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Friday, July 14, 2017

My Sexy Little Levonna

Her name is Levonna.
Her Daddys from Ghana.

She spent too much time in the sauna.
Now she's black as Obama.

She's got no skills with a basketball.
But that ass, it be bouncing though.

She can dance like a champ.
Until she's ready for a nap.

She's a crazy cat lady.
And she likes to get nakey.

She adopts puppies like Aficans, cause she's Angie Jo Lee.
So much work, no wonder why she's shleepy.
Cause all the pups always have to go pee pee.

She's got a Down Syndrome baby.
And a rich old white lady.

She's gets turned away from the movies.
Too bad she can't just show them her boobies.

She's a make-up artist.
And a class-A fartist.

She spent a birthday in Honolulu.
She got that smooth skin, it looks like poo poo.

Solving problems with domestic violence.
She wants to be a psychiatrist.

She's totally gay.
For Lana Del Rey.

But you know who rings her bell.
That fat bitch Adele.

She's got a boner 4 OJ.
Her favorite word...O-K.

Her only Dad was a crook.
She likes to get honkies shook.

She likes fingers and fists.
From her fellow feminists.

Buying tickets to Rihanna.
What a nice white Mama.

She took me to Carbaret.
Oh my God, does she think I'm gay??!!?

Her vaginal apartment was all fluffy and cute.
That whom baring bitch was a prostitute.
Cause she likes black cock, what a sloot sloot sloot.

Her ancestors, they sell em.
She gives the Brentwood welcome.
(oooo tell em)

Her favorite book is The Outsiders.  
Her passion burns like a thousand fires.

Her lips are burning hot like rubber on tires.
We're like magnets she and I, and every time we fight and break-up we keep getting pulled back to one another by invisible wires.

Now this is the end of her lover's poem.
And she'll hold onto his words, for however long she knows him.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Levonna's Love Poem

She's a black beauty queen.
And a sex machine.

All the boys.
Look like toys.

And the back of her hand.
She spends more time, in the sheets, theen the Klu Klux Klan.

She puts the homo in sapien.
That's her pussy, she's shavin it.

She's stuffed with crackers, like a soup kitchen.
She whispers in all the ears of the boys, are you catchin or pitchin?

Now its time to wrap up the show.
So getcha clothes and go.

This ain't a Holiday Inn.
Just...a palace of sin.

Now fare well, fare well.
(I guess) I'll see you in hell. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

White Liberals

I can not know your pain.
And I will never know your frustrations.
But I will march with you.

I will not pretend I have not had it easy.
And I can not lie and say I have not had it better.
But I will march with you.

I do not know your struggle.
And your daily fears are only words to me.
But I will march with you.

I can sympathize,
but I do not empathize.
[Even when I got my arm,]
[around a pair of black thighs.] 
[And all my friends are cool black guys.] 
I share your opinions,
but not your emotions.

I can stay calm,
because its not happening to me.
I can tell you to stay calm,
because its not happening to me.
Its easy for me to tell you to stay calm,
because it'll never happen to me.

They'll never look at me,
like they look at you.
They'll never cross the street on me,
like they do to you.

I can tell you violence is not the answer.
But that's my luxury.
To preach peace in the face of pain,
that does not apply to me.

To physically lower your furled fist,
cocked behind your head ready to swing.
In the face of slurs,
that don't apply to me.

I can join your movement,
and I can take a stand.
But I can sit when I bored,
and sing with Uncle Sam.

Your the skin you are,
but I can walk away.
Treat your movement like an amusement park,
and say, I'm not gonna march today.

Thursday, June 8, 2017


you know sometimes I look in the mirror and I say, "Who the fuck do you think you are?"
And I realize Im high, and I cant remember my own name. 

you know who really got good head? 
Lee Harvey Oswald

You know what jeffrey dahmer and Bill clinton have in common? 
Theyre both super famous for getting really good head. 

Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Minister of Media, had a PhD in Philosophy. See! It's not true what they say, Liberal Arts Majors can be very successful!

Whats the similiarity between me and Vietnam? 
I always pull out at the last second. 
My girlfriend hates that joke. 
Probably because Planned Parenthood just stopped doing their buy one get one free deals. 

What do Jay-lo and Julius Caesar have in common? 
They both had their pussies beaten by Mark Anthony. 

What do you call a boy that wants to be a girl? 
A faggot. 

What do you call a salad with no ranch dressing? 

God, dont you hate that feeling of home sickness? 
When you're near your Mom's vagina. 

Why do you kids in High School get bullied? 
Because their fat.
HS logic. shes not fat enough to bully. there are fatter ppl to bully. 

Whats the difference between santa claus and a black father? 

Santa Claus comes to visit once a year. 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Levonna Rap Song

Her name is Levonna
Hot like a sauna

I play that ass like Im Licktenshtine
I strangle that neck Im Frankenstein

as booshy
as the bourgeoise

a horse drawn carriage
for you n me

your bootylicious, like beyonce
is there a shawtie that got game on you, i cant say

shes a one hour visual album
is that pee i smell, or lemonade

shes the top notch nigger
oh fuck, im triggered

dont introduce her to your father
unless u want  a bra-ther.

levonna your a chocolate goose
with a pussy so loose

Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Practicably Applicable Lesson of ‘Action Through Inaction’ found thru the works of The Art of War & The Tao De Ching

