ladies.
They tare my soul in two.
From the brew to the brew.
Oh, I’m the cat’s meow.
Oh, without a doubt.
But you bring me down.
To emotional drought.
And I pout.
And I shout.
And I really wanna shake about.
Laughed and I cried.
Story makes me wanna die.
Cause your family instigation.
Is a contract obligation.
An elation.
Of patience.
For religious subjugation.
In a nation of Satan’s.
Taking patrons for promises.
For women with prominence.
Selling soul to culture.
Pickings for vultures.
Head buried in sulfur.
Married to a golfer.
With a red Cadillac.
With fine golden sack.
With a beach shack.
And stocks from Mac.
And a lil bit of Beverly Hills attack.
La-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Nah-Nah-Nah-Nah-Nah-Nah-Nah. \
And I sigh.
And I cry.
And you really wanna take me die.
You know where to go.

For 90210 is only good for fairy tales. 

Stand-Up Comedy

You can find some of my comedy sketches on my channel. Politically Incorrect Bob...its mostly just videos of me looking at myself in the mirror. Or as the YouTube Administrators call it, "masturbating." 

Emancipation Perspiration

Tethered, torn, tossed to ash.
Beaten, broken, bridled by lash.
Bones battered, flick of the whip.
Blood splattered, the tongue my rip.
Blackened bastards, torn from scorn.
Malevolent master, beats blackened bastard.
Cotton faster, you bastard, you pick for the master.

Abhorrent, enraging. But tears, cease to be fading.

The Legacy, Of 1653

A magnifying glass into the European legacy.
I’m sooo glad I’m not a woman…in 1653.
Fair maiden rejoice.
You may have, not a choice.
Fathom not a voice.
Haggard husbands, all poise.
Your womb will bear boys.
Show superceding satisfaction, for a retched rapid action.
To wed Williams or Henrys.
Whoever pays the most pennies.
For a hand down in matrimony.
This cultural practice, not made up of phonies.
Adulation but a dream.

For happiness is not all that it seems. 

On the Train to Nowhere

Your eyes lay shut, but you’re not sleeping.
If I don’t wave my goodbyes, will it go away.
Can you please, just smile for me.
It’s not too much to ask.
Just me, one last time.
Why’d you have to go.
Why’d you have to fuck everything up.
You seemed so happy.
So then answer me.
Why did you leave me?
Your so selfish.
Only thinking of yourself.
Didn’t you know your words would hurt me?
We’ve been through so much.
Can we get through this too?
Will you, hold me, one last time.
Oh how I’ll miss your sweet embrace.
Don’t forget me.
Wherever you are.
I’m on the train to nowhere.

I wish you had the ticket next to me.  

A Simple Kiss

From your breath your breasts, your beautiful.
From your heart to your hands, your angelic.
From your eyes to your ass, your radiant.  
I find you fascinating and foxy.
Your flirtation consistently rocks.
You leave me in bliss. With but a simple kiss.
A simple taste, of your humble grace.
Your magnificence cannot be denied.

And your prettiness, can’t be pacified. 

Davina's Poem

Oh what fun it is to ride the trolley, with a gal that makes me jolly.
Oh what fun it is it to have my Davina, watching movies with Michael Cena.
Oh what fun it is to have adulation, what a new sensation.
O what fun it is it date a stroller expert, thank God those babies can’t flirt.
Oh Davina, that was a joke, because own strollers, cause they don’t have jobs.
Because their lazy snobs.
Not necessarily talking about the babies that you work with…specifically.
I bet their all great.
La la la la la Davina ah ah ah ah

La la la la la Davina.