          Action through Inaction” is, in its true form, waiting for the right moment to enact the course of action. This lesson, which can practically be applied to the life of any individual, is both resonant and comprehensible in the works Sun Tzu and Lao Tzu, whose notable works include The Art of War and the Tao De Ching. After a long comprehensive study of these given works, I have found that “action through inaction” can be made useful in a variety of human perplexities.
            One human perplexity that often comes to mind is mortality. Human beings, aware of their own mortality unlike many other biological entities, have trouble accepting the inevitability of death. This fear of death is often referred to, in philosophy, as “death denial”. Let us examine some of the negative aspects of death denial portrayed in popular culture.
            In the Star Wars films, Anakin Skywalker makes the unfortunate transformation from man to machine, in a venture for power. By achieving unbridled power, he believes he will overcome death and possess the ability save the people he loves from death too.
            Anakin takes an active approach in avoiding death. Completely contradicting the way of the Tao, which states in Verse 50, “Every one of us is born. And every one dies. However, three of every ten seem to be born to live, three seem to be born to die, and three live life fully per their chosen lifestyles.” In my interpretation, the Tao, unlike Anakin, shows an acceptance of death’s certainty. More than that it reminds its readers that very few people, in this case 30%, are ever going to get what they want out of life.
            Anakin’s dilemma with death denial shows a lack of adherence towards not only the Tao but the Jedi code as well. Which, in many respects, George Lucas based off the Tao De Ching and various other Asian cultural and philosophical practices. Jedi are taught to be the embodiment of Zen, clearing their minds with all that is anything. Replacing the something with nothing. And it is only through enveloping oneself into nothing, that one can achieve anything. For when one is completely disassociated and detached from the possessions of the material world and the people within that material world, becoming nonpartisan towards the inevitabilities of death, then they are truly free.
            What can one do when their free? Free of fear and essentially free of barriers. You can ask your boss for a raise, and not be afraid to hear the words NO. You can ask out that pretty girl you’ve had a crush on since forever. You can finally publish your book, and not be afraid to hear criticism. And now that your no longer afraid of public speaking, you can finally try performing at a poetry open mic, or a comedy club or a music venue because you’re not be afraid of the fact that sometimes people aren’t going to like you.
            If you are a free person and liberated, you can go skydiving. You can hike the Appalachian Mountains. You can even lose a hundred pounds! Because for once in your life, life doesn’t scare you. You can become a firefighter, a police officers or a soldier in the United States Military. And this lack of fear, of death, is exactly the kind of Taoist principle Sun Tzu instilled into his own armies during his lifetime.
            Such sentiments are shared in The Art of War, which states in Verse 9, “When an army feeds its horses with grain and kills its cattle for food, and when the men do not hang their cooking-pots over the camp fires, showing that they will not return to their tents, you may know that they are determined to fight of the death.” Per my own interpretation, Sun Tzu sees a capable army as one that is accepting of the prospect of their deaths. This lack of fear, this detachment, and disassociation with one’s own self-preservation serves, in Sun Tzu’s eyes, as a form of liberation that turns frightened boys into instruments of war.
            For Sun Tzu, soldiers who accept death become great warriors. For Jedi, those who accept death achieve nirvana. As Jedi relinquish their desires and their expectations of what the world owes them, their material bodies become nothing more than vessels. A vehicle to hold an eternal soul that will exist long after the passing of the body.
            This is the ultimate irony of Anakin’s descent into evil. The fact that if he had stayed on the path of the Jedi, he would have achieved this nirvana and the immortality he wanted. Seeing as though he was already a Jedi, staying on this road would have been the path of passive inaction. Giving additional patience to the slow-moving pace of his Jedi training, he would have eventually gotten everything he wanted. If only he had waited.          
            If only you would stay on the road that you were going, giving additional patience to the slow-moving pace your endeavors, you would have eventually gotten everything you wanted. If only you had waited.
            Many people who experience this in their daily lives refer to it as the self-fulfilling prophecy. Meaning that you try so desperately hard to make something happen that you end up sabotaging yourself. When in retrospect, if you had been a little bit less aggressive, you might have gotten what you wanted.
            In one situation, you’ve misplaced your keys and the aggressive action is to start tearing apart your house to look for them. But if you had taken the approach of passive inaction and assessed the situation in a calm and patient manner then you would realize the keys were in your pocket the whole time. You could apply this to asking out a woman, and say that a subtle approach might come off as endearing whereas an aggressive approach may come off as threatening.
            These analogies and the whole lesson of action through inaction are well summarized in the popular saying, “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” It simple means, in terms of passivity v. indiscreet aggression, that the gentle approach may sometimes serve you better than hostile confrontation. 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Stand-Up Comedy

You know they say GOD HATES FAGS.
But has God ever even tried smoking a cigarette?
I think that if God put his mouth to a butt...just once.
They'd start sayin GOD LOVES FAGS.

You know I think there's a lot of electricity between my girlfriend and I.
But my therapist tells me that an eel can't consent to a monogamous relationship.
You know what the worst part about dating an eel is?
When the Sea world employees tell you to stop humping the glass.
I just kidding. I'm just kidding.
The worst part about dating an eel always smells a bit fishy down there.

You know the roughest part about going to Bible camp every summer?
The anal sex.

Can you believe we're almost halfway through 2017?
And there hasn't been a mass shooting yet... I know...What a boring year.

Why is it that Mexicans works so much harder then white people?
They don't. We're all individuals. And race is a cultural construct.
And if any of you thought that joke was going anywhere else then where it went, you're racist.

You know what the most painful thing in the world is?
Un-lubricated butt sex ... for her I mean ... It felt great to me.

Growing up gay wasn't easy.
For any of the gay kids I used to beat up in High School.

Why is it so difficult for people to get along in this world?
Oh no, I can think of several reasons. I was just wondering what all of you guys thought.

Star Wars is one of my favorite movie franchises of all time.
And not just because Chewbacca is an inspiration to feminists everywhere.
You know before Star Wars and Yoda, I didn't know migits talked backwards.
Its like...go take an English class Mr. Migit, what, do they like not have a public education system on the Yellow Brick Road?

What do you call a black guy who just has to have an opinion on everything?
Neil deGrasse Tyson.

I really hate driving.
Which is why I have my Mommy drive me everywhere.
And thank God I'm such a great conversationalist, or that would be an awkward drive to the Chucky Cheeses.

I used to hate it when I got sick as a kid and my Dad had to check my temperature.
I just wish he wasn't so forgetful, and always getting the oral and rectal thermometry mixed up.

Why are Asians such bad drivers?
I don't know, why do we always assume the guy going 20 in a 35 is Asian.
Asians could very well be taking the brunt of the blame for all of our bad driving skills.

You know my black girlfriend hates it when I call her the n word.
But if she's gunna act neurotic, I'm gunna call her out on it.

You know watching a child die is the worst possible thing in the world.
But hiding the body can't be a walk in the park either.
Well, it can be a walk in the park ... if that's where you've decided you wanna hide the body.

You know I have fucked a lot of women...over... a car insurance salesman.

You know it really makes me mad when people refer to me as a man of the people.
I can't they would just so blatantly assume my gender.

You know I've always hated the Strip Club.
I've just always found Bring Your Kid to Work Day super boring.

Why do KKK members where sheets over their heads?
*Sweet Soft Voice* Because racism is an ugly thing that no one should ever have to look at.

What is wrong with our society today?
It is the economy? ISIS? Or the fact that auto correct recognizes proper nouns, unless its a black girl name.
I think that before we worry about defeating the terrorists, we gotta deal with these culturally insensitive iPhones.
I'm starting to get worried. Because I honestly don't think that Ameenah is that obscure of a name.
At this point, I think my iPhone is just fucking with me.
Guys, I'm scared. What if Siri is a member of the Alt-Right?

Growing up my Father used to be beat my Brother and I.
At every game of monopoly we ever played.
And then he would proceed to rape us.
At shoots and latters.
But worst of all, he used to tell me that my Brother was better then me.
*Sped up* At monopoly, we had a ranking system. first place, second place, third place.

You know at work, I'm supposed to where a name tag.
But I hate labels.

You know I don't think it's fair the way we judge Jeffrey Dahmer.
I mean, can we honestly look ourselves in the mirror and say that he was the only man in the world who liked getting head?

It's unfortunate that so many children die in school shootings.
But if it's the inspiration "Foster the People" needs, then those kids needed to die.

You know, I've never really liked the beach.
But..if my Sister-In-Law was nicer to me, I wouldn't have to call her a beach.

You know they say Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.
And they call Disneyland the happiest place on Earth.
Do you think that's because there's no Jews allowed?

Why was the holocaust so sad?
Because it gave Roman Polanski an Oscar.

Why is the word "gay" a synonym for "happy"?
Because gay people can't get pregnant.

I can't believe that the first person to contract AIDS fucked a monkey.
I can't believe it because when I fuck monkeys, I always wear a condom.

You know who really gave good head?
My High School gym teacher.
No. No. No. I'm just kidding, do you know who makes some of the best videos of people getting head?
Do you wanna know the difference between ISIS beheading videos and pornhub?
I don't masturbate to videos on pornhub.

*angry* Do you know what kind of person you have to be to join the Klu Klux Klan?
Because I've sent my job resume to them several times, and they haven't returned any of my calls.

MS-13 gang symbols have been popping up in my neighborhood recently, and people are starting to get really worried.
And I'm confused, why are we so scared of a 13 year old boy with multiple sclerosis?

Why are gay people always having parades?
I mean seriously, how can people with AIDS walk that fast?

I don't use erasers ...
... because I don't have any regrets in life.

What do you call a woman whose always bugging around in your personal life?
My court appointed psychiatrist.

I hate the fact that women are always screaming at me.
But if your gonna leave your window open, I'm gonna crawl thru it.

What's the worst part of getting a toothy blowjob?
Having to see your Uncle at the family reunions afterwards.

I hate doing math homework,
for my 9 year old girlfriend.
But if she takes all night, we're not gonna have much time for sex.

There's a fear people have that if they don't lock their doors at night, someones are going to break in.
... But I've always preferred a challenge.
And let me tell you, I was absolutely livid, when I found out that my community college doesn't offer any lock picking classes.

Why are there so many reported cases of men raping women, and so few reported cases of women raping men?
Because its not rape if you like it.
Unless your gay, then that bitch is going to jail.

What do you call it when a man sticks 2 fingers inside a woman's vagina?
A gynecology exam.

You know who likes getting laid?
You know a guy once called me a chicken.
And I said, "Oh what, just because I like getting laid?"

You wanna know how I know my girlfriend's Jewish?
She hogs the covers.

What do you say to a guy who doesn't know if he's straight or not?
Hey man, you look a little bent out of shape.

What do you call a dog with no legs?
Korean BBQ

How do you say hello to a person who's Chinese, who only speaks Chinese?
You shouldn't talk to people outside your own race.

How do cats make people sneeze?
By sticking shaving cream in their hands and feathers under their noses.

Why is it that whenever I go to the movies, their are always black people hollering?
Every time I set off the fire alarm.
No, but I'm serious. Why are black people always talking at the movie theater?
Telling me to put my phone away.

Why are black women so loud and obnoxious?
Every time I try to put in their butt without asking.

What do you call a jar of mayonnaise that studies quantum physics?
Stephen Hawking

Thomas Jefferson, the man who literally wrote the Declaration of Independence, fucked so many black chicks ...
... he might as well be a Kardashian.
And while we're on this topic, why is called jungle fervor?
Every black girl I've ever been with was always shaved down there.

What do professional waxers and McDonalds cashiers [lawyers] have in common?
They both stare at assholes all day.

you know sometimes I look in the mirror and I say, "Who the fuck do you think you are?" And I realize Im high, and I cant remember my own name. you know who really got good head? Lee Harvey Oswald You know what jeffrey dahmer and Bill clinton have in common? Theyre both super famous for getting really good head. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Minister of Media, had a PhD in Philosophy. See! It's not true what they say, Liberal Arts Majors can be very successful! Whats the similiarity between me and Vietnam? I always pull out at the last second. ^ My girlfriend hates that joke. ^ Probably because Planned Parenthood just stopped doing their buy one get one free deals. What do Jay-lo and Julius Caesar have in common? They both had their pussies beaten by Mark Anthony. What do you call a boy that wants to be a girl? A faggot. What do you call a salad with no ranch dressing? Grass God, dont you hate that feeling of home sickness? When you're near your Mom's vagina. Why do you kids in High School get bullied? Because their fat. ^ HS logic. shes not fat enough to bully. there are fatter ppl to bully. Whats the difference between santa claus and a black father? Santa Claus comes to visit once a year.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Hijab Feminism ARTICLE

Title: Feminism, the Enemy of Islamic Secularization
By Robert Gold

Feminism has lost its way. The social movement that gave women access to birth control and the voting booths has now become an incendiary for women’s oppression across the world.
Today, supportive and sympathetic feminists wear the hijab as a way of publicly pronouncing their solidarity with their Muslim sisters. Unfortunately, these well-meaning western feminists are fighting on the wrong side of a lethal war of ideas.
Right now, the Islamic world is ripe for social change. With rapid regime change occurring across the globe, the Arab Spring Movement has set off a chain of events that will lay the groundwork for Islam’s future for the next millennium. With the rise of social media, the opportunities to spread secular values and expand the campaign for human rights is brighter than ever before. Even in the US alone social movements such as: Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, The Tea Party, #NotMyPresident and many spread like wild fire. The Islamic world has the same opportunity for positive social change, but these white liberal feminists are going about it the wrong way.
These white liberal feminists have swooped in to protect and shield what they view as some oppressed brown skinned 3rd world minority by enabling their Islam’s ultra-conservative hyper religious customs. This is the completely wrong way to go about it and rather than try to fix their calamities, its best that these feminists just move aside so that real Muslim feminists can get down to the real work of secularizing the Muslim world.
Muslim feminists like Asra Nomani, co-founder of the Muslim founder reform movement. In December 2016, Asra published an article with The New York Times entitled “Wearing the Hijab in Solidarity Perpetuates Oppression.” In her article, she states, “This purity culture covers, segregates, subordinates, silences, jails and kills women and girls, sexually objectifying women as vessels for honor and temptation, absolving men of personal responsibility.”
These western feminists are so worried about offending anyone or being deemed "racist” or “islamophobic” that they’ve failed to criticize the true indignite evil. These fundamentalist Islamic countries take their constitutions from biblical scripture and Muslim feminists like Asra Nomani see this as the true problem. The only true way to reform the Islamic world is to do what many of the most successful Muslim majority countries have done, and secularize government.
            Everything about Islamic culture that these feminists are defending goes against everything Feminism stands for and has always historically stood for. Punishing women for the sexual violence of men. Clothing women in conservative garb regalia that conforms to the puritanical standards of the patriarchy. Demonizing the female body as a lustful object deemed sinful and profanatory. For anyone who thinks that women wear the hijab because it’s a choice and it’s a form of “empowerment”, please examine all the notable news stories in which young Muslim women have been brutally beaten and killed by male relatives for not wearing the hijab.
            Feminism has always been about expressing female sexuality and celebrating the female body, not hiding it away like it’s something to be ashamed of. In the counterculture movements of the 1960s and 1970s, feminists argued that talking about female sexuality would empower women. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s continued to advocate for women’s access to sexual education, contraceptives and birth control. As recently as 2012, Lina Esco began the gender equality campaign “Free the Nipple”, arguing that women should be able to be shirtless in public in the same way that men can be.
            The term “hijab” is a word, when interpreted from its Arabic meaning, that translates to barrier, position, or curtain. In Islam, it serves as a symbol of modesty to avoid sexually distracting men. Under this logic, women are sexual objects, while men are sexual maniacs unable to control their urges.
            Feminism is supposed to be about defending the victims of oppression. How can they rally around a headscarf that makes it the duty of the victim to discourage their perpetrator? Is it the job of every young black man not to wear a hoodie? Should women set themselves a curfew, so as not to get caught out late at night? Should female transsexuals leave their dresses and high heels at home?
            As long as we all wear curtains overs the aspects of ourselves that encourage our aggressors, we’ll never have to worry. Women will never have to worry about being raped because their sexually unappealing clothing would never beckon even the most rampant sexual predator.
Black men will never have to worry again because they’re going to stop dressing in a way that we find menacing, thus police officers won’t feel the need to shoot them. Do you understand how the logic of the hijab is flawed when you apply it in any other scenario? Under the logic of the hijab, it’s a shame the bible doesn’t demand that all those of darker complexion wear a three-piece suit at all times. As the hijab requires woman to desexualize themselves, a 24 hour three-piece suit policy would require all black men to dress in a way that is nice, warm and inviting.
            Yet to follow this hijab logic would be to go against everything feminists stand for. Feminists argue all the time that to ask a rape victim what she was wearing is insensitive and casually lays the blame at the footsteps of the woman. Thus, to defend the hijab is to defend all the things that feminists claim they’re fighting against. It’s extremely hypocritical.
            Notable intellectual, law professor and feminist scholar Theresa Beiner wrote brilliant paper which summarizes the feminist position in her 2007 research study entitled Sexy Dressing she said, “When I began research for this article, I expected to find many cases involving allegations that the plaintiff welcomed the sexual harassment. But sexual harassment is about power; therefore, a target who is dressed provocatively is not the ideal target for the would-be harasser, who appears motivated at least in part by his ability to dominate his victim. Provocative dress does not necessarily signify submissiveness but instead may be an indication of confidence and assertiveness.”


Saturday, February 4, 2017

Spanish Conquest of the Incan Empire

            I watched a documentary today. The subject of this particular documentary? The Spanish Conquest of the Incan Empire. Many people weep over this historical period in American History because they see it as an atrocity. But as a Darwinist, I feel no remorse. As human beings we are animals and if you can’t see that history is proof that survival of the fittest is the law of nature then there’s nothing I can do to help you. You’re ignorant and you have no understanding of the world.
            You’d rather live in your little politically correct paradise. A paradise where everyone lives in a wonderful utopia where all countries get along. Well, guess what?!!? They don’t and you can’t blame the Spanish because if anyone else had come along they would have done the same. Spanish people aren’t inherently war mongers! Don’t demonize them for doing what all cultures do! The Incans were conquering and killing each other long before we “evil white folk” every got there! 
            When developing civilizations, still in the infant years of their technological advancement, come into contact with societies superior to their own, genocide ensues. While examining the fossil remains in what is now modern-day Peru, a number of long dead Incan soldiers were uncovered with fractured skulls caused from bludgeoning weapons. These weapons resembled those used by the Incans themselves. They surmised that some less powerful Incan tribes must have formed a military alliance with the Spaniards against the Incan Empire.
            Once again, this stands as nothing but proof that you can’t simply blame the Spanish for all the violence that took place against the Incans. Other Incan tribes were more than happy to join the Spanish, seeing the Incan Empire as oppressive dictators who had more than likely been brutalizing and dominating them for centuries! But to be fair, I will make a couple of critiques of the Spanish if only to prove that I’m not completely biased towards the side of the Western view point.
            In the chronicling histories the proud Spaniards made no mention of their Indian allies. Curious to think that they would seek to award themselves all the credit. All the valor. All the spunk. And all the glory. I’m quite alright if the Spanish want to tell the story from a biased point of view, because I personally don’t think that any point of view is without bias.

            Yet falsifying history? That is a completely different story! I would not condone them changing history or under reporting the facts just to fit their own narrative. That, my friends, is called lying. And no matter how biased you think I am towards one side or the other, I would never lie to win an argument. It just takes all the fun out of it.

Estevanico the Moor

            You know I can certainly say that I have respect for a historian who can retell a period of history without implicating biases to one side or another. In our media today everyone has an agenda and it seems as if no one can just give it to us straight. Everyone has to sprinkle their little opinions and fallacies onto every fact they attempt to spew to the public. Yet, there are some neutral columnists still circulating today in our modern sphere of influence. One of these columnists would have to be Anne B. Allen, the author of an article entitled Estevanico the Moor.
            If your unfamiliar with Estevanico the Moor and his historical significance, then let me enlighten you. From what I gathered from Anne’s article, he was the token black guy on what can only be called one of most exciting and dangerous adventures of Spain’s colonial history in the Americas. His road to fame is one of accidence and by no particular means of skill on Estevanico’s part was his name added to the history books. It all seems to be a matter of circumstance that he has become a figure worth discussing.
            Estevanico seems to be famous because he was one of the few survivors of a shipwreck in which most of the Spanish Conquistador Navarez’s crew were killed when the ship capsized. But for the purposes of my analogy let’s just assume that surviving a shipwreck is a skill, and let us also assume then Estevanico is in possession of such a talent. So, let us work from that perspective. That his skills as a survivor are the reason he’s worthy of being in a history book. Working from the assumption that if you are in a history book, your pretty gosh darn spectacular.
            So let me award some points where points have been earned. I’m sure if I was in this Moroccan’s shoes I would have died. Swimming to shore after my boat sinks? No way, Jose! I hate the ocean! I try to stay away from it as much as possible! Give me fresh water over salt matter any day! Of course, I wouldn’t have had a choice in the matter because I’d be a slave in this situation, which if you think about it, is kinda F’d up that Estevanico went through all that trouble of saving his own life just to go back to his life as slave. Sympathy points earned, my friend!

            As a slave, Estevanico had no reason to help his slave masters. But from Anne’s article I surmise that he was a great help. He communicated with the Natives. Spent much more time communicating with them then the Spaniards did. So this must of helped them as far as diplomacy I’d have to imagine. If the natives respected Estevanico and Estevanico respected the natives, then kudos to the African! I’m sure his Spanish crew mates benefited from this as well. I definitely get far better service when I bring a Mexican friend to a Mexican restaurant, who speaks Spanish. This is a fact. If you order in the language that correlates with the ethic food you’re eating, the wait staff appreciates this! It shows a sign of mutual respect that you’re making the effort. And I’m going to make the bold claim that this type of psychological analysis may apply to the Native Americans in Florida that Estevanico and his Spanish compatriots were being sheltered and fed by. And so for all of these reasons and more I strongly urge you to vote in the Affirmation that Estevanico does indeed deserve his place in the history books. 

Slavery and the Slave Trade

            Just watched an African slave trade documentary. It was definitely not the most uplifting piece of entertainment I’ve ever indulged in. But it did offer some very interesting insights into the American slave trade that are often ignored. The racism aspect. Or rather, the lack thereof. Racism may have become an unintended consequence of African slavery, but racism was not the cause of African slavery. In an effort to justify their actions, the slavers told themselves that the people they were enslaving where incredibly inferior to them, and that somehow made it more okay.
            As the documentary puts it, African slavery was about economics. The price of an African slave could range from anywhere between $800 – $1500. Which back then was like $5000, adjusting that to today’s currency. But even without the adjustments, $1500 is still a ton of money! The slave trade was a lucrative enterprise and it had nothing to do with being black, brown, purple or yellow. The only color that mattered in the slave trade was green. 
            What staring at what could possibly be the opportunity to make 5g’s, I don’t know who among us would turn that down. Obviously by today’s moral standards, slavery has been deemed an atrocity. Yet, back then slavery was commonplace. And they had no moral quarrels with making 5g’s anyway they could, even if it meant selling another man as if he were property.
            In the documentary a few of the historians interviewed stated that America was a nation founded on slavery. Well that’s just untrue. That does not align with our fundamental principles written into the constitution. Surely, the ideas and philosophies and ideologies that founded America were the farthest thing from slavery that anyone could imagine. All men are created equal. All men are endowed with unalienable rights by their creator.
            That certainly doesn’t sound like a nation founded on the principles of slavery. It sounds to me like a nation founded on the principles of equality. But, if only to be fair and unbiased, I would certainly admit that much of our agriculture economy was aided by the cheap labor provided by slavery. But, in response to that, no matter what age we are living in, we always need a cheap source of labor.
            In the infant years of America’s history, it was the blacks. During the building of the transcontinental railroad it was the Chinese. In the height of the industrial revolution it was the Italians and the Irish. Nowadays it’s the Mexicans. And to say America is somehow the worst, for using immigrants as cheap labor. Every country uses immigrants as cheap labor.  
            In Israel, the Palestinian immigrants do the cheap labor jobs. In Japan, it’s the Filipinos. In Australia, it’s the Indians and the Chinese. Every First World country imports Third World peoples to do their unskilled labor jobs. It’s always been like that and it always will be like that. So I will always resent the notion that America is a nation built on slavery.

            Because America is not a country built on slavery. America is a nation built on cheap labor. Because every country is a country built on cheap labor. And it all has to do with economics. Because everything in history comes down to economics. Not prejudice. Not racism. Not discrimination. And so for anyone who wants to blatantly shout about how America is a racist country, I would say that person is a fool. A fool that has no understanding of the world he lives in. 

The State of Our Human Nature

         As a Historian I’ve dedicated my life to the study of human nature. What do humans do in certain situations? Why do they do what they do? What motivates them? What brings them to do heinous acts? What are their justifications for these heinous acts? Historians often times chronicle these historical characters yet leave out these emotional details, and that’s where psychologists and sociologists pick up the slack.
            Today I’m going to be discussing a very important aspect of human health. Most people when discussing what deserves to be at the top of the human health pyramid may examine obesity, cancer, suicide, depression, HIV, pregnancy, drug abuse, alcoholism, etc. These topics are nothing but marvelous and fascinating areas of discussion but I’m here to tell you why my topic is better than all of those topics combined. Here’s why; my topic today is the dangers of social conformity, peer pressure, peer influence, peer power and peer persuasion. Why is my topic better then all those other topics combined? Because cancer, suicide, drug abuse, HIV, etc. They all stem from social conformity.
            Statistics from the National Institute on Drug Abuse show that 37% of survey respondents admitted to pressuring friends into doing something they were not comfortable with. 33% claimed to have been pressured into actions they knew to be bad for their health. 30% admitted to being pressured into doing something illegal. 45% said that they had lied about their interests in certain things because they feared a negative response if friends knew their true feelings.
            I’ve chosen an article that perfectly illustrates my point of view, entitled Asch Conformity published in 2008 by Simply Psychology Magazine. It chronicles one of the most fascinating experiments in the history of social psychology. The Asch Conformity Experiment. Doctor Solomon Asch conducted an experiment to investigate the extent to which social pressure from a majority group could affect a person to conform. Doctor Asch used a lab experiment to study conformity, whereby 50 male’s participated in a vision sent. Using a line judgement task, Asch put a naïve participant in a room with 7 actors.
            The actors agreed in advance what their responses would be when presented with the line task. The real participant did not know this and was led to believe that the other 7 seven participants were also real participants like themselves. Each person in the room had to state aloud which comparison line (A, B or C) was most like the target line. The answer was always obvious. The real participant sat at the end of the row and gave his or her answer last. There were 18 trials in total and the actors gave the wrong answer on 12 trials. Asch was interested to see if the real participant would conform to the majority view.
            Asch measured the number of times each participant conformed to the majority view. On average, about a third (32%) of the participants conformed with the clearly incorrect majority on the critical trials. Over the 12 critical trials about 75% of the participants conformed at least once, and 25% of the participants never conformed.

            Now, to conclude this fiasco, what does Professor Solomon Asch’s experiment tell us about human fallibility? The human condition is predisposed to fall into tendencies of social conformity. But enough about the problems! What’s the final solution? All K-12 schools through Common Core must be forcibly obligated through executive order to implement a new series of social psychology classes. With this knowledge in the hands of the next generation we can build a better America that says no to harmful substances. An America that says no to barbarism, scapegoating, tribalism and racially charged political ideologies. An American that says no to condomless sexual promiscuity. We can do more than understand our human nature, we can fight our human nature…and resort…to our better angels. 

Political Facebook Posts

Political Facebook Posts

1.      When you put labels on things it never clearly defines who you are. Political parties cannot account for the individual. No person in America completely agrees with all the Democratic platforms, Republican platforms or the Libertarian platforms. Once I start telling myself, "I'm a Republican so I'm obligated to believe this." or "I'm a Libertarian so I can't support that," then I completely lose my ability to make decisions as an individual. And I'm falling right into the tribalism mentality that I harp on religious people for all the time.
2.      I've been against NAFTA for 6 years and these kinds of tariff policies Trump is proposing have been the benchmark of my Political Philosophies since I got into politics. And I've taken a lot of shit from my Republican friends for being Anti-Free Trade. I'm not a dogmatic follower of Right Wing ideologies! I encourage you all to think for yourselves and don't fall prey to tribalism! Individual free thinking is so important! You can be a mixture of Democrat, Republican & Libertarian! And don't let anyone ever tell you that just because you identify as one thing, you automatically have to belief this or that! These have been the tactics used to bully blacks, gays and women to voting with the Leftists for years! And when they don't their called Self Loathing Uncle Toms by the same Liberals who were welcoming them with open arms a minute ago. #LetsBringAnEndToIdentityPolitics
3.      I don't want Mitt Romney as Secretary of State. Mormons are unfit to serve in Public Office.
4.      We have bigger fish to fry that Hamilton...oh for the love of Vishnu. #AmICoughingUpOldNews
5.      Atheist Intellectuals critical of Islam are consistently attacked by Liberals.
6.      The Liberals are alienating all their greatest allies by attacking Dr. Sam Harris.
7.      Most of the prominent Atheist Intellectuals I listen to like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris are called Islamophobic for voicing their opinions. Folks, they've been writing disparaging books about Christians for years and the Liberals mouths are silent. Yet as soon as they focus their attention towards Islam, the Liberals throw a hissy fit.
8.      The Christian Crusades were a retaliation. At the time of the crusades in 1095 the Turkish armies had swarmed Europe.
9.      The Old Testament is violent too. But The Quran, which I've read, is the most violent and asks for a call to arms in the form of Jihad by all of its followers.
10.  Thank God most Jews don't actually take their religion seriously or they'd be blowing themselves up too.
11.  If you classify anyone who has Jewish blood to be Jewish, your just as bad as the Nazis. Judaism is a Religion not a Race. I actually here this more from my Liberal friends from my Conservative ones. The Conservative Jews don't accept me as a Jew, which is the majority of the reason I'm not fond of Jewish culture or the Jewish faith. The Liberals wanna classify me as a Jew. I don't speak Hebrew. I never had a bar mitzvah and I have Satanic tattoos all over my body. I don't care if you call me Jewish, it's not an insult, but it is inaccurate.
The Laws of Practical Application:
Facebook Posts

12.  I became a Satanist at age 16 because growing up as a Christian I always sympathized more with Lucifer more then God, and realized I didn't wanna be apart of a religion which praised a Father that was so unloving to his son.
13.  Did you know that Planned Parenthood was founded by a Eugenist? Ah, I always knew my love of abortions and my love of Nazis went hand in hand.
14.  50,000 New American Jobs #Trumptastic
15.  I doubt the Nazis would have confiscated the Mona Lisa if my stick figures were hanging right next to it.
16.  First Orange President, gosh what a trail blazer.
17.  I Drink Liberal Tears.
18.  I Love to Watch Liberals Eat Their Words.
19.  Keeping 1000 jobs in America is Crony Capitalism?
20.  I've been against NAFTA for 6 years and these kinds of tariff policies Trump is proposing have been the benchmark of my Political Philosophies since I got into politics. And I've taken a lot of shit from my Republican friends for being Anti-Free Trade. I'm not a dogmatic follower of Right Wing ideologies! I encourage you all to think for yourselves and don't fall prey to tribalism! Individual free thinking is so important! You can be a mixture of Democrat, Republican & Libertarian! And don't let anyone ever tell you that just because you identify as one thing, you automatically have to belief this or that! These have been the tactics used to bully blacks, gays and women to voting with the Leftists for years! And when they don't their called Self Loathing Uncle Toms by the same Liberals who were welcoming them with open arms a minute ago. #LetsBringAnEndToIdentityPolitics
21.  Never knew Liberals were hardcore Capitalist Fundamentalists. Guess you learn something new everyday.
22.  Liberals are dirty lying hypocrites. They wanted Bernie's Communist regime and now when Trump intervenes to stop 1000 factory jobs from going to Mexico, all of the sudden their the crusaders of Free Market capitalism. #LiberalHypocrisy #Libtards #LiberalsMakeMeBarf
23.  Trump should allow some countries to rebuild their armies to large capacity if we're going to remove our bases. But I would exclude Germany from that list. Germany should never be allowed to have a large military ever again. Currently the German army stands at 59,000 and its used for Multinational Purposes probably NATO, the EU and the UN. On the other hand, Japan is surrounded by enemies. They have China, North Korea and now the Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines. I think the Japanese need a large military more then the Germans.
24.  I'm willing to pay more for products if it means bringing jobs back to my country. That'll be my patriotic sacrifice as an American.
25.  Liberal: You know this used to be part of Mexico, right???
26.  Conservative: Yah...before we took it.
The Laws of Practical Application:
Facebook Posts

27.  Mitt Romney for Secretary of State??? After the disparaging things he said about Trump during the primary. Screw that! I advise Trump to look for loyalty amongst his cabinet picks! This would be like him choosing Bill Maher to be his Attorney General! Romney is a big no no for me!
28.  It's dangerous for Trump to take a call from Taiwan, do to the fact that the Chinese don't recognize their sovereignty. The Chinese took offense to Trump's actions. It could already be the beginning of the end for Chinese & American foreign relations.
29.  Trump saves 800 factory jobs in Indiana from Carrier from moving to Mexico.
30.  31 Republican Governors. 54 Republican Senators. And 248 Republican Congressmen v. 193 Democratic Congressmen.
31.  Celebrity Apprentice S1E2
32.  Tamara: You're so hypocritical! That's like the pot calling the kettle black.
33.  Omarosa: Oh, so we're using racist slurrs now, are we??? Are you intimidated because I'm a strong black woman?
34.  Libtards, you should be happy, you could of ending up with a Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio.
35.  Libtards, calm the fuck down. On military interventionism, trade policy and infrastructure projects...Bernie and Trump align.
36.  Joseph Goebbels had a PhD in Philosophy. See! It's not true what they say, Liberal Arts Majors can be very successful!
37.  Can Liberals open a history book every once in a while?
38.  OMG, Liberals are idiots. Muhammad was a Conqueror who slaughtered millions across North Africa during his lifetime! #IslamAReligionFoundedOnBloodshed
39.  The Electoral College prevents Third Parties from acting as "so-called" spoilers.
40.  My dog is only 17, not old enough to give consent yet. #sad
41.  Archaic and barbaric tradition that has been modernized for commercial monetary gain. #NeverMarriage
42.  Grab em by the posse. #IsaneClownPussy
43.  53 days until we grab China by the p*ssy.
44.  Much to the dismay of many of my fellow Republicans I don't think we should of been involved in WW1 or WW2. I'm probably more of an extremist then Donald Trump in terms of isolationist policies.
45.  We are going to create 25 Million New Jobs by grabbing environmentalist protection policies by the p*ssy.
46.  I don't want to kill you Dr. Lector, not now that I finally find you interesting. --- Will Graham (Hannibal TV Series)
47.  The opposite of love is not hate. For love and hate are one in the same. The opposite of love is indifference.
48.  I kissed my picture of General Custer yesterday in honor of all the valiant Americans he gave their lives in the valiant struggle to conquer this continent in the name of the Union.

The Laws of Practical Application:
Facebook Posts

49.  I went Black Friday shopping today and I bought Kanye and Kim's baby at a very reasonable price.
50.  When you put labels on things it never clearly defines who you are. Political parties cannot account for the individual. No person in America completely agrees with all the Democratic platforms, Republican platforms or the Libertarian platforms. Once I start telling myself, "I'm a Republican so I'm obligated to believe this." or "I'm a Libertarian so I can't support that," then I completely lose my ability to make decisions as an individual. And I'm falling right into the tribalism mentality that I harp on religious people for all the time.
51.  Hey everyone, I have 4000 dollars is my Savings Account from working for the Republican Party over the course of the election and this month I got an update on my chase mobile app informing me that I was paid an interest payment of 1cent. DAMN HOMIES N HOMEGIRLS, forget stocks and bonds n retirement funds n life insurance policies, because this Savings Account is flipping hundies like it's a Money Tree Par-Tay.
52.  Low self esteem, that is a very important quality in a woman. You will go far young grasshopper.
53.  Enjoy your turkey soaked in the blood of the majestic peoples who once roamed these California pastures.
54.  Hey before I forgot, Happy White People Conquest Day.
55.  Did you know that the average American family, as of the past 13 years, has paid about $50,000 in taxes into the Iraq War? Just thought you all should know about all the great things the government is doing with your hard earned money.
56.  Liberals love to contradict themselves. Liberals are nothing but hypocrites in reality. On one hand you wanna complain about how the Muslims are just misunderstood little victims. Their peaceful people who just want peace and tranquility like the rest of their fellow Americans. Yet on the other hand, you try to threaten me by telling me that Trump's policies are radicalizing American-born Muslims as we speak. So which is it Liberals, are these Muslims peaceful or are they ISIS Jihadists? Please tell me !!! #IGots2Know.
57.  Its unlikely that Chris Christie will be receiving a position in the White House, seeing as though he put Steve Bannon's father behind bars while working as a US Attorney Prosecutor.
58.  The shift in the Israeli political landscape to elect a Conservative Party into power like the Likud Party was a direct result of the last Prime Minister being assassinated by a Palestinian, which subsequently stopped all Peace talks about a possible Two-State Solution. Netanyahu, similarly to Trump, is a natural reaction to the horrible atrocities and violence committed by Muslims against the West.
59.  In 1995 Rabin was shot, then Peres became PM, then Netanyahu who made peace with Jordan , then Barak, then Sharon who gave away Gaza, then Olmert who went to jail, then Netanyahu again, and again, and again. (Netanyahu is going to be PM for ever...) Netanyahu did gain steam in 90's for the same reason that Rabin was shot: anger that Rabin and his ilk wanted to capitulate to the Arabs. --- Yossi Schwartz
The Laws of Practical Application:
Facebook Posts

60.  If there are no limits, you can serve for life, sure. Also, in 3rd world countries masquerading as parliamentary systems, you will see some strong man win every election (its rigged). Also, the PM is not head of state. In Britain, the head of state is the Queen, and the PM is head of government. And so it is the case in many European countries. --- Yossi Schwartz
61.  Putin, Netanyahu, Trump, Nigel Farage and now Marie Le Pen. Conservative Political Parties are dominating the West right now!
62.  Robert Gold I'm a supporter of the Nationalist Movement that's spreading across the most powerful nations of Western Democracy.
63.  The Nationalist Front may win the French Presidency. #MarieLePen
64.  The Immigration Policies of Europe have led floods of Syrian Refugees into their countries. The attacks in Paris by ISIS were the first of many if we don't adopt the reform Immigration Policies of these Nationalist political parties. And to add to my point, similiar ISIS attacks have transpired in Brussels, Munich, Turkey, Iraq, Russia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Chad, Mali, Somalia and even Australia.
65.  If you truly fall on the libertarian part of the political spectrum, you should be very strongly anti nationalist and authoritarian....the Nationalist/authoritarian movement means more government and less personal freedom, more money being wasted on the military, more pointless wars and more Orwellian surveillance programs! Anybody who is truly anti authoritarian MUST be anti nationalist. --- Benji Fields
66.  It's just like I predicted. The Nationalist movement is spreading! Marie Le Pen, head of the Nationalist Front (a conservative party), is leading in the polls in 🇫🇷! She could be the next President of France! #ToldYouSo
67.  Insanity is eating the same bag of dicks over and over again, expecting a different taste. --- Albert Einstein
68.  I support police officers and the dangerous work they do to protect our streets every single day. Black Lives Matter advocates cop killing. That's not a movement I can get behind.
69.  Grew up reading Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh, so if you were ever wondering why I'm as provocative as I am, now you know why.
70.  I'm sorry if the provactive way in which I speak offends you. But being called a racist for the past 3 weeks since Trump's election hasn't exactly made me into a more pleasant debater. Maybe if Liberals didn't constantly resort to name calling every time they sensed they were starting to lose a debate, I wouldn't have to be so harsh in the way that I address my critics.

71.  You're right, Erikka. I'm just a millennial seeking attention. My life is so sad and pathetic. Thank you for pointing that out for me. If only I had another way to vent my feelings besides posting my political diatribes all over social media, then maybe this feeling of hurt inside of myself would shy away. #JustNeedToBeHuggedl